Temple of Darkness

Level by tombraiderluka (Luka Ivanovic)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start in a dark room. Light a flare and go behind the north-east column for clips. Also look for a crawlspace, but you do not really need to crawl! Just enter inside and follow the passage until you reach a room with a block at the middle. Climb onto it for the cartouche, then drop east and pick up flares. Back to the dark room and go to the south-east column, place the cartouche at the receptacle. Door opens at the west wall. Go through there and climb the block, be ready to kill a ninja. Get the uzis he'll drop and run into the grate, pass to a short ceiling room. Pick up clips and shotgun ammo, then follow the passage outside to a place with palm trees. Climb the north wall and get down the short slope into the opening. Follow the passage, reach the stairs and climb up to the top.

You are above the palm trees place. Keep to the right passage and at the end climb the block and pick up another cartouche. Step forward and slide down the slope, land beside the lion statue. Place the cartouche at the south receptacle and go through the gate. Cross the grass room to the west and follow the passage until you reach the large opening. Pull inside and climb the north wall, slide down, hit the ground and when you do one step left you end the level.