Temple of Darkness 2

Level by tombraiderluka

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Go ahead and downstairs to jump into the water. Swim through the passage and resurface in the farther air pocket (the first one is for taking a breath only, but you don't need to do it). FACE THE N or S BANK and get out (if you stand on the W one, you'll die). Avoid the fire grass. Pick up a small medi lying on the floor by the statue. Climb the central block to find The Hand Of Orion on it. Fancy getting stuck? Jump over the sarcophagus. If you wanna finish the game, pull the lever hidden in the dark to raise a grate. Behind it, use the key on a receptacle to open the exit. Go through it, climb the blocks and sprint down the ramp, keeping close to its right side to avoid the boulders chasing you. Climb the red stairs to kill 4 ninjas (manual targeting recommended). Move the middle Anubis statue to find Ba Cartouche under it. Place it in its slot and go through the exit. Throw a switch in the next chamber, follow the N corridor, hop into the underwater passage, make it to the end, ignoring the first air pocket, and get out of the water in the mummy room. Avoid them, climb the ladder and get to the top of the block on the right of it. Grab Eye piece, safety drop to the floor and watch out for the flames on your way back to the water.

Backtrack to the central chamber. Now, choose the W passage. Find SECRET#1 in the NE corner of the next room - a small medi. You can expect another Eye Piece to find somewhere around, and you're right - it's behind the walkthrough wall on the W. Combine both halves and use the Eye Of Horus on the slot in the main chamber. After passing through the dark, going down the ramp and climbing the ladder, fight 2 red scorpions in the next room. Move the middle N statue to find some standard shells. And the one in the SE corner to collect Cartouche Piece 1. Follow the green passage and climb the platform in the new chamber to pull a switch on the top of it. That raises the SW grate. Find and throw another lever behind it and go through the door open in the NE corner of the previous room. Follow the passage full of mummies and pick up some flares from its end. In the next chamber, notice a block with a frozen ninja on it. Pick up SECRET#2 from between his legs - a flash grenade box.

Exit the room and follow another corridor to reach a little bit more open space. Approach the polerope, kill a ninja (he drops a large medi) and climb the pole to get on the platform. From here, jump on the rope and swing it to reach the blocks with Cartouche Piece 2 on their top. Combine the halves, return to the ground, kill another ninja which drops some normal shells and place Ba Cartouche in the receptacle on the E wall. Collect a large medi from the S alcove. And some shotgun wideshot shells from behind the sarcophagus in the N burial chamber. This is SECRET#3, but for it to count you need to stand on the other square behind the coffin. For SECRET#4, go back to the largest room and climb the unmarked ladder in the NW corner to get a shotgun from the long alcove. Return to the central chamber and go through the exit on the W to be thrown to original Coastal Ruins or any other world potentially replacing coastal.tr4 in your /data folder.