Lara’s Return

Level: Hokolo.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

The Caves.

Grab after the slide and drop onto a block in a deep dark cave, drop/hang from the E side of it and climb down till you hang at the crevice, drop/grab and get yourself some Flares. Climb out again and down the E side, to the lowest point R, from where you can backflip into a crevice behind, follow down to the other side and get into the small CS, go on to the spot where you can stand up in the corner, just before the R hand turn, the next part has Beetles coming out of the dark, light a Flare and go straight, L and around the corner one block down, the Beetles will disappear, so go back and look for a ½ MP and Flares. Now follow the passage from which you returned and come to a high Cave.

Climb the wall, just past the first triangular block L and go up to the very top, go R a bit to climb into a triangular shape of the ridge above, backflip/roll/grab the ledge behind, next to a CS, get in there and up the Blocks L, a Skeleton will come for you, so be quick and grab the Ammo and Crossbow and arm yourself with it, blow the Skeleton away and go back out to the cave, from where you come out, runjmp with a L curve to the ledge E, so you slide of backwards, go R and pull up on a triangular ledge, jmp/grab up to the wall in front of you and go up all the way, along the E wall. Backflip to land on a ledge and grab the S wall, go up R along the slope and drop on the top of it, runjmp/grab the other block on this wall and go inside there to find a ½ MP, go out and jmp back, turn R and jmp/grab the S wall, R of the entrance, climb up and L, up as far as you can go and backflip to a passage behind, get into the passage, follow around to the cave again and drop onto the slope, so you slide forward to the Spikes, jmp/grab the ledge in front in the last moment. Pull up and runjmp with a grab into the SW passage, go up the ladder and go on to a room with a view L, grab the extra Crossbow in the window and go on to the corner of the passage, look up R and spot an alcove, get in and grab the Hathor Effigy, go down and to the room with the Stone pillars.

The Room with the Stone Pillars.

Drop down in the N and find the Ornate Handle on the floor, climb back on the ledge and jmp to a pinkish pillar with a ½ MP, standjmp to a pillar NW and jmp along the W side pillars to the SW, jmp to the block where you can place the Portal Guardian (Effigy+ Handle combined) to open the door. Jmp in and drop to a lower floor, runjmp over the Spikes and Burner to the N side and climb the wall just past the steam, go around the R hand corner and drop into a lower ledge, climb the W block and look into the dark NW corner, a MS leads to it, jmpgrab the ceiling and go into that corner, you go around into the Sloped room.

The Sloped Room.

Drop onto the slope as soon as you come in and slide/jmp, keep jmping till you are over the first part of the water below, (in the deep part of the water is a closed UW door for later) grab the other sides edge as you slide down, shimmy all the way L and pull up, start jmping again till you land on the safe floor. Crawl under the Dart trap to get a ½ MP and open a door in the reach-in holes. Go into the door and follow the green passage all the way to the end, get theMP and turn around, shoot a Skeleton coming at you and enter a Pool room L.

The Burning Pool.

A Demigod will come from the L so go L and take him out fast, follow the ledge to the end and get the ½ MP, walk into the pool and swim to the SW corner (the water is burning at some spot, great view when you swim through, costs you a bit of health, but looks good.), swim at the surface and onto the shallow triangular flat part of the bottom and you can climb out, go L and hop on the block in the water on this side, check the health and jmp to the burning ledge N with the Ornate handle and run off fast as you catch fire. Go out in the SW again and open the doors with the Jmpswitch, go in over the Spike pit and follow the passage to where you can jmp up in an upper room, get the Hathor Effigy and a ½ MP and go back to the Pool, Beetles on your heels, jmp the pit and go place the Portal Guardian in the W alcove. This will open that UW door in the Sloped room, but you have to go a bit around getting back in there.

Go into the S Beetle passage again and run to the Scissors E, go through and go down the passage, slide and drop back to the start of the level, get into the CS under the passage you just came out of and get the ½ MP in the end, go back and now follow the whole route back up the High cave to the Stone pillar room and to the Sloped room, now you can jmp N from the block at the MS and slide into the water, swim down into the shaft and to the lowest point, up in a shaft and get some Ammo, drop back and swim into the N tunnel, stay high up as the floor is burning and come out into the Scarab rooms.

The Scarab Rooms.

Swim L and stay close to the bottom to find the Crowbar, a Gem and the Hathor Effigy (against the sloped part of one of the pillars) Get out of the water and shoot a Demigod, look on the Fountain for the Ornate handle, then go up the sloped side of the room to get Ammo and MP, pry the 1st Black Scarab off the wall and shoot a Harpie bird. Go down the slope to the lower part of the room and get some Goodies out of the boxes. Place the Portal Guardian to open the doors next to it, go in and find a Ladder in a shaft L, go up and to a place where you meet some Skeletons, look for a Jmpswitch in the W room and take some Goodies from the Sarcophaguses and in the passage with the steps, you can drop down into a lower green passage, get the 2nd Black Scarab, go back up and to the room down the shaft. In this room you can shoot a box for a ½ MP, get the 3rd Black Scarab and a Secret, some Ammo. (It’s the first time I heard the Secret sound, maybe there were more Secrets?) There is always the possibility the Beetles come out, as they did on several occasions with me, just run out of the room and they are gone. You can runjmp over the flames to the Sarcophagus, from the S side and get the 2nd Gem. A Demigod starts shooting, sidejmp R and roll, shoot the fool.

Danger Alley.

Open the E doors with a Gem and be careful in this passage, there are Spiketraps and Darts, Beetles and a Demigod, go back as soon as you see the Beetles and out of the room, back into shoot the Demigod and have another go at it. Crawl, get the ½ MPs, go to the end and place the 2nd Gem, the Scissor door opens, go to the pyramid and place the 3 Black Scarabs (yes, you only need 3) and walk in to get the Pharos Pillar, go place that E and look behind you, a Magic bridge appeared, go up, climb up E in the blue rays and see the beautiful Sky, some say this is a Sunset, but in my book the sun sets in the W, not in the E, great view nevertheless and the end of a fine level.