The Amulet of Anubis

Level by Edward Bennett (tomb gamer) (June, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] Another level requiring the included modified tomb.exe file. [End note]

You s
tart by dropping into a valley. Hop onto the north-west block for flares. Get down and proceed west into the valley. At the end, go north and then turn east. As the valley gets wider, kill an attacking scorpion. Go north and kill another scorpion. Go around the large cliff and you will find a cave entrance in the north wall. Do not enter there yet. Turn around and pick up red shotgun shells and small medipack from the skeletons. Now go east and turn south. There is a small slope on the ground to enable you to climb the rock at the east wall. Face east and pull up to a higher ledge. Follow the ledge south to the end. Then jump the columns to the west. Follow the ledge as it turns to the north. Jump up a slope and kill two dogs. Keep following the ledge and jump onto a ledge to the south. Jump to a small platform and pick up the Ba Cartouche from a skeleton. Safety drop into the valley and go back to the cave.


Enter the cave and kill three bats. Follow the cave to the end and stand on a small hill to kill a large scorpion. In the opening that the scorpion was located is a short tunnel with a closed gate. From the small hill, look south and see a crawl space in the south wall. Run and jump to grab the edge and pull up. Follow the crawl space to a central room with statues, blocks and closed doors. First go to the south wall and see a tunnel. You may also notice the two wall switches on the central structure for later. Enter the tunnel and use the Ba Cartouche to open the door at the end. Enter the door and step onto a ledge. You get a flyby of a switch that leads back to a block in the central room.


Just drop into the water. Pull up on the east ledge and kill two scorpions. Go to the south-east corner for flares. Go north and pick up a large medipack from the ground. Continue to the north and hop over a block and into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a room with statues and a T-junction. To the north is a wall switch protected by constant fire emitters. Go south and find a pole and an intermittent fire emitter. When the fire is off, climb the pole and back flip into a south tunnel. Pull the wall switch and drop back top the floor. Go back and take the north branch and see that the fires have stopped. Pull the wall switch and get a cut scene of large doors opening. Exit this room and go back to the water pool. Swim across and pull up on the west ledge. Go south and kill two scorpions before you enter the large doors.


Go to the end and turn to the east. Go up the ramp and when you see two spike balls, roll, and sprint back down the ramp. Go to the right to get out of their way. When they have stopped, return and go up the east ramp. Turn to the north and kill four bats. Follow the small tunnel to a ledge overlooking the room. Kill a large bug that tries to push you off the ledge. Go to ledge and jump south. Jump up and grab a crevice and shimmy to the right. Drop onto another ledge and continue south. Then run and jump with a left curve to the west. You land on a slope and start to slide down. Grab the edge and shimmy to the right and pull up. Turn and face the west wall. Turn a little to the north and jump to grab an invisible crevice on the wall. Shimmy to the right for secret #1, red shotgun shells, and Uzi ammo. Jump to the south-west to land on a slope. Slide down and grab the edge. Shimmy to the right and around the fire to pull up onto a safe column. Run and jump to the north-west and land on another column. Climb the ladder to the north and go to the end of the ledge. Use the floor lever and a block drops beside you. Jump back to the entrance ledge to the west and return to the central room.


Go north and see that a block has dropped and you can access a moveable tower. Move the tower into the west opening in the central structure. Go to the south wall of the structure and pull the west wall switch. Go east and get into the structure and climb up on the top wall to move the tower to the south-east corner. Get back to the south wall and pull down the east wall switch and pull up the west wall switch. Get back to the top wall and move the tower to the middle of the east wall. Get back to the south wall and pull up the east wall switch. Go back to the east side of the structure and push the tower onto the center tile. The door in the west wall will open.


Enter the tunnel and follow it to a room. Pick up small medipack and Uzi ammo from the floor corners. Do not step on the central platform, as it is a spike trap. Go around it to the north wall and pick up a torch. Exit back to the central room and light the torch on a wall torch on the north or south wall. Go back to the room and light the two wall torches on the walls. You will hear spikes popping up. Now you can safely pick up the Hand of Orion from the central platform. Exit back to central room and go to the north wall. Use the Hand of Orion to open the door.


Enter the tunnel and slide down at the bottom into a sandy room. Hop onto the sand hill and pick up a shotgun. Kill a dog and two scorpions. In the south-east corner is a closed gate. Go north and enter a tunnel. Follow to a small room and slide down a hole. Go east and you face a lava lake and many traps. Go to the north side and jump to the second column. Grab the edge and shimmy to the left to get out of the way of the swinging blade. Run, jump, and grab the next north pillar. Shimmy to the left to avoid the rotating blades. Run, jump, and grab the south-east pillar in front of the tunnel. Pull up and jump into the east tunnel. Turn around and kill a large bug. Run down the tunnel and start climbing blocks. At the end of the tunnel you enter a room with six statues. Notice the movable towers on the platforms. Enter the west doorway and cross the bridge over the lava. Kill another large bug and enter the tunnel. Follow the tunnel to the end and enter a small room. Pick up the shotgun and the Hand of Sirius from the pedestal. You can shoot the skeleton to kill it.


Light a flare and go back down the tunnel. In an inside corner where you see a very dark wall, that is a movable block. Push the block in twice. Follow the tunnel until you reach a T-junction. Take either route, as they meet behind a block. Go east and slide down into a room with many pillars. Go to the south-east to find a short tunnel. Enter a room with a tower and a floor lever. Watch out for the trap doors, as they drop you into lava. Jump over the trap doors to trigger them. Then use the floor lever to raise the trap doors again. The trap doors are safe now. Push the tower around the track and onto the tile at the west wall. You get a cut scene of the room with the six statues. Go back through the tunnels and cross the bridge over the lava to enter that room.


Move the two towers onto the tiles with the red circle that are next to the center column. The two mummy cases in the east wall open. You can kill the two mummies with the shotgun but it takes many shells. Enter either doorway and find the receptacle. Use the Hand of Sirius and a door opens in the east wall. Now exit the north doorway and loop around to enter the room through the south doorway. Sprint into the open tunnel and the door closes behind you. If the door closes and you are outside, go back to the Hand of Sirius tile and the door will re-open.


Follow the tunnel to a large cave. Run to the east wall to hop up onto a rock. Pick up Uzi ammo and Uzi's from a skeleton. From here you can shoot the large scorpion on the floor. Go to the south-east and enter another part of the cave. Pick up a small medipack from a skeleton and kill the large scorpion that sneaks up behind you. Notice a closed door at the top of the north hill. Follow the path to the east and pick up flares from another skeleton. Go east to hop onto a sand hill and jump out of the way of two spike balls. Go south and see an alcove between two statues to the west for later. Slide down into the room with many pillars. Kill two dogs and pick up a shotgun and red shotgun shells. Go to the south-west and pick up a small medipack between two pillars. Then go to the south-east corner. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a door opening. Exit this room and go back to the two skeletons on the path. The door on the north hill is open.


[Note] There was a note in a forum that the author changed the trigger for the skeletons in the level. I could not find an updated level, but if you do, the following procedure may be slightly different. [End note]


Enter the door and go down the tunnel. Jump over a slope and enter another large cave. Kill two scorpions and a dog as you enter the cave. Go east to see room with pictures on the walls. Kill a bat and a dog. Do not enter that room yet but stay in the cave. Look on the north wall for a large closed door. Then go west until you see a block to climb. Climb into a tunnel and follow it to a large open area. Kill three bats and go west to pick up revolver ammo and a large medipack. If you go to the north-east corner and look at the top of the south-west block, you should see two skeletons on the top. Exit back to the cave and enter the east room with the pictures. Go to the east wall and look for a ladder on the structure. Climb to the top and see a mummy and two towers. Kill the mummy because it gets in the way. Move the two towers onto the two red tiles at the west edge. This lowers two platforms on the ground. Climb back down to the ground. Move two towers onto the two red tiles in the middle of the floor. You should hear a door open. Go west to the cave and enter the open north door. Climb the blocks to the very top. The room with the skeletons is now filled with sand. Use the shotgun to kill the two skeletons. Pick up two Timeless Sands from the remains. There are also blue shotgun shells to find as well. Go back down the blocks and into the cave. If you had moved the towers first, the room would have had the sand but the skeletons would not have appeared and you would be stuck.


Go to the south-west corner and jump the slope to exit this cave. Go to the south-east and into the alcove between the two statues. Use the two Timeless Sands on the statues in the alcove and the west door opens. You face a bridge over a lava lake. On the bridge are four swinging blades and a rotating blade. I jumped past the swinging blades. For the rotating blades, I gave myself full health and just ran and jumped. At the end, pick up the Golden Serpent from the pedestal. Go back through the traps to exit the room. Turn south and go back to the room with pillars. Go to the south end and use the Golden Serpent to open the door. You get a cut scene of the room showing three skeletons rising out of the ground. An ahmet comes from the open door. Run south into the tunnel and jump over another ahmet. You slide down into a large room. Go south and a huge demigod appears from around a wall. Kill the huge demigod and pick up the Ba Cartouche from his dead body. Go west between two walls and the go south to a receptacle. Use the Ba Cartouche to open the door beside you. Run down the tunnel towards the Amulet of Horus and the level ends by crashing to the desktop.