Dagger of the Secret Jungle

Level by Luka Ivanovic (tombraiderlika) (July, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start on top of a hill but it is not obvious until you move. Slide down to the north to kill three panthers. Go east and pick up a small medipack next to a small pyramid. Go north and jump over a slope and onto a block. Watch out for the rock if it rolls down. Jump east to a ledge and then jump onto a flat plateau. There is a trench hidden by bushes to your north-east. Drop into the trench and go west for red shotgun shells and the shotgun. Go east and pull up into a small room. Go south and around a block to pull down a jump switch. The trap door in the south-east corner opens. A spike wall also starts but you can wait for it to pass. There is also another trigger for the trap door to the south-west where you pull up from the trench, just in case the trap door is closed.


Drop into the trap door and take a long fall into water. Swim into the underwater tunnel in the east wall. Swim to the end and pull up into a room with slopes and ledges. Pull up onto the first block and stand jump to a ledge at the north wall. Run and jump into a north tunnel. At the end, climb a ladder and go north to face a deep room. Grab the ceiling and monkey swing over the room and into a north tunnel. Run off the end and fall into a pool. Get out and go north to kill a demigoddess. Pick up the Horseman's Gem that she leaves behind.


Get back into the pool and swim into the underwater tunnel in the south wall. About where the camera view changes, there are two branch tunnels. Swim down the west tunnel and pull up into a room. Pick up red shotgun shells. Swim back and enter the east tunnel. Pull up into a room and use the Horseman's Gem on the north wall. You get a cut scene of a wall and hear a gate open. Dive back into the water and return to the main tunnel. Swim south and pull up into a room and see the open gate. Go east and get secret #1 and a Token on the floor. Then go west into the open gate. Jump over a spike pit and follow to a small room. There are two receptacles, two open tunnels and a closed door.


Run down the south tunnel and run off the end onto a ledge. Jump to roof of the building and climb a ladder to an outdoor area. Pull up to east ledge to kill a demigoddess and pick up a Horseman's Gem. Go to the north ledge to get secret #2 and pick up a Token. Note that you can have only one token at a time. Go down the ladder and back onto the roof. Go to the north-east corner of the roof and climb down to the ground floor. Go to the north-west corner and into a tunnel. At the end you get a view down a vertical shaft. Climb the west wall ladder and shimmy to the right at the top. Then safety drop into the room where you started.


Run down the north tunnel and get a cut scene of an outdoor area with a T-Rex. Jump at the end or you may end up dancing on an illegal slope. Kill the T-Rex and go west. Pull up onto a short pillar and jump east to another pillar. Then jump south-east to another pillar and get a Horseman's Gem. Safety drop off the edge and go south into the entrance tunnel. Back in the room use the two Horsemanís Gem in the receptacles on the east wall. The two doors in the west wall open.


Follow the west tunnel and drop into water. Swim to the south-east corner for secret #3 and a Token. Notice a closed gate in the north wall. Get out and continue down the west tunnel. Climb the ladder and pull up onto a walkway. Kill the two ninjas who drop grenade super ammo and the grenade gun. Go to the west to pick up a Pharos Knot and kill a harpy. Use the Pharos Knot in the west wall. Then go east back to the water. Kill the crocodile and notice that the gate is open. Swim north through the open gate and follow the underwater tunnel to a large room with a closed gate.


Go to the closed gate at the west wall. Step on a white tile in front of the pillar behind you. You see a cage rising in the north-east corner. Run and jump on the cage to get to the north-west corner ledge. Pull down the jump switch and this raises a cage in the south-west corner. Go there to the south-west ledge. Pull down the jump switch and this raises a cage in the north-west corner. Go there to the north-west ledge. Pull down the jump switch and this raises a cage at the central pillar. Run, jump and grab the central pillar and shimmy to the left onto the cage. Pull up and go to the west platform. Pick up the Dagger of Xian and you hear the gate open.


Enter the open gate and carefully go west through the three scissors traps. Go west a little and wait while a spike wall crosses in front of you. Go west to the next wall section and wait while a spike wall crosses in front of you. Enter the section and go to the south-east corner for secret #4 and a Token. Go west and see a spike ceiling.Sprint west and the ceilings descend behind you. Destroy a skeleton that you have aroused. Climb the west ledge and turn around. Jump into the east tunnel. Run to the end and slide south into a room with a receptacle on a block. Kill the harpy and go west to enter a tunnel.


At the end go south into a room as a spike ceiling descends. Pick up a Horseman's Gem and the crowbar. Pull down the jump switch on the east wall. This starts another spike ceiling in your half of the room. Quickly exit the room and go back to the room with the receptacle. Use the Horseman's Gem and the south door opens. Exit into an outdoor area. Go south and use CTRL on the hang glider. Start to glide down and the level ends by crashing to the desktop.