Symbol Of The World Part 2


Level made by Max


Walkthrough written by Selene



IMPORTANT NOTE: There are no level jumps in this little adventure, for that reason you have to choose each level by selecting New Game and then choose the levels from the menu. In order for the story to make any sense you must choose the levels in the following order (as stated by the builder): Paris Street,  Colombia, Temple Of North Wind and finally Temple Of Symbol.


I could not find any secrets in this game at all and in the second level I found lots of shotgun ammo, but no shotgun, so if you've found any pickups I've missed please let me know and I'll add them to the walkthrough.



Level 1- Paris Street:


Pickups: Shotgun, uzi clips, crowbar, flares, uzis, small medipack


Enemies: Armed thugs


The Tourist Information Desk- A Scroll On The Counter:

As the level starts we get a glimpse of a dark Parisian backstreet on a rainy day. The camera pans through the window of a building and on the other side we see Lara standing inside some sort of Tourist Information Office. There is a guy behind the counter there, pacing about like a monkey in a cage. He is supposedly friendly and will not hurt Lara, so take care not to shoot at him. The scroll you found in the previous adventure is laying on the counter, but you can't pick it up. The entrance door is located in the E wall, but you can't leave that way it seems.


Weapons In The Attic- The Missing Scroll:

There is also an open doorway to the right of the counter (in the W wall) so follow the ramp up there to a small attic. As you approach the other side of the room where the pickups lay scattered on the floor a conundrum takes place downstairs and we hear the screeching of car tires, doors slamming, glass shattering and gunshots and finally footsteps running off and a woman (presumably our new arch-enemy Sophia) laughing. Pick up the shotgun and two sets of uzi clips from the floor, then return down to the ground floor. On the way down you’ll find that someone is late leaving the party: a masked thug with a gun greets you and his intentions are all but friendly. Kill him and continue down to where you started. The guy behind the counter seems to have escaped from the attack unharmed (lucky him), but the scroll on the counter is gone. It doesn't appear that he's intending on telling you what happened either and now you have something else to worry about: a thug is firing at you from outside the broken windows N. Get out there and retaliate and once he's off your back you can start thinking about exploring these dark and dreary streets further.

A Very Useful Crowbar- Looting Some Buildings:

First of all go straight forwards (when Lara has her back turned to the broken window) and on the right side ahead you will find a crowbar. If you go through the dark hallway in the W wall to your left you'll eventually run into an invisible wall preventing you from going further that way. So instead head right (E) and at the junction go left to find a door in the N/E corner. It's closed, but seeing as how you have the crowbar it won't be for long. Pry the door open and enter the dimly lit hallway. Pick up the flares behind the first fence by the E wall and as you approach the closed door to the N an armed thug attacks. Take him down and kick the door open, then enter and pick up the uzis laying on in the corner.


As you leave the room turn left and go into the room where the thug came from. Jump up onto the sill and immediately draw guns, shooting a sniper up in the window on the far right. Go below the window where he stood and in the S wall you will find another door that you can break open with the crowbar. At the long hallway turn right first and pick up the small medipack over by the cupboard, then turn and go down the hallway to the other end. Continue along the hallway until you reach a room with a fixed camera angle where an armed thug attacks from behind. Kill him and pick up the uzi clips on the low crate in the N/E corner, then climb the larger crate in the left corner. There is an opening in the ceiling right above it so climb up to face a ramp going upwards.


The Warehouse Massacre- Au Revoir Paris:

As you run up and out you'll see a quick camera showing you the outdoor area and a door down below where a bunch of armed hooligans are waiting for you. Let them know how Lara repays such hospitality and then drop down to enter the area where they came from.


You will be shown a short clip of a ledge high up in this same room. There are some uzi clips in the trench ahead near the N wall and some more in the trench to the right (by the E wall). As you bend down to retrieve them some bursts of light will illuminate the place: a thug armed with a grenade gun is trying to blow you up. Kill him while trying to avoid the grenades as best you can. Climb the stack of crates in the N/W and then turn around and do a standing jump to grab the yellow box.


Pull up and turn left and now you can do a standing jump over to the first rafter E. Do a running jump over to the next one and a standing jump while pressing Action to lower Lara's arch will land her in the doorway. Proceed forwards carefully so you don't drop into the room below and at the edge deal with the thug down there. Once he's dead you can drop down and have a look around. On the crate to the right (when Lara's back is towards the opening she dropped down from) there are some more uzi clips, but otherwise there's nothing of interest in this room. The doorway to the N is open, run out through it and over to the other side to end the level.



Level 2- Colombia:


Pickups: Normal shotgun ammo, flares, Ba Cartouche, small medipack 


Enemies: Scorpions, werewolf, Sophia 


The Legendary Sun Temple- Finding The Way In:

We'll see Lara sliding down a slope to land somewhere near the mysterious Temple Of Sun. Apparently little to do out here so enter the Main Courtyard through the triangular opening to the E. There's a gate ahead, but it's not open so we'll need to do something about that. Go over to the grassy mound by the S wall and stand on the elevated part facing W. If you look up you'll spot a block and this is our way so jump up to grab the edge and pull up onto the block. Do a running jump W to land on the slope and immediately jump so that Lara will land on the flat ledge running along the W wall. The camera angle is fixed here, so it's a bit difficult to see where you're going, but run to the end and drop down on the other side (which is a slope). As Lara starts sliding jump again to land on the corner block. Here there's an opening right above Lara's head, so stand facing E (on the very edge of the block) and jump up to grab the edge where you can pull up into the room above.


There's a ramp going up ahead of you and very little else to do here so for now we don't have much of a choice. Follow the ramp to the end and Lara will drop down into an opening. We find her standing on a block above the Main Courtyard. Do a standing jump while pressing Action towards the next ledge ahead, this will cause her to grab the edge as she falls. Pull up onto the ledge and here you'll be faced with a lever. Pulling it opens the gate in the E wall so here it's time to drop down (if you drop from the W edge her fall will be shorter as she'll land on a block) and enter the temple.


All About Cages And Ropes- Getting To The Other Side:

Well, we didn't get very far here did we? Straight through the opened temple gate there is nothing but a room far below and a rope + some cages over to the left that seem to be held up by ropes. Do a running jump while pressing Action to grab the rope and turn left to face the cages. Note that you have to face the first cage exactly on the middle. A few millimetres too far to the left or right and Lara will fall straight through the ropes holding the cage up. This only means certain death, so be sure to aim correctly. 


Getting To The Top And Choosing A Path;

Once you're standing on the cage proceed forwards and perform a running jump to reach the next cage. Ahead of it there is a crawlspace. To reach this do a running jump while pressing Action and she should grab onto the edge below the crawlspace. Pull up and crawl through. Ignore the opening on the left as it's just a dead end. At the end you will crawl into a green type of antechamber. There's an open doorway to the W and going through it is about everything there is to do here. Enter and draw guns to kill the red scorpion that comes crawling out from its hiding. Go up the stairs on the left (the right set doesn't lead anywhere) and on top turn left to face the higher block E. Do a running jump towards it, pressing Action in the last moment to grab the edge and pull up. On your left you now have a ledge held up by rope work, similar to the cages of before.


This part of the block is flat, enabling Lara to stand on it. The other part of the block (on Lara's left as she pulls up) is sloped and will send her sliding back down. Position Lara so that she's facing the highest peak of the flat part and run over onto the sloped section. As she slides jump at the edge, angling her right in mid-air, and she should eventually land on the suspended ledge. We now have two choices: a lava room to the S and a room with a deep trench going through the middle to the N. The latter is the one we'll be starting with so do a running jump over to the opening of the N room.


A Lever In The Sanctuary:

A common word of warning (and most likely a very obvious one too): do NOT try to drop or jump down into the trench. Lara will not survive the fall no matter what you do. Instead hop left onto the white block there. This part is as simple as it gets: stand on the white block facing the opposite slope. Do a running jump to land on said slope and continue bouncing back and forth between the two slopes until Lara eventually finds herself standing on firm ground on the other side. Do a running jump across the gap to the other side and continue on until you reach The Sanctuary (as we'll call it for simplicity).


Inside this Sanctuary there is a werewolf which crawls out from the right side as you enter. The best thing to do would be to kill it straight away (but DO mind the flame on top of the small pyramid-shaped altar in the middle). To the right of where you entered there is an alcove where you can pick up some normal shotgun ammo. Over by the right wall (N) there is a ladder by the bright patch, but that is just a's not possible to climb it. However, there is also a ladder concealed by the dark on the opposite side of the room (S) and this one is climbable. Stand in front of the ladder and jump up, then press Action to grab it (in this case Lara does not respond when you press the Up arrow key together with Action like she usually would). The surface on top is sloped, so she'll only slide back off when you try to make her climb up. There's a simple solution to this: climb around the corner to the right, as far up as she can and backflip/roll + press Action to grab the opposite ledge. Shimmy right past the broken column and pull up.


Leaving The Sanctuary Behind:

There's an opening by the W wall, but there are burners at the bottom so it's best to avoid it. Pulling the lever in the dark corner over to the far right side of the ledge does not do anything with the burners, but it does open a gate

somewhere else. There's nothing else to do here now, so make your way back down to the floor again. Leave this room the way you came in and do a running jump across the gap to the ledge by the trench. You'll have to get back the same way you came over, by bouncing between the two slopes. This time start with the one on Lara's right (when she's facing the trench) and repeat the same procedure until she stands on the white block again. From there do a standing jump to the doorway and a running jump over to the suspended ledge again.


Trial Over Fire- The Gate That Opened:

Now it's time to explore Do a running jump to the doorway S. On the other side you will find a lava pool and some sloped blocks. Go left and look up S to find a crevice. Press the Duck key together with the Up arrow key and she'll vault up into the narrow opening, where you can pick up some normal shotgun ammo. Hang from the edge again and shimmy around to the right until she can pull up. There is a slope to the S so do a running jump to land on it (sticking to the right side). If she lands facing upwards backflip/roll to land on the next slope, if she's facing downwards simply jump at the end.


She will slide down into a small room where you'll find the gate you opened earlier. But first pick up the flares from the ledge by the E wall. The gate you opened is in the W wall and there's also another opening in the S wall. If you go through the S opening you will only be following some ramps until you slide down to the starting area. In other words, go for the W opening first. The first thing to greet you as you enter is a red scorpion so let it know how much you appreciate it.


The Cartouche That Couldn’t Be Reached:

Go around to the N/W corner and proceed carefully. A sliding door trap is activated in front of you. To get through this alive stand as close to it as you can (approximately in the middle) and roll as it starts opening. Proceed carefully around the corner to avoid sliding down into the fire pit waiting for you on the other side. Do a running jump across it and press Action in the very last moment to grab the edge. Pull up and go through the opening ahead.


There are two red scorpions in this area so the first thing to do would be to shoot them both. Climb the ladder in the S/W corner and turn around on top, then do a running jump to land on the ledge in the dark corner opposite. Follow the latter around until you reach a gap with a slope straight ahead. Do a standing jump from the edge to land on the slope and immediately jump forwards. Press Action in the last moment to grab the ledge above the hanging crate and pull up. Follow through the opening on the left, but do be careful as there is a concealed sliding door trap ahead which will be activated as

you approach it. Use the roll technique to make your way past it and enter the next room.


There's a cage ahead, with a cartouche on a pedestal currently out of your reach. There's nothing but a dead end to the right, but to the left you'll find two openings. Ignore the passage on the right, that's for later. Instead go to the end and turn so that Lara is facing the opening to the right. If you use the binoculars you will see a ledge ahead, above another hanging crate. Getting there is tricky, but it can be done by a running jump, then press Action in the very last second. Do a running jump while pressing Action to get through the opening on the left where you can see some burners in the distance.


The Burning Cage- A Lever In The Dark:

These burners are located on top of a suspended cage. Do a running jump towards the cage and press Action to grab it. Do NOT pull up though, but instead shimmy around to the left until Lara is hanging above a slope. Drop and immediately backflip/roll. Now you'll have to drop down to the ground rather than going straight ahead. In the S wall there is an opening covered in foliage. Climb up there and pull the lever to open a cage in a previous area.


The Ba Cartouche:

Return back outside and locate the ladder in the S/W corner. You'll now find Lara at the very entrance to this room. Go through the doorway here and jump to the ledge above the hanging crate. From there do a running jump WHILE pressing Action to grab the edge W (yes, this is where you came from in the first place). Follow the hallway around and at the end turn left so that Lara is facing the opening E. Do a running jump over to the floor ahead and go around to the right. Eventually Lara will reach an open door and the natural thing to do would be to go through. A smart choice it seems, because here you'll find open access to the cage that you saw from the other side. Meaning that the Ba Cartouche is now yours to take.


Battling Sophia- The First Part:

Leave the Cartouche Cage the way you came in (not like you have any other choice) and jump back to the hallway where you came from. Head N down the hallway once more and return to the room with the burning cage same way as before. Here you'll need to continue the same procedure as before to make your way to the room opposite. The scroll on the floor ahead is not for you to pick up, but step onto the lowered tile in the centre of the floor and the door ahead opens. Enter the room and you are faced with your old enemy Sophia. She shoots some mighty harmful bolts from that staff of hers, but stay as close to her as possible and Lara should escape with no damage done. Once she's down go to the receptacle in the N wall and place the Ba

Cartouche in it.


Finding The Raised Block:

Doing so causes a block to raise somewhere else and that means we'll have to leave this room. Drop down to the pit where you found the lever and use the ladder to climb up on the other side. Go to the entrance and drop down again, then go through the opening in the E wall. Turn right in the next room and climb up to the S doorway. Follow the ramp up until you slide back down into the starting area. Return through the triangular opening and continue straight on to the opening with the rope.


Make your way via the rope to the suspended cages and from there to the crawlspace like before. Go all the way through and as you reach the open area the low block on your right is the one you raised earlier. Climb that one and from there continue making your way up onto the taller block and the white/black block by the S wall until you can turn right and pull up onto the grate ledge. Go right and face the opening N/E. Do a running jump to it and enter the next room.


A Globe To Move- Leaving Colombia:

A fly-by camera kicks in as you approach the wall with the Greek script on it. When it ends go and pick up the small medipack ahead. Climb the low block to the right of the entrance and the taller block on its left after that. Turn left and do a standing jump to grab the bookshelf. Pull up to find a globe. It just happens to be moveable so push it all the way onto the ornate tile at the end. Drop down from the shelf and go right to find an open gate in the S wall. Climb up and slide down towards the grate at the bottom to end your adventure in Colombia.



Level 3- Temple Of The North Wind:


Pickups: Shotgun, normal ammo, small medipacks, revolver ammo, 5X Gems of Wind, revolver, lasersight   


Enemies: Wild boars


The Snowy Courtyard- Looking Around:

The new adventure starts somewhere in the snowy mountains of Tibet (or some similar location) with a gorgeous fly-by and some really beautiful music to set the atmosphere. Turn around to face W. There is an opening ahead, which is the only thing of immediate interest (to the S you'll find a lowered ornate tile, but nothing else and to the N a closed gate: these two are for later).


Head through the mentioned opening and approach the two openings on each side. A wild boar attacks from the left so kill that for a start (taking cover on the long block by the left wall if necessary) and then go through the rightmost opening first (N). Pick up the shotgun and normal ammo for it that some unfortunate soul will no long be needing and return to the previous hallway.


The Hall Of The Elements- A Quest For Five Gems:

Go through the opening opposite and continue until you reach a larger room where a fly-by kicks in showing you the area, which we for simplicity will name The Hall Of The Elements. There is a type of box which bears a resemblance to an Abyssinian Wishbox on the altar in the middle. You'll also find one gemstone receptacle around the altar, as well as one gemstone receptacle in each of the adjacent four alcoves. Said alcoves bear differently coloured markings above them; green, yellow, red and blue. We're still lacking a few gemstones though (no less than five to be exact) so let's not waste any more time. Let the games begin!!!


Go over to the snowy bank in the N/E corner and stand right below the tallest point, facing the ledge up on the E wall. Jump up to grab it and pull up, then climb the blocks to the right up to the top, where you'll find a closed gate. Drop down the blocks on the other side and face the opening to the S/W, then do a running jump over to it. Pick up the small medipack from beneath the skeleton hanging on the right wall and continue through to the opening opposite of where you entered. Hop over to the T-shaped ledge and face right (W). You're faced with the sight of a block in the middle of a deep pit with a chain swinging back and forth in front of it. Stand at the edge and jump forwards, pressing Action to grab the block below the chain. Shimmy left around two corners and pull up, out of the chain's reach. Turn around to face the next ledge and do a standing jump over to it, once more pressing Action to grab the edge.


A Cold Dive And Sharp Obstacles:

Head through the doorway in front of you; on the right you'll see a silver harp, but we have no time for playing around (as lovely as it might have sounded) so go left instead. You now find Lara in a room with an icy pool and a closed gate ahead. The gate will remain closed, so the pool seems to be the only option for now. Dive in and go through the underwater opening in the E wall. Proceed along the passage until you reach an opening on the right where a set of spikes is popping down from the ceiling. Go as close to them as possible, then swim through as they retract and on the other side there is another set to be avoided the same way. On the other side Lara can surface in a lovely pool and climb out of that cold water. Here you'll find nothing of interest apart from the doorway to the W, so what other choice is there?


You're almost abruptly stopped in the next room by a closed gate in the right wall, but in the N/W corner left of the gate there is a ball hanging from the ceiling. Climb onto the right side block and draw pistols to shoot said ball. It shatters, but the closed gate still remains as locked as before. Return to the pool, swim back through the two sets of spikes to the first pool and climb out of the water. The gate in this room turns out to be the one you opened by shattering the ball from before, so now you have access to the room beyond it.


Chains And A Lot Of Jumping For The 1st Wind Gem:

In this room you'll find the remains of a skeleton, some revolver ammo in the corner by the broken chains S/E, two closed gates in the E and S wall (the latter is the one leading out to where you shot the ball, so it won't open at all). There's also an open doorway to the W and seeing as how that's our only option we'll have no choice but to go through there first. In the next room you will find a ledge with chains swinging across all along it. Take special note of the open doorway on the right halfway down the ledge. Whatever you do stay on the ledge, do not drop down along the sides (this for two reasons: one is that you'll lose most of your health and the second is that there is no way you can out of that deep pit). Stand a few steps away from the first chain and do a standing jump past it as it swings towards the left. For the next one stay on the right side, angled towards the opening on the right and when the chain goes left do a quick standing jump to land on the block in front of the doorway. We're not going in there yet though as there's nothing of interest there, but a standing jump angled to the left as the first chain ahead swings left should with some luck land you between the first and second chain. For the last three you can time your run past each one of them as they swing away until you find Lara standing on the other side.


Follow the ledge around to the left and in the next room you can pick up a small medipack from between the broken chains to the right. On the left side of the room there is a sloped block. Stand facing the bottom of the slope, pull up and backflip/roll to land on a flat block further up. Now do a standing jump to the block N above the unlit torch and face E to spot a bronze ball hanging from the ceiling. Stand as far back on the block as possible and it should be no problem to jump up and shoot the ball. Once that's done turn S (where you came from) and face the opening above the block. Do a running jump and press Action to grab the edge, pull up into the room an pick up the Gem Of Wind from the raised tile in the middle of the room. That's about it for this room, so drop down onto the block below the opening and from there run onto the slope on the right. Now you'll have to return to the ledge with the swinging chains.


Returning To The Hall Of The Elements:

Like before run past the first three chains, then do a left-angled standing jump to the ledge jutting out in front of the doorway. This time do a standing jump while pressing Action to land in the doorway. Enter the room and step onto the lowered tile, then leave the room and go back to the ledge with the chains (I can not emphasize enough how important doing that is. If you hadn't done it you would have had to go through a copious amount of backtracking, like I had to the first time I missed it). As for the last two chains you can either time a run past them or simply jump to get by. As you return to the cell you

will see that the doorway right in front of you is open. Enter and pick up the revolver on the right side and the lasersight ahead. Return through the N opening and continue past the pool to the hallway opposite. At the chain and block do a standing jump to grab the edge like before, shimmy around two corners to the right and pull up on the middle. Turn around and jump forwards, this time pressing Action in the last moment to grab the other side. Hop into the opening ahead, follow through the room with the block and skeleton and drop down into the Hall Of The Elements.


The Bridge Of Elements:

Nothing is going to happen no matter which receptacle you place the Gem in, so let's keep it until we find the rest. Climb back up onto the snowy bank and pull up on the ledge above like you did before. This time climb the two first blocks on the right and drop down right onto the wooden bridge running along the ceiling. Right above the altar there is a yellow mark. Upon looking around you'll also see something different: three doors above each element sign (well, apart from the red fire sign, which is where the still closed gate is). So the options we have are N, W and S. We're going to begin with the S doorway.


A 2nd Gem At The End Of The Maze:

Run down the S arm of the bridge and slide down to a concrete block below the doorway. Pull up into a very dark room with some broken chains stuck in the wall and focus your concentration on the hallway leading down to the right (W). This areas seems a bit maze-like, but stick with me and I'll explain where to go. First head into the first opening left and around the right corner where you can pick up some normal shotgun ammo. Continue running down the W hallway and prepare yourself to fight a stubborn little wild boar coming from the first passage on the right. Go in right where it came from and continue going right at the corners until you eventually reach a small space with some more normal shotgun ammo. Go left (S), right (W) and then left and right around the corners to a passage where you can pick up one final batch of normal shotgun ammo. From there head back out, turning the left corner and then the right. Make it a first left and left again. Now you can continue ahead into the dark passage where you can kill one more wild boar. Continue around where it came from and you will eventually run into a dead end. Not quite though: Stand with Lara's back to the slope (so facing S), backflip and jump forwards to grab the edge and pull up. No more ground ambush!!!


Go left and face the ledge N/E. Follow it to the end and hop to the block right (S) and from there to the E block. Turn again to face S/E and hop over to the longer L-shaped ledge. Continue making your way with small hops until you can finally seize your prize: a second Gem of Wind (note that the exit is down on your right as you jump over to the gemstone). Once you've gotten it slide down the slope W, go left and left again, then straight ahead out through the exit.


Much Ado About Nothing- Bouncing & Swimming & A 3rd Gem:

Return to the bridge and this time we're headed through the N opening. Go through the dark antechamber and you'll face a dead end ahead and two openings to the left and right. Run into the left (W) room and pick up the normal shotgun ammo. As you step onto the raised tile in the middle you'll see a golden gate opening somewhere else. Leave and this time go through the E opening opposite. Angle Lara slightly left and do a standing jump to land on the flat block next to the slope on your left.


Time for some heavy slope activity. Do a standing jump onto the slope next to Lara, making sure she lands facing up so that she can grab the edge. Shimmy as far to the right as she can, then pull up and backflip/roll to land facing upwards on the slope behind. Shimmy left to the wall, pull up and once more backflip/roll/grab. Now Lara should be hanging from a smaller slope block. Pull up and backflip/roll to grab the edge of another slope behind. Shimmy right as far as you can, then it's another backflip/roll/grab. Go all the way left, pull up/backflip/roll/grab. This last time shimmy all the way to the right again, then backflip/roll to finally land on firm ground.


There is a gemstone in the pool ahead, but the current is so strong that you can't get anywhere near neither that nor the underwater opening N. Ignore the left opening for now, go to the pool and do a standing jump to grab the block on the left side by the swinging chain. Pull up out of the chain's reach and turn right. You'll now need a running jump to get you to the block with the chain opposite, but this won't be as easy as it seems. Make sure Lara stands on the rightmost edge and perform the jump, angling her a tiny bit left in mid-air so that she can grab the edge without getting hit by the chain. Shimmy around the right corner and pull up by the wall. The next one is a bit easier: time a running jump past the chain to land in the opening ahead. In this room there is nothing but a small water-filled opening.


Make sure you drop into the water facing the S edge, otherwise you will be dragged unprepared into a spike trap. And SAVE your game before starting, because you're in for another tiny maze, this one under water. Time your swim past the first spike trap and the next one on your left. Now you're faced with a maze where ALL openings have spike traps shooting out of them. The first thing we'll do is to find a pickup, as it can be hard to get back to it once you've gone out for air. Swim straight forwards, through the spike trap and around the corner to find some revolver ammo. Make your way past the spikes again and immediately turn left to face a set of three consecutive spike traps. They will not pop up at the same time, but in a pattern making it easy for you to go through there (but not quite so easy going the other way, that's why we went for the pickup first). At the end turn into a water-filled shaft and swim through it to the end where you can surface and climb out of the water.


Pick up the small medipack between the chains and turn right to climb the block next to it. Turn around and do a running jump N to grab a taller block. Pull up and turn left, then hop over to the next ledge and enter the doorway at the end. In this room there is another bronze ball, but this time it's so high up that we're lucky we have the revolver and lasersight. Shoot it to open a gate down in the water maze and return to the other room, sliding down to the pool again. Dive in and swim once more back to the triple spike trap. I couldn't manage to get out of it without losing health as the trap is now inverted in comparison to when you came in, but keep a steady course and go straight ahead through the trap opposite and another one around the left corner. Finally you'll reach an open gate (this is the one you opened by shooting the last bronze ball). Swim through and you reach the opening ahead, dive STRAIGHT DOWN to the bottom and pick up the 3rd Wind Gem. Once you get it let the current carry you up to the other side of the pool and climb up.


This time go right through the opening I told you to ignore earlier and drop down at the end to find yourself in a very familiar area: turn around and go straight ahead through the doorway and you're back at the bridge.


A Bronze Ball In The Tower- The 4th Gem Of Wind:

Now we only have one room left: the W room. Go past the icy grate in the floor and continue until you reach a pit in the floor. At the bottom of the pit there is a golden gate, but it's currently closed. So jump across the pit to the other side and continue by pulling yourself up on the right side. Go around the corner and pull up onto the block by the left wall, then face the dark ledge S/E and do a running jump towards it, pressing Action to grab the edge. Look across to the N and you'll see an open gate (remember where you stepped onto the elevated tile before reaching the pool room with the gemstone? This is the golden gate you saw opening back then and that is the reason why we went here last). Do a running jump to grab the ledge by the open gate and proceed through. At the end there is a room with bars all around it, a gorgeous view over the faraway mountains and a fixed camera angle. There is also a bronze ball hanging from the ceiling and we know what that means. Shatter it with the revolver to open the golden gate at the bottom of the pit that I mentioned earlier, then return there the same way you came up. Go through the gate and on a snowy patch you will find the 4th Wind Gem, meaning we're almost there. Leave this room and climb up the first step, then turn to face E and jump to grab the edge. Climb up and return to the Hall Of The Elements straight ahead.


Stepping Tiles- The Last Gemstone:

Now you have four out of five gems and now we're going to retrieve the last one. Leave the Hall Of The Elements through the open doorway S/E. Return to the Snowy Courtyard and go over to the S wall. Here you'll find another lowered tile (as I mentioned at the very start of the level). Where have you seen a tile like that before? Exactly, in the small room by the ledge with all the chains. Step onto this tile too and the gate in the N wall opens (if you hadn't stepped onto the one by the chain room the gate wouldn't have opened and you'd have to go all the way back only for that). Climb up into the N wall

opening and pick up the 5th and final Wind Gem.


When You Believe Wishes Do Come True:

Now you can return to the Hall Of The Elements and place all five gemstones into their receptacles (doesn't matter which order). Some blue, electrical currents spark out of the Wishbox and you can now return to the bridge via the snowy bank in the corner to find that your wish has been granted and the E gate is finally open. Slide down the slope and you'll see a cutscene of Sophia coming running over the bridge in pursuit of our heroine. And with that we're getting ready for the final part of the quest.



Level 4- Temple Of The Symbol:


Pickups: Normal shotgun ammo, shotgun, large medipack, Guardian Key 


Enemies: Werewolves, Sophia


The Ocular Hallway And Library- Gathering Some Firearms:

This time we find Lara where we left off from the last level, still sliding down the "Highway to Hell" (that is, the slope leading down to the bowels of the temple complex and a possible show-down with whatever evil forces there be). She lands on firm ground in front of an opening with water pouring down from above (and of course all the weapons from before are gone again). Go through the mentioned opening ahead and continue down the Ocular Hallway. Between the first set of pillars you will find the Southern Library Wing to the left and the Northern Wing to the right. At the far end a drop will take her down to the Hall Of The Guardian. Let's start with the Southern Library Wing to the left. The camera angle changes as Lara enters, but that still shouldn't prevent her from spotting and grabbing the normal shotgun ammo ahead to the left and more normal ammo + the shotgun to the right. You can shoot the urns if you like, but it doesn't appear that they hold neither triggers nor pickups. Leave this room and go opposite to the Northern Wing. Here you'll find a large medipack and more normal shotgun ammo, but nothing else.


Battling Sophia- The Final Part:

Go back to the Ocular Hall between the two library wings and this time drop into the Hall Of The Guardian. Go through the antechamber and into the Sanctuary Of The Guardian. The door closes behind you so take a moment to savour the beauty of this room (but if Lara steps off the floor and into the black void with nebulas she will fall to her death) before proceeding forwards to the stone block ahead. As you do so Sophia appears on top of the block and this time she's got company in shape of her pets: two werewolves and these are running around down there with you!!!! The best way I could find of doing it is to run left around the stone block where Sophia stands as soon as you get control over Lara again. On the right there is a low block and climbing that will both leave you safe from the werewolves (and currently also Sophia) and it will make it possible for you to get up there with her. If you're extremely patient you can stand on the low block, pistols drawn, and jump up and down shooting at her as Lara aims. Sophia herself will not fire off a single bolt if you do it this way. Climb onto the block where she stood, shoot the werewolves from safety and finally pick up the Guardian Key that Sophia dropped.


Another Mission Comes To An End:

There is a receptacle for the key on the right side of the door so use it there. Go through the antechamber and climb out of the Hall Of The Guardian. Run through the Ocular Hallway towards the running water and a great adventure comes to an end.