The Dark Temple of Kakan

Level by Hubert Mutsaert

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Go through the automatic door. Press the switch in the next room to raise a block. Climb it and time the blades in the following passage. Pick up Golden Vraeus and backtrack to the outside corridor. Go right and behind the automatically hiding blocks. Pick up a laser sight, some flares and a shotgun. Place the key in its slot and enter the new passage. Behind it, collect the uzis and jump into the pit. Go down the ramp to find a revolver and Amulet of Horus. Jump into the small pool and get Guardian Key from the dead end of the underwater passage. Go back to the last room and go through the opposite door. Kill 3 red ninjas appearing in the next room and go around the pillar to find a SECRET#1 - a hole. Get out and back to the outside corridor to place the Guardian Key in its receptacle on the S wall. Get into the new passage. Pass the dunes and kill a croc and a ninja behind the automatic door. Follow the next passage to exit the temple of Kakan.