The Sacred Temple of Isis


Level by Joel Dauvillier


Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty, and proofed by Phil Lambeth.Many thanks to Harry Laudie for finding a missing secret (documented here as Secret #2).



At the start, turn right and go through the opening. You have to be quick as two skeletons roam around this place. First jump into the water (behind the pillar S) and swim to the W wall and then go left. Open the underwater door there in the corner and swim in. Take the first opening to your right and swim to the end and up. Pick up Secret #1, shotgun ammo. The two skeletons follow Lara and if you are quick you can lock them in here, because the gate S closes after you leave. Now immediately take a U-turn to the right and find around the corner a jump lever in the dark.Activate it to open an underwater door.


Jump back into the water, but before you go looking for that new door take the SW underwater door again and swim straight and pick up some flares, then swim back out and get some air. Dive down and get the SHOTGUN in the SE corner on the ledge.The open door you are looking for is in the SW corner, so swim down and through the door. In the SE corner of this underwater room is the CROWBAR, so pick it up, this triggers the door also in the S wall (down near the floor) to open. Swim in and up, then up again.


Rooms With Two Pools


Pull up and enter the south hall to trigger a flyby.Then continue moving forward and a Demigod will attack. The chest by the SE corner of the pool near the Throne has a small medipack, and although the others are empty, shoot the two elevated chests between the flaming pots on the platforms. Climb up the E one and dive into the water and climb out. Get to the lever in the NE corner and throw it to raise a block. Dive into the water and find a door W opened, connecting the two pools. Swim through and climb out and go to the NW corner. Climb the ladder to the top, but don't pull up. Let go and grab again immediately, and shimmy to the right and around the corner before Lara's feet get "set."Release to drop onto the raised block.


From there, take a running jump and grab to the ledge S, pull up, face E and jump from ledge to ledge till you are on the opposite side. A Harpy tries to kill you along the way. At the end jump to the left (N) and get the MECHANICAL SCARAB. Turn around and jump back to the previous ledge and from there take another jump straight (S). Jump up and monkey climb to the opening (left) in the SE corner. Let go and grab and hoist up. Turn around and jump up to get to the ladder and climb up into the next room.Pull the block away from theSE corner and enter the revealed passage for SECRET #2.Enter the crawlspace and retrieve the small medi-pack, then return to the previous room.


Climb up the steps (note the funny animated wall), face N and jump up to grab another ladder. In the next room N is an alcove, and by picking up the WINDING KEY partially hidden in the grass, the door W opens.


Pushing Blocks


There are two levers in this room. Before the N wall are two push blocks. Push and pull both into the gaps in the W and E walls. Pull the levers in the E wall to raise the blocks, climb up on the ledges and push each block N, use the levers again to raise the blocks still higher.Climb the ladders to pull each block once (do the W one first), hang on the ledge and shimmy to the other side to push each block onto the face tile against the wall. In the E wall, way up, a door has been opened. An angled running jump SE gets you there. Climb up and use the monkey climb to get you into the opening N. Pry the 1st Black Beetle from the wall and use the monkey climb to get back to the SW ledge.


Face NE and spot the opening in the floor at the bottom. Save first, since you need to be perfectly aligned in order to reach the water instead of hearing that crunching sound that indicates you've missed and met the floor headfirst, and then take a running swan dive (Alt and Shift) into the opening. You get back to the Two Pool room. Pull out and go SE, and at the end you find a closed coffin, so open it for some shotgun ammo. Before you go, use the jump lever on the N wall of this area (hidden in the dark) and see a cut scene. Back to the pool and swim to the companion pool W, pull out and enter the open doors SW.


Beetle Receptacle Room


In the SW corner is a small medipack, pick it up and use the crowbar on the face door S. On the tile with the scarab, combine the Mechanical Scarab with the Winding Key and use it to trigger the spikes. Halfway down, pick up the shotgun ammo between the pillars and note the nearby gem receptacle. Pick up the Scarab at the other end and walk forward to trigger a flyby through the next room.


Flaming Pillars


Face W and climb quickly down the ladder, there is a Harpy flying around here. Go to the NE corner and around to the left is a lever, pull it down to see a cut scene. Back to the ladder W and climb up. Align yourself with the first column E, take a standing jump with grab and shimmy to the right corner and hoist up. Face S and take another standing jump (NO grab) and then face E, take another running jump with grab and shimmy to the right around two corners to get on a safe ledge. E is a crack, so jump and grab that; shimmy to the left and to the ladder in the corner. Climb down one rung and jump/roll and grab the next column and shimmy around one corner and pull up in the next corner of the burning emitter. Turn carefully to your left, save and take a standing jump with grab to the next pillar N, hoist up and jump off immediately to grab the next slope N.Shimmy all the way to the left, pull up and slide down the other side and jump off at the last instant to end up on a block with a lever. Throw it to lift the door above, hop up inside and pick up Secret #3, some explosive Arrows.


Get out onto the lever ledge and stand facing W, with Lara's right shoulder against the wall, and side flip left, slide and jump twice and grab the ladder. Shimmy around the corner and climb down till Laraís hands are still holding the last rung of the ladder and then back flip into the alcove. Face SW and hop to the crack and shimmy around and at the end, crawl in. Lower yourself W and pull up onto the S ledge. Face SW and, taking a running jump with Ctrl, get the Revolver ammo in the alcove (note the black beetle out of reach beyond the bars) and jump back. Now face NW and take a running jump with a slight curve into the passage and first use the lever, then pry the 2nd Black Beetle from the wall. Immediately jump down to a lower ledge, do a safety drop to the bottom and jump into the pool. The beetles will be gone then.


Back to the ladder W and jump to the first column, no emitter on it this time. Shoot the Harpy (although it may decide to wait until later to show up), then take a running jump to the ladder NE and climb all the way up. Shoot the chest, stand where it was and face the S wall and use the jump lever. The door next to the burning Gem will open, so go inside and get the flares behind the banana plant N. Face the N wall and take an angled jump to the wall, as Lara can climb the plants growing on the wall. About one block before you reach the end of the green stuff on the wall, back flip and roll and grab the block in the water.


Do not jump to the right block (E) with the medipack, as that is a trap; take a running jump with grab to the left one in front of the alcove. Push in the block and again the next one on the right. Walk all the way around and push the first block S and go back again and push the same block now W. Turn around and pull the block in the E just twice and run around E to push yet another block on the left (near the switch) as far as you can and get the shotgun ammo. If you pull the block E into this small room you go around into the alcove and get Secret #4, a medipack. Now you can get out and pull the lever and watch the cut scene. Get out, jump into the pool and climb out at the other end. Climb on the block and grab the HORSEMANíS GEM. A skeleton awakens, you can shoot him with the shotgun into the water or simply avoid him to crawl out W to the ladder and end up in the water. Pull out, go back to the ladder W (a harpy may attack, if it didn't do so earlier) and into the corridor and place the Horsemanís Gem in the receptacle on the W wall.




The door SW opens, go down the stairs and see around the corner some emitters.Vault up onto the short platform and watch the flyby. Save and time the emitters and the popping-up spikes (you can do them separately). In the SW is a closed door and the timed lever is near the NE corner but on that middle structure (face S when you are in the corner). So use the lever, turn left and run down the short passage, turn right and hop onto the platform, continue hopping and turn left to dash into the open door. Climb the green wall and up into a passage and use for the second time the Mechanical Scarab. Climb into the window sill halfway down the spike field and get the Broken Glasses (what good are they, by the way?), then hop down and retrieve the Scarab.


Run around the corner and jump over the ledges to the pillar against the N wall, face E and safety drop down and let go to grab the jump lever there (a face door opens somewhere) and pick up the small medipack. Go back S through the emitters and spikes, go to the NW corner and climb the greenery on the N wall all the way to the ceiling passage. Crawl in and on the right get the Shotgun ammo, then turn around and crawl in the opposite direction.


There are two sarcophagi in the next room, one has a large medipack and the other one is empty. The small coffin near the SW corner is also empty, but note the nearby Pharos receptacle.Go to the face door NE and use your Crowbar to open it. Get the Shotgun ammo from the left block (donít mind the electricity) and go S. Watch the clanking knives in the passage, though. Go right and find the crawlspace on the W and get in. Lower yourself at the other end and get the Shotgun ammo, go back and just before the crawlspace E is a jump switch to activate. Get out and go back to the knives, the nearby door SE is now open.


Jump through the spikes, avoid the skeleton and use the Crowbar on the door to your left. Get in and get the PHAROS KNOT from the pedestal. Back through the spikes and the clanking knives and watch out for another skeleton in the room with the sarcophagi and place the Pharos Knot in the receptacle near the SW corner of the previous room. Enter the S doorway and climb up, use the lever to open the face door to your left and jump down into a room now filled with water. On the middle structure (facing E) is an underwater door, open it and swim up. Climb out and pry the 3rd Black Beetle from the wall.

Save and jump to the ladder, climb up, slide down the other side and jump quickly (avoid the spikes) to another ladder, shimmy right and let go. Climb higher W and grab the ORNATE HANDLE. Jump back into the water. Now swim to the N and open another underwater door.


The Deep, Deep Pool


Pull up into the next room and jump into the pool N.First swim all the way to the bottom and get the CROSSBOW in the SW corner. Get some air, then dive and swim into the opening S. When you turn the corner and start swimming N there is on the left an opening you can swim into and there is an underwater door. Swim in and go straight and then up for some air. In the previous room you can find a small medipack.


Climb out and go to the NE corner and use the jump lever on the pillar there. Climb the block that appears and climb even higher through an opening in the ceiling. The chest nearby has some Arrows under it (the other three in the area are empty), and after taking them go to the S wall and locate the push block. Pull it out and aside, then enter the passage to find a gap in the wall through which you can see the top of a coffin.E is a crawlspace, and when you go through and to the right you end up in a passage with another crawlspace at the other end.Lower Lara onto a block in the previous room. Shoot the chest N, jump there and use the jump lever. This opens the door in the SW corner.


You need to use the Mechanical Scarab but it's uncertain where, straight or right. Go for the right one (N). The door opens when you approach, on the left before you go through is Secret #5, some arrows (and in plain sight, too).Once through the door pull into the alcove right for a small medipack and when you turn around get that Revolver ammo at the end of the corridor S. Now go back and enter the opening W.


Run straight ahead and pick up the HATHOR EFFIGY (releasing a horde of beetles) and run back out (going left, or else you get spiked). Jump through the hole in the floor of the previous room into the water.Climb out again and combine the Ornate Handle and the Hathor Effigy and use the PORTAL GUARDIAN on the higher ledge W. There is a skeleton in the next room and also the 4th Black Beetle on the W side of the central structure.


Go back out and jump into the water.Swim back, first to the E as far as you can go and then up, then go left (N) and then right, and keep swimming around some corners as the current pulls you along, and at the end swim up and climb out. Go out S, down some steps and slide down. Go to the left in front of the closed face door, up the stairs and you are back in front of the Flaming Pillars room.Go N past the disabled spike field and place all the four Black Beetles on the pyramid in the Beetle Receptacle Room.Step forward, and after the device separates grab the MUSIC SCROLL and leave N.


Rooms With Two Pools


Once back in the Two Pool Room, place the Music Scroll E and watch Lara try to play a discordant tune while the door SE opens. Enter and watch the flyby. A Demigod awaits you and once he's dead he leaves a small medipack.


Open the two sarcophagi, one for Shotgun ammo (the other one is empty). Light a flare and go to the SE corner and use the lever there. Wait a bit, as the door next to the lever will open. Get inside and into the water as action music plays, swim N and around the corner and at the end up through a hole in the ceiling. Climb out and locate the lever N and save before using it, as it is a timed lever.Roll and jump in the water, swim back, and locate the now open door in the NW corner down at the bottom (in the water). Keep swimming, squeezing past a small space, and locate an opening in the ceiling, swim up and up and climb out.


Turn around and use the jump lever and climb out again. The bench NW has some Shotgun ammo under it; jump onto the block that appeared and use the monkey climb to go into the next room.Locate the jump switch on the E wall near the end, hang over it, release and immediately grab again to activate it.The nearby coffin is empty, so safety-drop to the floor and kill the next Demigod. The door NW is open, so run in there and pull the chain. Back to the room and kill the Harpy that attacks the Lara Figure inside the spinning coil. Another door in the NE corner is open. Get up the stairs and climb a block W and once in the next room go right and right again into a corridor and shoot the skeleton. Save here, as you need to do some tricky jumping.


Face S just inside the passage, with Laraís right shoulder against the wall of the passage. Back flip and jump with a right curve, and you should land on a slope there, keep jumping and after the third jump grab the crack at the end. Shimmy to the left, pull up and back flip (or roll and jump) onto the next slide and jump again, youíre safe now. Jump to the other side and enter the passage.Locate the closed face door and find a jump switch on the ivy-covered wall to your right (as you're facing the face door). The door S opens, run in and grab the Shotgun ammo in the right alcove and continue along this corridor. Climb up the wall and at the other end of the passage, climb down the other side as far as you can go, let go and grab again, pull into the alcove and get the medipack. Go back out, climb down again until Lara is hanging and release to do a safety drop in front of the GOLDEN STAR. Pry it from the wooden box.


This, however, triggers another Harpy that will attack the Lara Figure.Better wait and even jump to a ledge NE because you can shoot the Harpy from there as well (so you donít have to climb all the way up again, as you need to go through the open face door there). Jump into the water in the corner past the face door and swim through, keep Laraís right shoulder close to the wall and swim up through an opening in the ceiling and climb out. Get the TRIDENT and go back into the opening and swim further to the N. Keep on swimming until you come to a narrower passage (the camera angle will change frequently here) and at the end swim up, climb out S and crawl through a crawlspace and you are back where this adventure started. Go to the opening SW and a Demigod awaits you.Kill him and place the Golden Star at the door SW. Go through and the level ends.