Levelbase Advent Calendar 2006 - Christmas for Everybody

Level by Agnes (December, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


You start standing in the middle of the street facing a Kenzo store. Turn to your right and face a Versace store. Go east to the end of the Versace store and pull up into an upper alcove above the last window. Be careful of the steam and pick up flares. Drop and grab the alcove edge and shimmy to the left. Go around the corner and shimmy left and over a black wall. Then pull up into an alcove. Pick up Gift for Homeless People #1 and hear some music. You get a cut scene of a closed gate. Safety drop to the ground and shoot a trashcan. Pick up a vegiburger (large medipack). Go north towards the Body Shop and shoot the middle window. Pick up the Cellar Key from the middle wreath in the window. Exit back to the street. To the east is a closed grate near a spotlight. The street to the east ends in a high ramp.


Go west and turn north into the first street. Pick up a vegiburger next to the delivery van. Return to the street and continue east and turn into the street to the south. Shoot the corner window of the Versace store. Enter the window and pick up Gift for Homeless People #2. You get a cut scene of a closed gate. Exit the window and go south-west to the Armani store. Go to the van at the end of the street. Shoot an empty trashcan. Then shoot the lower grate in the west wall behind the front of the van. Follow the crawl space and climb a ladder. Shoot another empty trashcan and go south up the stairs into the Armani store. To the south behind the glass wall are empty dressing rooms. Turn to the north and you can shoot the three windows. Drop and hang from the west window. Release and grab the crawl space underneath it. Crawl into another room and go south to pick up Gift for Homeless People #3 from a platform. Shoot any window and safety drop back onto the street.


At the north wall is a key lock of the Dolce Gabbana store but you do not have that key yet. Follow a street to the north and see a Christmas tree ahead of you. To the far left is a closed gate. Go behind the tree and into the left corner area. Climb the south wall and near the top, back flip to a ledge. You are on a roof area. Go east to a lower roof and go to a closed gate on the north-east corner. Turn and go west to find a trash bin. Move the trash bin to the tile nest to the closed gate and the gate opens. Follow the tunnel to the end. Use the Cellar Key to open the gate.


Enter the room and pull up onto the boxes for flares. Then go down the stairs to a 3-way junction. Go south into a small room with boxes. The two boxes at the west wall are movable. Move one box into the opening in the east wall. Pull back the north-west box and go behind it. Pull the hard-to-see wall switch on the west wall. You get a cut scene of a gate opening. This is a timed gate and you are not ready to go there yet. Exit and go north into a room with boxes. Move the boxes at the west wall or climb over a box to get into the south-west corner of the room. Pick up Gift for Homeless People #4 from the floor. I did not get a cut scene for this item.


Return to the 3-way junction and go west down the stairs. You can see a closed gate to the north-west. Climb over the boxes and push the center box to the east. Climb over the boxes again and push the box into the north corner. Now it is out of the way for the timed run. But first go south into another room of boxes. Climb onto the boxes and go west into a crawl space for secret #1 and a Chocolat (small medipack). Now return to the wall switch and do the timed run to the gate in the north room. I pulled the wall switch and if the cut scene appeared, I just waited for the wall switch to reset. One the second (or third try) the cut scene did not appear, so I just rolled and ran for the open gate. On the other side of the open gate, you fall into a water filled tunnel.


Swim north and follow the tunnel to a closed gate. Swim to the right and pick up the DG Key from the floor. Then swim back to the hole for air. Then swim south and take the right branch tunnel. Pull up into a small room. Be careful of the steam emitter and the fires. Pull down a trap door in the south ceiling. Pull up into a tunnel and go south. The door opens for you as you approach. Pull down the wall switch before the gate. You get a cut scene of a grate dropping. Enter the street and run to the east end of the street. The grate by the spotlight is open.


Climb down the ladder and enter a small maze. Follow the tunnel to a T-junction and go to the right for flares. Go south to a T-junction. Go left and then right and up some stairs. At a 3-way junction, there is a closed gate to the west. Go east and then go to the left to see an upper crawl space in the west wall corner. You probably need a flare to see it. Follow the crawl space to a small room. Shoot the trashcan in the corner and pull down the wall switch that is behind it. You get a cut scene of the gate opening. Crawl back to the tunnels and go west into the open gate.  Go to the north-west corner behind the fence and drop into the water. Swim west to the end and pick up Gift for Homeless People #5 from the floor. You get a cut scene of a closed gate. Swim back and follow the tunnels to the entrance ladder. Climb back up onto the street.


Go west, south, and west again to find the key lock of the Dolce Gabbana store. Use the DG Key to open the door next to you. Enter the room and go up the stairs in the south-west corner. In the upper room, go into the south-west corner dressing room. Pick up Gift for Homeless People #6 from the floor. You get a cut scene of a gate opening. Shoot the windows in the north wall. Step out onto a high part of the street that you could not reach from below. Go west and then north to follow the street into a garage. Go to the left of the garage door and pull down a wall switch. This turns on the lights in the garage. Go to the right of the garage door and pull up into a dark crawl space for secret #2 and a Chocolat. Go to the back wall of the garage and go left for the motorcycle.


Drive out of the garage and follow the street back to the starting area. Go east and drive up the hill and down the other side. Get off the motorcycle and the open gate is in the east wall. The trashcan in the corner is empty. Enter the open gate and run down the tunnel as the level changes. You get a long flyby of Lara and the homeless people with their presents and the level ends.