The Key of Temple of Darkness

Level by Luka Ivanovic (December, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start in an Inca-like tunnel. Enter a right alcove for Uzi ammo. Go east and enter a left tunnel branch. Go east for blue shotgun shells. Then go west and find a harpy. Crouch into the corner to shoot it and it cannot sting you. When it dies, it leaves a small medipack. Continue to follow the initial tunnel and you emerge into a room with five arches in front of you. Pull up onto the middle arch and go to the west section. Pick up Broken Glasses #1 and secret #1. Jump to the next south arch and see a jump switch on the south side. Pull down the jump switch and the door opens in the south wall. Enter the door and follow the tunnel through a small room into a large room. Climb the section of the east wall nearest the roof. Shimmy to the right to drop onto the roof. Go to the south-east corner to pick up Broken Glasses #2 and secret #2. Safety drop to the ground and pull up into the south wall tunnel.


Go to the end and pull up into a crawl space to the west. Then pull up into a tunnel in the north wall. At the end, look to the west for an outside area. Be careful of the pit just in front of you. The pit is not too deep but you cannot get back out. Jump over the pit and go west to pick up a crowbar. Quickly run back and pull up into the tunnel. Shoot the three ahmets in safety from the tunnel entrance. Go west and dive into the water hole. Swim west and enter the underwater tunnel. At a T-junction, swim to the left, turn the right corner, and turn into the left alcove. Pick up Broken Glasses #3 and secret #3 off the floor. Swim west and loop around to the right. Pick up grenade normal ammo off the floor. Swim east and up a vertical shaft to pull up into a small room.


Go south down a tunnel and emerge onto a third floor balcony as the camera view changes. You can go west to find a receptacle for later. Go east and climb down a wall ladder to the second floor balcony. Move the two statues but only the west statue is hiding an item. Pick up the Music Scroll and climb back up to the third floor balcony. Go to the west wall and place the scroll. You hear a door open. Climb the ladder down to then second floor and safety drop to the ground. Go to the south-east to pick up the grenade gun. If you run in front of the gate, you get a view from the other side of the gate and the gate looks open. Go to the north-west corner and go through the open door to enter another tunnel.


At the end, shoot the three lions in the pit below you. Drop into the pit and pick up the shotgun. Go to the south-west corner to find a wall that you can use to climb back up to the ledge. Jump the pit and pull up into the north cave. Go to the end of the cave and look to the east. Pick up Broken Glasses #4 from the floor but no secret is registered. Pull up into a crawl space just above that alcove. Go through the crawl space and stand up in an area with small trees and a sundial. There is a tunnel to the north and closed doors to the east and south.


Go down the north tunnel and emerge into a high walled area. Shoot four bats that attack you. There is also music from "Star Wars 1 - The Phantom Menace". Go north to the water and the camera view returns to normal. Hop into a west alcove for flares. Return to the water and look south to see a ladder on a column. Climb the ladder to the top and pull up into an opening. Pick up an unusual looking Horseman's Gem and shoot a bat. You see a wall switch in a west alcove. Drop and grab the ladder and shimmy to the right. Climb to the brown wall section and shimmy around the corner to the right. The camera view will change to a top-down view.First climb the entire wall to the top and pull up onto the column.Jump to the south column and then jump onto the west column. Pick up Broken Glasses #5 and you get secret #4. Kill a bat but be careful that you do not fall off the column. Jump back to the original column. Climb down to the brown section, back flip, roll, and grab the brown section of the west column. Shimmy around to the right and drop onto the ledge with the wall switch.


Pull the wall switch and jump back to grab the brown section of the first column. Shimmy to the left and climb back to the ground. Go back through the south tunnel to the area with the sundial. Enter the open south tunnel and place the Horseman's Gem in the receptacle. Exit the tunnel and enter the open door in the east wall. You enter a dark pink colored room. Go to the south-east corner and climb the blocks to the top. Go around the ledges to the north side of the top block. The camera view may change to show you a wall switch. Pull down the wall switch and a door opens in the east wall.


Jump into the tunnel and see the spike ball and a jump switch above your head. Pull down the jump switch to open a door at the bottom of the ramp. Then run down the ramp and enter the open door as the spike fall falls into the pit behind you. Go to the end of the tunnel and jump north to grab a slope. Shimmy to the left as far as possible. Pull up and back flip to a dark ledge. Face south and climb the wall to back flip into a tunnel. Look north and see five wall switches. Pull down the second wall switch from the far end to open a door. The other four wall switches are fire traps.


You enter a very dark room. Avoid the blue walls at the south entrance. You can walk through the wall into water and be trapped with no way out. Climb to the top of the central structure and drop into the central hole into water below. Swim through the underwater tunnel in the north wall. Then surface and pull up onto the first available platform. The boxes on the platforms are empty. Just swim north and pull up into a wide tunnel. Crawl under a low ceiling and drop into a large room. Do not go down yet, but go to the west and climb up onto a gray column. From there you can shoot an ahmet on the ground. You can also shoot a harpy depending where the harpy is located. Pull up into the west crawl space and drop down onto a ledge at the other end. Go to the north-west corner and pick up Broken Glasses #6 and get secret #5. Then safety drop to the floor. You can see a closed door to the east.


Go to the north-east corner and you can see a wall switch on a pillar but it is out of reach. From there, go south-west towards the entrance and you can see a jump switch on a column. Pull down the jump switch to raise the block under the wall switch. Return to that corner and pull down the wall switch. Now go west and the door you saw after the secret is now open. Drop into the hole and follow a lower crawl space to drop into a partially flooded room. Draw your pistols and wade north through the water. Kill a crocodile and wade to the end of the tunnel. Climb a ladder and pull up into a corridor. Fires start at the side walls as you run east down the corridor.


You enter a room with two structures. Go to the end of the north structure. This is the structure above you head as you enter the room. Go to the south-east corner and face north. Put Lara's toes just to the seam line of the floor tile that is south of the structure. Her right foot should be at the seam line at the east of the structure. Jump up to grab the south side of the structure. It is a difficult jump to align. I never made the grab from the front of the structure. I only got it to work from the south side corner.


Go to the west end of the structure and jump south to the second structure. Go on the south beam and find a wall switch. Pull down the wall switch and a timed door opens in the east wall. The blocks make it awkward but eventually you make it into the open door before it closes. Run and jump over the V-shaped pit in front of you. If you fall in, you are stuck. Drop into a room and go the east side of the big structure. There are two routes to the top.


Route 1: Climb the east wall and shimmy right onto a ledge. Jump around the north-west corner to a ledge and then around a corner to another ledge. Pull up into a block. Jump to the structure again and grab the wall and climb to the top.


Route 2: Climb the east wall and just climb to the top ignoring all the ledges.


At the top, use the floor lever to open a door in the south wall. Return to the ground and enter the south door. Turn to the left and stand in front of the left column and behind a statue. Pull up onto the column and the view changes. Jump up into the higher room and the view returns to normal. You can shoot the empty boxes. Climb the pole and back flip into a higher room. You can shoot another empty box. Go to the west wall and see a slope. Slide down and jump over a fire pit. Follow the tunnel to a cave with water in it and a structure hanging from the ceiling. You will have passed a side tunnel but I found nothing in it.


Jump into the water and swim to the end of the channel. Pull up onto a ledge and go through a crawl space. Pull up into a tunnel and kill a harpy that attacks from the left side tunnel. Then go east into a room with a circular pit. Slide in and drop into a water channel. To the north is a closed door. Swim south and pull up to the ledge on the west. There is another closed door to your left. Pull down a wall switch and drop back into the water. Swim north through the open gate and pull up into a small dark room. Pull down the wall switch on the west wall.


Dive into the water and swim south to the now open door. Enter a small room and shoot two bats. Climb the south wall and pull up onto a ledge. There is a closed door in the west wall. Go south and overlook many columns, some equipped with slicing wall blades. The floor is a deadly fire trap. Jump to the first column and then run, jump, and grab the second column. Notice the direction of the blades on the walls. Jump to the right side column with the blades and wall darts. Jump to the middle column in front of the breakable tiles and save the game. Run and jump to land on the second or third tile and jump to the ledge with the wall switch. You have to leave the first breakable tile intact so that you can get back. Pull down the wall switch. Then run, jump, and grab to the edge of the first breakable tile. Pull up and stand jump to the column. Again jump to the right side column. Jump the last two columns and get to the open door.


Follow the corridor to the west and pick up the Amulet of Horus from the pedestal in the first alcove. Turn around and kill an ahmet. Go south and look into the right wall alcoves for a golden star. Pry the Golden Star off the wall. The animation is strange and the item shows up as "load" in the inventory. This is mentioned in the author's notes. Place the star in the receptacle and the south gate opens. Enter the open gate and the level ends.


The authorís notes mentions six secrets. I found six broken glasses but only five secrets were actually registered.