The Escape


Level by Adngel (January, 2007)


Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


[Note] I had a problem with the binoculars. In the cave, you get a long camera view. When I used binoculars there, my computer froze up and I had to reboot. This was very awkward, as you need the light of the binoculars all the time. The author forgot to put extra flares in the level. [End note]



You start in a small room. A caption states that you have stolen something and now you have to escape. Carefully exit the doorway and shoot the guard to your left. He drops the Uzi when he dies. Shoot the two guards on the floor area. There are also two guards on the higher ledges. They are hard to shoot because of the fences on the ledges and I just left them. The boxes in the area contain nothing. Run under the cover of the ledges and go east. Enter another area and shoot more empty boxes. There are closed doors in the north wall. Wait until a guard approaches you. Shoot the guard and pick up Uzi ammo. Go north and loop around to the right. Shoot a guard emerging from the south-east doorway. Go through that doorway and they are several more empty boxes to shoot.


Go south and turn to the right. Enter the large room and retreat to shoot three guards as they walk towards you. Pick up Uzi ammo from a dead guard. Return to the room and go to the south-east corner. There is a molten metal stream that you cannot jump. Climb the ladder on the nearby pillar. At the top ledge climb another ladder up to a panel. Shimmy left to another panel and drop onto a ledge. Go to the north edge. Stand jump forward to grab the horizontal pole. Spin around and jump north to land on a ledge. Shoot the guard that emerges from a doorway. The room that he came from is empty.


Go east and shoot a dog that runs out from an open door. Go east into the open door and shoot a guard. Return to the ledge and go to the south end. Turn around and climb down a ladder to the floor. Go west and pull down a jump switch on the first column. You hear an explosion and get a cut scene of the foundry area. Return to the upper ledge and look for a south opening in the fence. Run and jump to the south to grab a column. The fire that was there is gone. Shimmy to the left and pull up onto the corner of the column. Turn to the east and jump up to grab a platform. Shimmy left around the corner and pull up onto the upper platform. Go south and grab the slide wire. Slide down to the floor on the opposite side of the molten metal stream. You could have done this procedure with the fire emitter working. If you stay on the corner of the column you would be safe from the fire.


Go to the east wall and open the door. Go east and pass a closed door. Continue east towards some closed doors and you hear the door open. Return and enter the room. Go to the north-east corner and shoot a guard for Uzi ammo. Turn around and go up the stairs to the west near the room entrance. At the top of the stairs, go east down a long corridor. Shoot a guard and open the door at the south-east end of the corridor. Go down the stairs and cross a walkway. Enter the opening and climb down a ladder. Follow the tunnel and you are on the opposite side of the closed doors.


Save the game and go east. The floor opens below you and you drop onto a rocky ledge and bounce into a water cave. Look to the south-east and see a triangular shaped rock. Swim to the north-east shore and pull up to the east. Go east to the top of the mound but do not slide down the other side. Go south to where the rocks dips down into the water in front of the triangular shaped rock. Slide down and jump with a left curve to land on the left side of the rock. You get secret #1 and a small medipack. Dive into the water and pull up to the east ledge again. This time go east over the mound and slide down into the cave on the other side.


Follow the cave to a dead-end and pull up south onto a column. Go south and shoot a bat. Turn to the south-west and go through an opening in the rocks. You overlook a water outfall into a large pit. Jump to the blue rock to the north. If you slide down, grab and shimmy to a corner to pull up. Go to the back crosshatched wall to the north. Climb the wall for two sections. Back flip and use grab. You grab a horizontal pole, spin around and jump to the south to grab the edge of a platform. Run and jump south to another horizontal pole. Spin around and jump south to land on some blue rocks.


Go west and see a triangular crawl space. I could not get inside it. Run and jump to the west. Roll so that you land on the far slope and slide down backwards. Grab the edge, pull up, back flip, and roll to grab another ledge. Pull up onto a large block. The camera view changes but you can walk to the high mound and you can see a monkey swing above you. Do not use the binoculars to see where you are going while in the long camera view. I did and my computer froze. I had to reboot it. Monkey swing north to the last tile and turn around to face south. Release and slide down a slope. Grab the edge, pull up, back flip, and roll to grab another edge. Shimmy to the right and release to drop onto a safe tile. Lara keep looking up but with the long camera view you do not know at what she is looking.


Go to a north opening and make a leap of faith to the north. Grab the ledge and shimmy to the right. Go around a corner and shimmy to the end. Pull up, back flip to a slope, and jump forward to grab a ladder. Climb to the top and back flip, roll, and grab a ledge. Pull up onto the ledge and shoot a bat. A decent camera view is restored. Run and jump south to a platform. Run and jump south again to pull onto a rocky ledge. Run and jump west to pull up onto another rocky ledge. Go south to the high part of the ledge and stand jump to the west and grab a crevice. Shimmy to the right to a column. Keep shimmying around the corner, over the black crosshatched wall, and around the corner of the next column. Drop onto a ledge and go north into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a small cave.


Go to the inside corner of the sloped columns. Jump forward to the south-west slope. Back flip and hold the jump for two more slopes. Use grab and you should grab a monkey swing. Monkey swing west to drop onto a flat area. Go south into another tunnel. Quickly retreat to shoot a thug. Re-enter the tunnel and go to a T-junction. Go to the right and follow the tunnel to a closed door. Open a door and enter a dark room. Move the south-west block with the coil texture onto a marked tile to the south-east. The cover opens on the pushbutton. Press the pushbutton to open the door. Enter the door and it closes behind you. Go up the stairs and open another door. Step inside and get a flyby of the area.


Go down the east corridor and shoot a thug for shotgun wide shot ammo. Notice the two closed doors. Return to the entrance door again. Go south into a ruined subway station. Go east to shoot a thug for shotgun wide shot ammo. Go south and cross the tracks. Shoot some empty boxes to release two rats. Shoot another thug who leaves nothing. Go to the south-west corner and see a closed gate. Turn around and shoot a panel. Pull down the switch and a red light flashes. This is a timed run.  Go north and back to the entrance door. Go down the east corridor again and run into the open door in the right wall. You can do nothing there yet. But now you know where the timed door room is located. And the door stays open so you do not have to do the timed run again.


Exit the room and go east and up the stairs at the end. Go south and shoot two thugs. Continue down the south stairs and go up the mound of earth to the right. At the top, jump up to grab the wall and climb to the top. Go to the other end and drop down into a corridor. Go north and shoot a rat. You are on the second floor over the tracks you were at earlier. Remember this route, as you have to return up here later. To the east is the area of the flyby. First, go to the west end and pull down a jump switch on a column. Now go east and jump onto the block suspended over the track. Jump north again into an alcove and pull back a movable block. Safety drop to the tracks and shoot a thug. Go north back to the entrance. Go down the east corridor again and the door in the left wall is open. Enter the door and go down the stairs. Go to the end of the tunnel for secret #2 and a small medipack. Return to the corridor.


Go east and south up the stairs again. This time go up the east stairs and the door in the east wall opens as you approach it. Shoot the thug that emerges from the doorway. Enter the door and follow the stairs up to a room with four switches on the south wall. Number the switches when you face them from left to right as 1 to 4. Pull down switches #2, #3, and #4. The corridor of doors in the middle of room is now open.  If you use switch #1, a door closes in the corridor. Enter the corridor and run the stairs into a small room. Shoot the boxes and shoot a rat. Pick up the blue fuse and the shotgun from the floor. A trap door opens in the corner. Save the game before you drop into the trap door.


You drop onto a series of breakable tiles and gaps going to the north. Drop and run over the breakable tile. Jump over the gap to land on a tile. Run and jump again to grab a safe ledge and pull up. Shoot the panel on the wall and pull down the switch to open a door. Exit this corridor and shoot a thug. Go west and down the stairs to the timed door room. Go to the back of the room and place the blue fuse. You hear a door open. Climb the wall to the right of the receptacle and pull up through the open door. Enter a room and go left to use a floor lever. Go west through an open door and kill two thugs.


Enter the room and shoot a thug who was stuck behind a box. When he dies, pick up the red elevator key from the body. Exit back through the timed door room. Go east and a door opens in the corner. A guard shoots at you but you cannot shoot him. Go south again and shoot the two guards on the east stairs. Continue south to climb the wall to get back onto the floor above the tracks. When you drop, run north as there is a guard shooting at you from the south fence. You cannot shoot back at him. Go east and climb a back wall into the area of the flyby.


Shoot the panel and use the red elevator key. A door opens to your left. Enter the elevator and the door closes. Press the pushbutton in the corner and wait until the door opens again. Exit the room and ignore the panel. Shoot it but it needs a red key. Go down the corridor to the south and enter the first alcove. Open a door and enter the room. Shoot the boxes for a small medipack. Pull back the two blocks with the coil texture. Exit and go south to enter another alcove. Open the door and enter a room. There is a receptacle on the south wall. Pull back the corner block. Side jump over the table to get behind the block. Enter the crawl space and pick up the yellow fuse. Exit the crawl space and push the block out of your way. Place the yellow fuse in the receptacle.


Exit the room and go east down the corridor with all the side light beams. Shoot a guard as he walks towards you. Go east and save before you enter the room. Go east and the door closes behind you. Run forward, and run just inside the left wall opening before the rolling barrels reach you. Do not run up the stairs or you trigger another rolling barrel. Then hop back and pick up the small medipack from the floor. Go south down the stairs onto a roof. Run fast as the rolling barrel from the other tunnel is behind you. A door closes behind you.


Go south and drop west to a lower roof.  Go east to a still lower roof. Turn left into an archway. Go to the west wall and push in a movable block as far as possible. Go north onto a roof of a building. Run and jump to the east and land on a roofed column. Jump to another roofed column and then into an opening at the west wall. Go west onto a roof and shoot a crow. Use the binoculars and look to the north and you see many breakable tiles. I ignored most of them. I jumped to the tiles and then jumped to the west roof, slide down and grabed the roof to shimmy to the right. Shimmy around the corner and go to the end wall. Pull up, back flip, and roll to land on a breakable tile. Now run over the tiles and jump to grab the north ledge and pull up.


Go west to another slide wire. Use the slide wire and drop onto a ledge. Step left a little and jump up to pull down a jump switch. Safety drop into the courtyard below. Go to the south wall and enter the tunnel. Go south and stop before a pit. Use the binoculars to look at the slopes. Stand jump to grab the first slope. Shimmy to the left, pull up, and jump with a left curve to the second slope. Slide down and jump to grab the flat column. Jump the columns to land on a column in the dark north corner. Pick up the exit key and hear some ledges rise. Drop down to the west and follow the ledges back to the room.


Exit back to the courtyard and shoot two guards on the ground and a third guard on a high east ledge. Go west into an alcove and use the exit key to open the doors. The door opens beside you. You get a cut scene of a car in the street. Run out the door and towards the car and the level ends.