Key To The Mutant's Locker

Level by
Pat Chancey (Mugs)

Walkthrough by Yoav

You start the level in an underground train station, where a homeless dude is attacking Lara from the back and another one is coming from the front. Kill them both, then follow up the stairs, the west way is a dead end. The north way has a deep trapped floor and two breakable tiles. Go behind the bulletin board and shoot the electricity box, then pull the switch. You get a screenie of a glass cover being raised in the bottom. Stand facing north and run/jump to grab the ceiling, monkeyswing toward the tile and drop onto it, step to the next one and do a simple jump forward into the opening (keeping the action key depressed). Look behind the corner, there is a closed door, so turn around and stand above the floor. Take a standing jump to the block at the bottom and another one onto a safe floor. The switch you are going to press will open a timed door you just saw. Press the switch, then turn north and do a simple jump onto the block, then run/jump to grab the opening and run through the still open door.

Climb the stairs and turn right, jump above the counter and follow the passage to the end where there's a closed door with a dog poking through trying to bite Lara. Turn around and go back to the other side, jump above the counter and enter a room with a homeless dude. Kill him, then look for a receptacle on the north wall. Get out, turn right and climb the alcove, there's a timed switch that opens the door and releases the dog. Draw your pistols and run over there kill the dog and try to catch the door while still open, if you don't make it in time go back and press the switch again, this time without delaying for the dog. When you pass the door, head south past the counter and stand in front of a pit. Take a running rump and grab the breakable tile, pull onto it and grab the east wall, then climb up into a passage above.

Follow to the end and throw the switch to open a trapdoor at the top of the ladder, climb up the ladder to the city. Head south along the street with yellow cars to the end and look for a ladder in the west side. Climb up, turn around and then jump up to grab the metal ledge and pull onto it. Run/jump forward across the street to the opposite ledge with the lamp, then go south and pick up flares. Jump back to the street and follow the west alley until in front of you there's a short ladder. Climb up and shoot the boxes to clear the way, walk forward and you hear a warning sound. Watch a rolling barrel from the left trying to squash you. Run up the slope and kill the soldier, then look around the room, there's a covered glass on a switch and a closed door so you have to come back here later.

Go back to the street and go a few steps forward, there's another ladder from the west. Climb up the next ladder and backflip onto a metal ledge. Take a jump onto the balcony and pick up revolver ammo. Step back and take a standing jump, grab the pole, roll and jump forward to grab the next pole to jump above the wire and land onto a roof. Climb the brick block, then while facing north-east run/jump beyond the wire. Go around the corner to pick up shotgun ammo, then shoot the electricity box and pull the switch (the covered glass you just saw is raised up). Turn around and go stand in front of the wire, there's a pole right above Lara's head. Jump up, grab it, then press the forward arrow on your keyboard and jump forward. Now you have to jump over the east sloped roof, take a running jump banana-style to pass this roof. From the ledge you are standing on, run/jump to the south building roof, slide down a sloped roof and backflip onto the next roof.

Head south and climb the short block and stop above the wire. Drop east for SECRET #1 and pick up the shotgun. Now climb back past the short block and jump back to the first ledge you came from. Jump to the next ledge and take an angled jump to the north ledge. Pick up a medipack, then kill the soldier and look for a crawlspace in the south wall. Pull inside the crawlspace, turn around and drop down to a place with two candlesticks. Go south and climb the block, drop down and pick up some flares. Turn around and climb back, then pull into the west crawlspace. A soldier is shooting on you from the opposite roof, from your place you can shoot him back, then turn around, crawl out and grab the edge. Shimmy right until you can pull up and stand, then drop into a short passage.

Climb up into the next opening and drop down, look for a jumpswitch at the west wall between the candlesticks. Jump up and pull it down to open a door in the south-east corner. Enter the church and climb the block with the candlestick, then pull the jumpswitch in the east wall to release two ropes. From where you are standing jump and grab the south crawlspace for SECRET #2 and get the revolver. Drop back down to the floor and take the left stairs, climb about eight stairs then turn around and jump/grab the ledge. Go and stand in front of the first rope, take a standing jump to grab it and swing to the next rope, grab it and swing again, this time into the north opening. Go to the right and you are above some slopes. Slide down and jump into the east alcove for a medipack. Slide down the second slope and step onto a breakable ledge, turn around and jump into the nearby opening.

Kill the bats, then drop into a hole, turn to the north and walk into the alcove. Pick up the Bridge Key, then pull the switch to open the exit door. Climb back to the opening you entered and stand back of the deadly floor. Drop and grab the ladder and move left until you reach the open door. Pull inside a passage and run forward, climb the next ladder and proceed to the door. Pull the switch to open the door and you're back in the church. Back to the balcony you entered and kill there a soldier. Then climb the opening, turn around and simply drop back to the street to deal with two soldiers.

Time to go to the other side of the city. Follow down the street to the north, turn down the south alley and keep to the west street and reach the metal bridge. Don't cross the bridge, but turn east and take a sidejump above the north grate and follow to the other side for SECRET #3. Pick up revolver ammo, then jump and grab the pole as you did before and jump forward into the lake. There are a few things to do in the lake, but for right now swim to a spot on the north side (to the right of the bridge abutment) where you can climb out of the water. Now cross the bridge and notice that Lara will turn her head east. Get closer to the grate wall and you see a jumpswitch. Pull the jumpswitch and a rope will release, you will use it soon. Go to the west wall of the bridge house and use the bridge key to open the door. Run up the stairs and open another door, enter the office and kill the soldier. Now look at the ceiling, there's a closed green timed trapdoor you'll open later.

Go back down the bridge and stand on the brown part of the bridge while facing south-west to the grate wall. You need to run/jump above the grate with wire as far as you can, then take a sidejump above the south grate wall and you are in front of the rope. Before you grab the rope, kill the soldier who is shooting on you from the far ledge. Now jump and grab the rope, then turn to the south and swing over the brown wall to land on a safe place where you won't slide down into the lake. Turn around and kill the shooting soldier on the bridge, then carefully go west and reach SECRET #4. Pick up the Lasersight, then jump north and grab the ladder. Climb up onto a ledge and take a simple jump to the north-east ledge where the shooting soldier was before and get the revolver ammo. Head to the east wall, jump up and grab the ceiling. Monkeyswing to the east and reach the crawlspace, pull inside, turn around and drop/grab the jumpswitch to open a trapdoor roof somewhere and fall into the lake.

Swim north to the open lake and turn east, look for an underwater lever on a short block. Pull the underwater lever and get a screenie of the timed trapdoor opening at the office in the bridge house. Swim fast to the north-east place where you can climb out the water and take a sprint across the bridge, enter the house and quickly run up the stairs, enter the office and climb the north side. Climb into the west crawlspace and crawl outside the house, then drop onto the lift painter. Jump the yellow scaffolding, then turn east and jump the next one, run north to the end and pick up the Terrace Key. Jump back to the first yellow scaffolding and simply fall into the lake. Look for a small underwater opening in the north wall. Swim inside to the end and up the tunnel, surface and climb the ledge. Jump east, grab the exit trapdoor you've already opened and you are on the roof now.

Pick up the medipack, then head south and run/jump to the next roof. Go around the smoked block and run/jump to the west roof. Turn to face north-west and take a running jump, land onto a small balcony and pick up the medipack. Jump back to the roof you came from and move south, there's a soldier down on the hill standing on block and shooting at you. Kill him and carefully jump over there, pick up his shotgun ammo. Head east to the edge of the hill, then turn to face north-east and run/jump over the opening in the grate wall. Shoot the boxes there and reach SECRET #5, get the uzis, then run/jump back to the hill. Back to the block facing west and jump the brown place, walk north, then jump east into the balcony. Use the Terrace Key at the keyhole and open the door. Get inside and pick up the Guard Key and the medipack.

Turn around and go back to the balcony, look for a pole. As you did before, jump/grab it, roll up and jump forward into the lake. Swim to the place where you can climb out from the lake. A soldier welcomes you with gunfire. Kill him and get his medipack. It's time to complete what you'd left behind, or maybe not!?! Run down the north street back to the first short ladder you climbed earlier. Run up the slope and you're back to the switch that had a glass cover and is now raised. Press the switch to open the door and enter the office. Kill the soldier from the east and the one in front of you. Go down the stairs and use the Guard Key to open the door, get inside the passage and you see a fuse on the floor. I guess it's for the earlier receptacle at the room in the train station, but before you're able to pick it up the level ends.