Silent Oasis

Level by Jan Ruckstuhl

Walkthrough by Yoav

Climb the west stone for clips, then jump back and head north. Kill a scorpion and the door opens for you. Follow the passage to the next room, turn around and kill some ninjas. Proceed and climb the north stone and up to the top to reach the pool. Shoot the four vases around the pool and pick up the Amulet of Horus. Jump into the water and take care of the crocodiles, then get the Uzis. Dive to the bottom and swim south for clips, roll and swim north for the Canopic Jar 2.

Surface and swim north, get out of the pool. Slide down along the slope directly to the receptacles. Use the Canopic Jar 2 to open the east door and enter a small oasis place. Kill the crocodiles ahead and get the medipack. Climb the south block for clips, then proceed around the statue and shoot the vase. Climb the short block and drop down the hole, crawl into a room. Get the shotgun, then press the button on the east wall. Back outside to the oasis and follow the south way, at the end go through the door you opened. Go north for shotgun ammo, then climb up stairs and jump onto the next wall. Go south, jump up, grab the ceiling and monkey swing across the lava. Pick up more shotgun ammo, then get down stairs. Follow the pasage and kill a ninja on your way to reach the room above.

As soon as you enter the room a pillar lowers around the structure. Climb onto the structure for Guardian Key. Drop back and kill ninja, head the next room. Climb the north block, jump/grab the ledge and pull up. Run/jump to the south ledge and pick up flares. Climb the next block and pull up to the ledge above, then head east over the canal water. Pick up the clips and turn around, deal with five ninjas and three more later. Jump into the water and notice for an underwater gate at the north. Climb the east ledge, then go north for a medipack.

Back and crawl toward the lava and stand with face to the north wall. Jump/grab the crack and shimmy right, before you reach the end drop onto a short slope and immediately back flip land onto the block. Turn to face south-west and climb into a dark room. Go to the north wall and use the guardian key to open the underwater gate, then a light flare and go to the south-west corner for another Amulet of Horus. Back to the room below and go west, jump over the lava and climb a short block. A door will open for you, so drop down and crawl out.

Jump into the water and swim north, pass the opening gate and swim into a west opening, watch the crocodiles. Pick up clips and keep swimming further along the rooms, pick up more clips. When you get back to the first passage swim little back and into the left opening. At the end of the next room pick up shotgun ammo. Now swim back the passage and keep to the north and get out of the water. Go to the east opening and get a screenie of the next room full of crocodiles. Climb the wall and cross it by jumping on the pillars to reach a large oasis.

Run forward and slide down into a sunken place, get the Golden Vraeus. Turn to face south-west and take a simple jump to get out from there. Kill all the ninjas and scorpions and head east, follow the way to end. Use the golden vraeus at the west wall to open a door above the wall. Climb up onto the wall and first go north, jump the next wall for Amulet of Horus. Now go through the door and get an angle camera while you slide/jump the slopes and hit the ground.

Kill the scorpions and go west through the opening door. Run to north and climb the wall, then head south. Face west and drop down onto a short slope and jump forward above the lava. Jump north onto the block and pick up shotgun ammo. Climb the next wall up to a room above and kill two ninjas. Go behind the west wall and proceed to the opening, get a loop flyby. Run forward to slide down along the slope and reach the final lighting red oasis. Run forward to end the level.