Chocolate's Home Sweet Home

Level by Chocolate

Walkthrough by the builder, and included with the level download

I'm sure you probably won't need a walkthrough, since this level is pretty easy, but just in case...

Lara starts near her bed. Out of the kindness of my heart I have given you no pistols or binoculars, but 1 small healthpack and 2 flares... :D In front of her is the Gun Cupboard key. Pick it up, then use it on the lock next to Lara's bed to open the Gun Cupboard room. Use a flare if it's too dark.

When you enter the camera changes to show you that your enemies have already made it inside the hall! Since they're going to chase you, it's best to break the camera using the LOOK button and hurry. Go left and pick up the items on the left hand side first, because that's where the Shotgun is located. Don't take your time over these because the enemy isn't far now!

The first to make it is the South Pacific tribesman. He might attack, or he might not...[refer to the 'bugs.txt file if you want] Nevertheless you'll want to kill him first. After he's dead pick up the rest of the items. Note that because you have the shotgun you have limited ammo, so spend them wisely!

You may notice two troops also coming to chase you. Kill them too, then enter the hallway. There's another troop at the top of Lara's hall at the window. How he got there, I have no idea. But just kill him from top of the catwalk. Once you've finished him proceed down the stairs. More tribesmen will start following you, but this time it's definite that they'll attack you.

Once you've disposed of all of them you need to go outside the mansion to find more enemies. So press the switch near the door and then take your shotgun out. Two more troops will attack you. Shoot them, and then procceed to Lara's assault course by going left. On your way to the assault course you'll find more enemies hunting you down. They shouldn't be too difficult to handle.

When you arrive at the assault course you can either attempt it or just run on the sidewalks of the assault course. You don't NEED to do the assault course, but there's a point where you find a troop at Lara's balcony and he'll start shooting you from there. The best place to shoot him is the assault course. He's a bit of a tough guy, because he's using the balcony position to his advantage. You still have more enemies, so don't aimlessly waste your bullets. It may help to keep jumping and shooting, so you can get a better aim.

Keep going, and eventually you'll find a tribesman at the shooting area! Kill him first and then pick up the Crossbow, crossbow ammo and lasersight. Combine the crossbow with the lasersight and then aim for all the targets. In order to use lasersight press LOOK whilst Lara is holding the crossbow. Shooting all the targets will open a door nearby, which leads back to Lara's garden. But before you go there, finish the assault course by approaching the flags. Pick up the Gate key and then go back to Lara's gardens. You'll notice some heavy foot stomps...what could it be?!

Approach the gate that leads to the outside of the mansion. Use the key you collected to open the gates, and then suddenly a T-rex comes out to bite you!! Jump away from him and wield your shotgun. As long as you keep jumping in different directions you shouldn't get hit by him...besides, if you get hit you can still use your healthpacks. I've given you plently of them through this level!

Once you've killed him then it's over. I haven't added a Finish Trigger because I want to let you explore the house once you're done. I took out the key hole to access Lara's jeep racetrack, but if you manage to open the aquarium door you'll find the jeep keys. Once you pick the jeep keys the gate to the jeep track will automatically open, and then you can ride as much as you like on it! ;)