South Pacific Contest:



Level by Codo


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


NOTE:Many thanks to Raymond for giving me an outline which kept me from getting led astray as I played the level, and to bene and vimmers for providing tips for obtaining the second Golden Rose.



Begin with a rather jerky flyby that takes you through a jungle canyon and ends with a panoramic view of Lara perched high up on a mountainside.Step forward into a slight trench, then turn to your right and slide down a short distance to restore camera control.Turn around and safety drop into a little sheltered area, then turn left and locate the nearby gap in the east wall.Pull up inside and crawl forward.Hop down into a dark area, walk forward to the edge and safety drop into an area with a little more light.Walk south to the edge of the pit and take a running jump to a point slightly left of center to grab the facing ledge.Pull up into SECRET #1 and look for the UZIS in the far right corner near the skeleton.


Drop down into the pit and notice the underwater crawl space.However, the water's too shallow for you to get inside, and there doesn't appear to be anything there in any event.Pull up out of the pit on the north side and head back outside.When you emerge, go west toward the funny square tree and take a right at the stone formation just beyond it.Walk through the large bush into a hidden opening in the north wall for SECRET #2.Enter the small cave and pick up the small medipack, then go back outside.Go NW toward the waterfall and turn to your left to find a natural stone arch.Pull up into it, crawl through to the other side, and turn to your left when you can stand up.Take a running jump east to the top of the stone arch, and turn SE to face the nearest tree.The light green leaves at this level are solid, so take a standing jump over and then hop to the next tree SW.Walk along the edge of the leafy canopy to your left until you reach the large medipack for SECRET #3.


Continue walking south along the leaves until you reach a dead branch jutting out from the leaves.Safety drop to the ground from there and walk NW to the left of the next tree and down a slight incline.There's a wall partially covered with ivy ahead and to the left, and a third tree is ahead and slightly to your right.Search the smaller bush near the wall for the CROSSBOW and SECRET #4.Now you're ready to move on.Pull up onto the wall and enjoy the scenery where you see the waterfalls feeding into an upper lake.Jump down, splash into the water and follow it west until the current grabs you and pulls you over a cliff into a deeper lake below.†† A crocodile is aroused, so quickly swim to your right and pull out on the nearer, yellow-tinted portion of the north bank.There's a stable spot near the middle of this area where you won't fall back into the water.Kill the croc, then jump back into the water and swim over to the south side.You'll find two underwater openings, one leading to your right and the other to your left.Swim into the left one and keep looping around to the left to locate the SKULL KEY in a small alcove for SECRET #5.Avoid the other opening, as it leads to a strong current that'll eventually drag you to your death.


Go back out and swim across the lake.Pull up onto the north bank as you did earlier and turn to your right.Pull up onto the block east and walk forward to the SE corner.Turn slightly to your right and face the left edge of the waterfall.Hop back once and take a curving running jump so that you clear the water flow and land on the near corner of the triangular rock ledge south (without using grab).It's a pretty tight jump, so expect it to take a few tries.When you get there, walk forward and take a standing jump up the slope, then turn to your right and take a running jump west to land on a stable area of the south bank.Run forward to the abandoned camp site where a fire is still burning.You'll find a TORCH between the fire and the skeleton, but it appears to be a decoy.To be on the safe side, pick up the torch and drop it somewhere close by so you can retrieve it if necessary.Then grab the skeleton by the skull and drag it to where the torch formerly lay.Take a standing jump forward and pick up the CROWBAR.Four baby dinosaurs scamper up to you, so pause to kill them before proceeding.


Shoot the crates for a large medipack and revolver ammo, then follow the grassy path SE.Use your crowbar to open the door at the end and walk inside the dark cave to shoot a bat.Two of the nearby crates can be shot, and one contains some flares.Enter the small NE cave and stoop down to pick up the JERRYCAN.Go back out and find a crawl space in the NW corner.You can get up into it and see a key down below, but you can't get to it.But one of the crates outside can be moved.Pull it back to reveal an opening in the north wall.Go inside and pick up the RED KEY.Back outside, you find that the slats in the floor near the south wall will break away when Lara stands on them.


Allow Lara to drop down into a lower area that's partially submerged.Go west, and when you reach the water turn left and find a dark SE alcove for some uzi ammo and SECRET #6.Go back to the water's edge, facing west, and you'll see an underwater window with wooden slats covering it.Step forward until Lara is knee-deep in the water, then draw your pistols, stoop down and fire.The slats should shatter.Jump into the water and swim down to enter the west opening.Turn immediately to your right, for as you emerge you're grabbed by a strong current that attempts to drag you in the other direction.If it succeeds, you'll eventually be swept over a waterfall and die on the rocks below.Keep to the right side of the channel (it's easier over there for some reason) and make your way north against the current.You'll see some uzi ammo out of the corner of your eye in an alcove to your left, and it's not really that far out of your way to go get it.Wait until you're just past it and make a sharp left turn into the alcove, or else the current will probably keep you from reaching it.After you've claimed your prize, swim across the channel and into the east opening, where you'll soon find relief from the strong current.Continue until you reach the small outside lake near the camp site.


Pull up onto the north bank and make your way over to the camp site as you did earlier.This time, walk past the tent and out to the west ledge overlooking the rushing river.Take a running jump across the gap to the ledge on the other side.Turn left and walk south as far as you can, then take a standing jump down to a lower stable surface.Walk into the bush and take a standing jump SW up onto a stable slope.Take a standing jump SW to the adjacent brown slope.Look down to your left.You can see a lower triangular ledge, and just beneath it a square tile floating in the river.You could have gone that way if you had wished, and maybe that's even what the builder intended, but the way described here is easier and surer.From your present position, take a standing jump west down to a wide ledge on the north bank of the river.You can see a nearby swing pole, but you would need to use that only if you had elected to jump down onto the floating tile.


Turn left and face the flat surface across the river, just to the right of the ivy-covered wall.Take a running jump and grab to the edge and pull up.Turn right and walk along the slightly sloped face as far west as you can, right up to the edge of the green vines.Take a running jump past the vines to the flat surface across the way, then turn to face the wall and step back to the NE corner.Take a slightly angled standing jump and grab the vines.Climb up the vines and pull up to face a small cave with a closed door at the end.Enter the cave and shoot the box on your left for some flares.Save your game before opening the door with your Red Key and read the following paragraph before proceeding.


After the door slowly creaks open and you've stepped down onto the ledge below, you hear a burst of action music as two natives and a raptor start prancing about the huts you see in the near distance.This starts the adrenaline flowing, and you're tempted to stay here and shoot the enemy from a position of safety before going down to investigate further.However, this would be a mistake and would cause you to miss a valuable secret.Therefore, as soon as your feet hit the ledge, continue forward down the slope and hop down to the ground.Run forward around the right side of the hut that's nearer the river and push the button in the south wall before the natives and raptor can catch up with you.Pushing the button keeps the trap door on your right from closing, so turn right and jump into the hole, both for your safety and so that you can pick up the BAG OF SAND for SECRET #7.


Pull out of the hole and clear the area of enemies, then climb up onto the roof of the shorter hut and jump north onto the roof of the other hut.Go to the other side of the roof and jump over to the ledge.Locate the ladder to your left and climb up to a higher ledge with a zip line.Use the zip line to get across the river, then turn to your right to see the tunnel carved in the rocky mountain.Use your sprint key to dash through the tunnel.If you simply stroll along, you'll trigger an impaled skeleton fence that will stop you in your tracks (as well as cause you considerable damage).Continue north along the tunnel and turn left at the bend.Pull up onto the block and step forward into a new lake area where you can see twin blood-red waterfalls down below to your right (from which this level undoubtedly gets its name).


You can slide down the green slopes to the shallow lake if you like and look around a bit, but there are places you can access down there where you're not supposed to be yet, so I recommend saving this for later.If you insist, however, you can go take a look and then use the ledges to climb back up where you entered.Locate the rope hanging from a limb of the nearby tree and save your game again, as it can be difficult to grab the rope when you jump toward it.I found that it works best to stand at an angle facing NE and take your running jump from there. [add on by Mytly: Instead of trying to jump diagonally to the rope (which can be quite tricky), the simpler method is to just take a couple of walking steps backward, and then hop back for a running jump. This way you'll make it every time] In fact, if you do that you'll be facing the exact spot where you need to be facing to jump over to the other side of the river.†† When you've done that, you'll most likely land amidst a group of bushes.Take a standing jump NE to the rock slope, and another standing jump east to a ledge slightly around the corner.Walk forward and jump down east into a deep trench filled with bushes.Step forward (if necessary, as you may be standing right on it when you land) and search the last bush for some uzi ammo and SECRET #8.


Reverse roll and run to the west end of the trench.Pull up onto the ledge and turn around.Take a running jump NE to the sloped bank and allow Lara to slide down.Grab the edge and shimmy to your right and around the corner.Pull up and walk down toward the river.Lara's attention will be directed to the area where she did battle earlier with the raptor and the natives, so there's apparently a need to return to that area later.You can go no further in this direction, so turn back and take a running jump and grab west over the trench.Pull up and run forward to the corner.Take a standing jump down NW and face the rock wall.Jump up to grab a crack in the wall, shimmy to your left and pull up as soon as you're able, and use the vines growing in the wall to climb up into a new area where you're presented with a number of potential choices.However, all but one lead to dead ends, so for now go over to your left and just note the large temple to the north (its gate is closed, barring access from this end), and a bridge leading to a smaller building south.Here, too, the only entrance is a closed bamboo door.†† Don't try jumping into the red-tinged canals leading from the temple (the water is safe enough, by the way), as the current will simply drag you down to the lake below and force you to come back across via the rope.


Now that you've satisfied your curiosity, it's again time to move on.Since the front door to the temple is closed, you need to find a back door to gain access.Go east from the temple and follow a pass that narrows at the end.Pull up onto a rock slab and take a standing jump forward over the slope leading to an opening in the wall.Light a flare and go inside.Follow until the ceiling gets too low for you to stand, and crawl around to the right until you reach an opening.Lower Lara down the other side and release to drop beside a skeleton.Reverse roll and note the triangular opening on your left.Go there rather than continuing north, as the latter path leads only to your doom.Crawl inside the opening and face the slat-covered crawl space high up in the north wall.Draw your pistols, jump up and down while firing to shatter the slats, and take a standing jump and grab from the edge of the canal to grab the crawl space.Pull up inside and crawl around to your left (the opening to your right is barred).


Go past the first opening to your left, as it's blocked with slats that won't shatter when you shoot them.Enter the second opening to your left and drop down into a yucky canal adjacent to a cell similar to the first one you visited.However, there's nothing to do here, so hold your nose and swim west to an intersection.Don't turn left, as that way takes you to the strong current that pulls you over the edge.Turn right and pull up into the huge interior of the temple. It's easy to get lost in here, so let me tell you first what not to do.Go north toward what looks like the main area of the temple where all the human sacrifices take place.There are four artifacts placed on surrounding pillars that are too high for you to raid them now.Farther north is a dark passage that leads to two snake head receptacles in the far wall.Avoid the temptation to enter the east opening toward a blue artifact placed on a pedestal in the next room, as you'll die the instant you step on the blood-stained tiles.You'll be back here later.


Go back south and jump SE over the canal.Enter the large east doorway and shoot the bat that flutters out.Note for later the deep pit in the next room and go back outside.Jump west across two branches of the canal, shoot another bat and enter the doorway here to find a similar pit.This is also for later, although you can get a nearby pickup now if you wish.Go toward your left and take a running jump over the black slope onto a higher flat surface.Hop over the black ramp on the other side, using action so you won't bump your head against the rafter, and pick up the revolver ammo.Go back the same way.Exit this area and jump to the central pathway.Head south into an area with two side passages each on your right and left, and with a closed gate at the south end.In the west passages you'll find three closed gates in the north wall, one of which restrains a raptor that's doing the best it can to get at you.You'll deal with it shortly, so don't push any of the buttons you see next to the closed gates right now.At the SW corner is an opening leading to an area we'll explore later.


Beyond the NE opening is a room with three closed gates in the north wall, with a small opening opposite each one in the south wall.Carefully approach the SE opening.As you step inside you'll trigger four horizontal blades that swing in close synchronization.They're too low to crawl under, so take quick standing jumps over each one (which is hard to do without sustaining at least some damage, so be prepared to use some medipacks) until you reach the floor lever near the east wall.Push it to open the three gates in the adjacent room.You've already visited two of the cells there, so just enter the middle one and pick up the flares to your right, near the skeleton.Jump into the bloody canal and pick up the SMALL WATER SKIN near the bars on the east side.Fill it up while you're there, then pull out of the canal and return to the central passage outside.††


Now enter the NW opening.Go past the raging raptor and open the last cage on your right.It appears to be empty, so open the middle cage and go inside and shoot two bats.Pick up the small medipack near the west wall and prepare to deal with the raptor.Open the final cage.If you're lucky, the raptor is so happy to be free at last that it runs right past you into the central passage for a celebratory romp.After you've killed it, go inside its cage and locate the TORCH at the near right corner.Unlike the torch you found back at the camp site, you'll need this one, so take it with you outside.†† Drop it somewhere close by in a spot where you can see it easily (and remember where you left it), then go back and follow the SW passage to the opening you noted earlier.Enter the small sun-splashed room and pull up into the opening in the south wall.Step forward and safety drop into the next room.As you walk about you'll find that Lara's attention is directed to a boulder suspended up near the ceiling.Light a flare to detect the mobile block just beneath it, and pull it out twice to reveal a slatted trap door and the remnant of a ladder.


You can pull up NW and get a nice view of the river beyond the grated opening.Pick up an extra pair of UZIS in the corner.When you do so, a lizard monster materializes below, so hop down and deal with it.Now go to the SE corner, stand on another slatted trapdoor and push the button.The slats fall away and you're dropped into the room below while you hear the sound of the boulder being released.You land in a small pool of water.If you hadn't pulled the block away first, you would have been squashed by the boulder before you could get out.Pull out of the water and avoid the spike field while you're killing a bat.Walk carefully through the spikes, which don't seem to bother you unless you run, and go either to the west or east ledge.Harry Laudie points out that walking through the spike field indeed causes harm, so he suggests using the ramps and bridges to go back and forth as needed.Back flip at an angle onto the ramp, jump off and grab the bamboo bridge.Pull up and jump across to the south bridge.Stand underneath the jump switch in the south wall and wait for the flames to subside.As soon as they do, take a standing jump with grab to activate the jump switch.The trap door opens to your right, allowing the boulder to tumble harmlessly down, while two gates lift across the room.


Walk through the spike field (or use the ramp and bridge), past an open gate and into a partially submerged room.Pick up the first BLOOD CHRYSTAL from the pedestal and go back out through the spike field.Step up onto the west ledge next to the ramp, away from the flame blower, and take an angled standing jump and grab to the ladder.Climb up to the top, through the open trap door, shift right and release (or back flip to the ledge behind you).Move the block north as far as it will go, get up onto it and take a running jump and grab to the opening high up in the north wall.Pull up, jump down to the sun-splashed room and return to the central pathway.Pick up the torch and take it with you north into the main temple area.Jump across to the west pit and toss the torch into the water far below.Don't worry, you'll be draining this area later.


Turn around and go over to the east pit.Note two boulders poised ominously overhead. You'll deal with them later.Go to the SE block and safety drop from the north side to the ledge below, sustaining some unavoidable loss of health.Reverse roll and run to the other end of the ledge.Stand at the corner and jump NE down to the opening in the north wall, using grab at the last instant.Get onto the ladder in the shaft, activating a blade trap behind you.Climb down one rung, and when the blade retracts, release to drop a short distance past the trap, then grab the ladder and climb down the rest of the way.(Harry Laudie points out that all the walls in this shaft are climbable, so you can simply shift around a corner and avoid the blade trap entirely.)At the bottom, vault up into the east alcove for a large medipack and SECRET #9.There's a closed door south that responds neither to your crowbar nor your weapons, so climb back up the ladder (just grin and bear the abuse as you go past the blade trap) and back flip at the top to the ledge leading to the south opening.††


Your first instinct will probably be to take an angled standing jump and grab to the west ledge.However, if you do that the boulder above will drop down and crush you, so take an angled running jump to the ledge instead.This will still trigger the boulder, but it will tumble harmlessly by you.Face the horizontal pole east and save your game here, as this may take several tries.Take an angled running jump to the point where the pole juts out from the south wall.Curve to your left without hitting the wall or grabbing the pole, and you should land on the corner of the east ledge while also triggering the second boulder.Now you can simply turn around and take a running jump and grab to the west ladder and climb safely up to the top.(Have you also noticed that this is the second swing pole in the level that need not be used?) Pull up and go back over to the west pit.


Safety drop either onto the north or the south block down below, then jump into the water and swim north into the opening.Pull up on the east ledge and turn the wheel in the east wall to drain the area.Reverse roll and go over to the NW corner.Pull out the block twice and go around to the revealed alcove for some crossbow arrows.Return to the drained pit and find the torch that you'd dropped down here earlier.Carry it with you to the block (there's a lighted wall torch in this room, but unfortunately you have no way of getting to it) and jump up onto it.Take a standing jump south and then a running jump to the SW block.Turn and take an angled standing jump SE through the opening in the bamboo fence and onto the south ledge.Toss the torch into the hole in the south end of the ledge, but don't attempt to follow it down yourself.Instead, go back to the wheel that you turned to drain this area, and look for a south passage.Stand a step back from the edge and take an angled standing jump and grab to the ladder.Climb down the shaft and shift to your left when you can.Climb down until you're hanging by your fingernails, then release and immediately grab the ledge below.


Pull up and follow the ledge to the opening in the south wall.You should find your torch nearby, so pick it up and go inside to find three scales and a golden rose behind a closed door.You're not quite ready for this, so go out and continue along the ledge, past a square hole in the floor, until you reach a unlighted wall sconce.Go around the corner, drop the torch momentarily and push the button to light the sconce.Use the flame to light your torch, and bring it with you to the room with the scales.Empty the water skin in the scales on the left, and the bag of sand in the scales on the right.Empty the jerrycan in the middle scales and light the oil with your torch.The bamboo door beyond opens, so enter the alcove and take the GOLDEN ROSE from the pedestal for SECRET #10.A cut scene shows a closed gate elsewhere.


Exit this room (you no longer need the torch) and go left back to the hole you saw earlier.Use the ladder in the east face to climb down into the lava pit.Go all the way to the bottom, so that Lara's legs are actually in the deadly lava, and shift left until you're able to pull up onto a rocky peninsula.Go around to the other side of the peninsula and locate a button.When you push it a wall sconce lights up overhead.You can see another button in the distance NE across the lava, but you can't get to it from here.Return to where you pulled up onto this peninsula and use the climbing surfaces to get back up the shaft.(Or, you can use the climbing surfaces on this side.Six of one, a half dozen of the other.)At the top, you can take a running jump and grab east to the crack in the central pillar, pull up and step forward for some crossbow arrows.The easiest way back down is simply to run off the corner to the peninsula below.Climb back up, go to the east edge of the ledge and face the rope NE (lined up more or less with the button in the distant background).Take a running jump and grab to it, and turn to your right so that you're squarely facing the closed bamboo door in the east wall.Swing forward and jump off toward the door.Grab the ledge, if necessary, and pull up.Turn to your left and line yourself up with the button down below.Take a running jump to it, push it to open the bamboo door, reverse roll and hop up onto the inclined ledge.Run forward and climb the ladder up to the ledge with the now open bamboo door.


Go inside and you'll be confronted with another closed bamboo door.That's the way to the next secret, so if you'd like to give it the ol' college try, turn around and take a running jump from the end of the ledge back to the peninsula.Climb back up to the top of the ledge and go to the north end, where you'll see a breaktile.What you may not see is an alcove in the dark NW corner of the cave wall, but that's where you need to go next.Save your game in front of the breaktile and then run across it at a slight right to left angle and jump off with a curve to the right to grab the edge of the alcove.Pull up and grab the small medipack at your feet, then step forward and save your game again before you push the button.†† At this point you can select from two different ways of proceeding.The first one is relatively easy (many thanks to vimmers for pointing it out), but the second one is definitely an Expertís Challenge.


Easier way:When you push the button, the second bamboo door (which is timed) in the east wall opens. Reverse roll, sidestep to your left and walk to the edge of the alcove. Run off the edge onto the slope below, then immediately jump off with a curve to the right and grab the edge of the ledge. Shimmy to your left until you're able to pull up onto a flat surface.Stand near the wall torch and take a running jump to grab the rope. Quickly turn Lara so that she's lined up with the east ledge, slide down to the bottom, swing forward and jump off to land on the ledge. Run forward into the east doorway, but stop before stepping on the row of tiles with the little black holes.


Much harder way:(You may wish to save periodically during the next sequence, even while you're hanging from the monkey swing.)After you push the timed button, the second bamboo door, reverse roll and run forward.Slide a short distance down the rocky slope, then jump off and grab the monkey swing.Quickly swing forward while angling to your left.Don't try to go all the way to the end of the monkey swing surface, but as you're nearing the end turn squarely to your left to hug the wall.Release and immediately hit the action key again to grab the wall.Shift to your right until you're near the south wall, then climb up and then pull up onto the ledge.Turn to your left and jump over the short hill.The wall torch is a problem, because it prevents you from lining up squarely with the rope to make a jump over to the east ledge.You're going to have to do the best you can, taking a slightly angled running jump from either side of the wall torch.You won't have time to adjust Lara on the rope, so slide down to the bottom, swing forward and jump off toward the ledge, making a mid-air correction if necessary.An even better way is to make a curving left to right running jump after you've jumped over the short hill. When you've accomplished a safe landing, run into the east opening, but stop before stepping on the row of tiles with the little black holes.


Stand just in front of the first tile in the row and save your game again.When you step on it you'll initiate a cascading series of spike traps, and the timed door will close to prevent you from triggering and retreating.Hop back twice and then run forward, using the sprint key.Just before you reach the last tile, release the sprint key and jump forward over the lava pit to grab the edge of the facing ledge.Shimmy to your left and pull up to avoid taking damage from the swinging blade trap.†† Turn to your left and jump over the second blade.If there's a way to avoid loss of health here, I couldn't find it.Go the pedestal and take the second GOLDEN ROSE for SECRET #11.A cut scene shows the gate you saw after picking up the first Golden Rose, but now it lifts open.Pick up the crossbow arrows in the SW corner and shoot the slats covering the opening in the east wall.


You've come too far to mess up now, so save your game yet again.Stand at the right edge of the slope, face NE and take a standing jump forward.Slide down just a short distance and take a standing jump to the facing slope across the lava.Slide down the second slope and jump off with a curve to the left to grab the jump switch to open the bamboo door just beneath you.When you drop down to the slope after activating the jump switch, slide a short distance and jump off at the last instant to clear the open doorway.Draw weapons immediately upon landing and kill the lizard monster.All of these moves require extreme precision, if not a certain measure of luck, so expect many failures before you finally make it to this point.


If you find that you simply can't beat the timed run past the second bamboo door to get the Golden Rose, using either of the methods described above, here's an alternate way to proceed, just past the first bamboo door in the east wall.It also involves a timed run, although this one is not nearly as unforgiving as the one for the Golden Rose:


Follow the passage to the right, picking up the small medipack along the way, and hop down into the shallow depression.Use the east crawl space and crawl forward past an intersection until you reach the wall.Turn right and crawl over the corner of the collapsing tile to your left.Ignore the hole on your left (it's a fire trap) and make a horseshoe turn to the right.Turn left at the opening in front of the suspicious blood-stained tile.(If you'd gone that way you would have triggered a descending ceiling spike trap, and you can imagine how deadly that would be in the confines of a crawl space.)Lower Lara down the other side and release to slide harmlessly down to a ledge next to a lava pool.There are two pushable blocks in this area, so move them into place in anticipation of an upcoming timed run.Push the south block twice, toward the lava pool.Pull and push the north block against the south wall, where the first block formerly stood.Note the closed bamboo door in the east wall above the lava pool, then pull up into the west opening.Jump down into the cave area and run forward and to your right, toward the bamboo fence, as a boulder comes tumbling down from behind you.


When the boulder has come to a complete stop, pull up into the NE alcove for some flares.Then hop up onto the NW ledge and save your game in front of the button.Push the button, reverse roll and take a running jump over the boulder, run toward the east opening, jump up onto the flat surface to the right of the opening, run to the opening and continue with a running jump to the first block in the next room.Take a standing jump from there to the second block, and an immediate running jump and grab to the opening in the east wall.Pull up and slide down the slope as the closing bamboo door gently slaps you in the rear end.


Ignore the brass spittoon to your left.You can drag it all around this room and into the next room if you like, but it doesn't do anything.†† Go through the north opening and kill a lizard monster.


At this point the paths converge, so whether or not you went for the second Golden Rose, continue as follows:


In the next room, locate the crossbow arrows in the north alcove, then climb up onto the south ledge next to the lava pool.Vault up into a diabolical little room south, where you'll find a central gadget that spits out spikes on all four sides at regular intervals.These spikes sting, but they don't kill on impact as spikes normally do.Go around and vault up onto the west ledge.You can't stop the spikes, but you can minimize the damage they cause.Wait until they cycle on your side, then take a standing jump to the central structure and quickly pull up.Take the second BLOOD CHRYSTAL from the pedestal and jump back down.


Exit this room and go past the lava pool to pull up onto the north ledge.Use the ladder in the wall to reach the opening (the door swung open when you picked up the second Blood Chrystal), and pull up inside to find yourself in a familiar area.The alcove to your right is now spike protected, so it's a good thing you got that large medipack and ninth secret earlier.Climb the ladder in the north wall, past the swinging blade, and back flip to the corridor above.The boulders are now gone, so take an angled running jump to the higher ledge, then a running jump across the gap to the east ledge, and finally and running jump and grab to the ladder in the west wall.Climb up to the top, pull up and exit this area, turn right and head for the north passage in the temple.Insert the Blood Chrystals in the two snake head receptacles to disable the knife blade trap in the nearby east passage, then go inside and take the MOYA LIZARD from the pedestal.This triggers a flyby that takes you through the temple and shows first the south gate opening, then the bamboo door in the south building outside.


Go there, enjoy your first breath of fresh air in a while, and kill the raptor to your left before venturing across the bridge.Enter the open doorway of the south building, safety drop a long distance to the floor below, and push the nearby button to raise a block in the river.Safety drop into the water below and draw a weapon to kill the crocodile that swims up to greet you.Wade and swim across the lake toward the twin blood-red waterfalls.Walk through either wall of water and yourself in a small sheltered area.Pull up onto the NE ledge and use your Skull Key to open the bamboo door.Turn around and use the ladder to climb down onto a lower ledge overlooking a large underground area.When you hop down into the waist-deep water you arouse an angry T-Rex.If you climb back onto the ledge for safety it will just turn its back on you and tromp away, so sooner or later you're going to have to engage it in battle.After you've killed it, wander about and note the nearby kayak.(Harry Laudie says that you can use the kayak to ram the T-Rex and disable it.Never would have thought of trying that.)Pick up two boxes of revolver ammo that can be easily seen from where you are, then go back to the kayak and get into it.


Paddle toward the small central island and go around it to the left.When you come around east you'll alert a second T-Rex.Paddle quickly past it to the NE corner.Here is the gate you lifted if you made it to the second Golden Rose.Get out of the kayak and enter the room for the REVOLVER and SECRET #12.This will make it a lot easier for you to kill the second T-Rex.When you've accomplished this, use the kayak, if you wish, to help save time searching the area for some uzi ammo (east alcove), a large medipack (NE alcove), and some more revolver ammo (near the north wall).†† Go back to the SW corner where you entered, and pull up onto the ledge.Use the ladder to climb back up to the small enclosed area, then exit to the lake.Cross to the south side, pull up and use the rope to get back across to the higher north bank.Head east along the bank, as described earlier, until you reach the spot where Lara's attention was directed across the river.Aim just to the right of the vine-covered wall and take a running jump across the river to the ledge.Step back to the corner and take an angled standing jump and grab to the vines.Climb up, pull up at the top and run through the south passage.Hop down into the hut area and run beyond the second hut to the river bank.


Take a running jump south to the raised block in the river.The camera angle changes to give you a view from ahead and far below.Step back to the rear of the block, turn slightly to your right (so you land in the water below and not on the hard ground), and take a running jump into apparent oblivion.If you've positioned yourself correctly you'll splash down into a shallow lake.Wade forward to the kayak ahead and the level ends.