Level by [christoph]


Walkthrough by Selene






Pickups: Torch, 3x Keys, small medipacks, Quartz, Tourmaline, Amethyst, Island Stone + 2 Golden Rose Secrets


Enemies: Crocs 


As the level starts we see Lara swept along with the current. Surface and climb onto the small island with the skeleton. Stand at its head and press Action to make Lara pull it away, revealing some torches. Pick up one of them, turn around and wade over to the slab of land with the bonfire. Light the torch here and wade S to the slab of land with the hanging boulder. Run over to the rope holding the boulder up. As soon as the flame from the torch touches the rope, it will light up and tear off, sending the boulder rolling down into the water. Leave the torch here and pick up the Key left behind.


Swim along the left side of the skeleton island towards where the boulder rolled down. Left of the waterfall you'll find a small medipack at the bottom and a narrow space she can swim through beyond it. Go on until you reach a restricted area with a small island and a tree. There is a red gate to the S/W, but it's currently closed. Swim through the narrow opening in the E wall and off to the right you'll be able to pick up the Key from the bottom. Return to the starting area from here.


Wade out into the water again and go back to the island with the skeleton. Cross it past the palm tree and swim to the W wall. Turn right and you should spot another underwater opening. Swim through there and climb out of the water, then use the key in the keyhole to open a gate to the left. Enter there and pick up the Quartz. There is another keyhole right of the alcove with the crystal, use the second key you found here to see an explosion kicking in near the red gate you saw earlier. When the camera returns to Lara you will also find that a block has lowered next to you, uncovering another keyhole.


Swim back outside and make your way through to the area with the red gate. Now you will find that another Key has appeared on the previously empty pedestal near the S wall. There's only one place this can go and that's in the keyhole you uncovered by using the second key in the room where you got the crystal. Return back there and insert the third key in its rightful place. You're once more shown a camera shot of the red gate in the other area so go back there again and now you'll find that said gate is open. Approach it and Lara is swept down the waterfall, along with the current across a pool and down another waterfall. At the end she'll wind up in a pool together with a hungry croc. There's a low block in the N/W corner where she can climb out and kill it.


When it's dead face E to spot a couple of green branches. Do a running jump and press Action to grab the first one, then let go and press Action again to grab the second one. As soon as you land on the other side hop backwards and press Action to grab the edge. You'll hear a rumbling and a boulder comes rolling down the ramp from the left. Pull up again and head up the ramp where it came from. Follow the long, winding ramp up to the top where you'll find a ladder. Climb up to the top and continue along the passage.


Lara is now overlooking the pool where she was swept along with the current earlier. There's a ladder on the wall to her left and a tall block straight ahead with a green pole sticking out of the wall next to it. Ignore the ladder for now, instead do a running jump to the block ahead. Turn right and do a running jump to grab the swing pole, then leap off to land on the block in the left corner. Turn right again and jump to the next block, then follow through the foliage-covered opening to an area with a muddy pool.


There is a strong current down there so do not jump straight in for a mud bath. Instead run off onto the block to the right and turn around to face W. You'll now spot a narrow passage running through the rocks with a row of horizontal poles. Do a running jump and press Action to grab the first one. Due to the camera angle here it's pretty hard to see where you're going, but it shouldn't be too difficult. At the end you'll land on a corner block.


Face N to spot a row of uneven blocks across the muddy pool. Do running jumps to the centre block and from there you'll find an opening in the rock wall to the right. In here you can pick up the Tourmaline and the block ahead lowers, leaving a passage for you to go through. Follow the ledge around to the left and through the foliage-covered opening here. At the end do a running jump and grab to reach the next ledge and follow it around until you reach a ladder on the left side. Jump to grab it and climb up to the top. The camera angle changes here, but backflip and Lara should land safely in the passage behind. Turn and pull up onto the first slope. There is a lava pit between each slope here so you'll have to jump as soon as she starts sliding to land on the next slope. Jump again and she should reach the other side. Here you can pick up the Amethyst.


Drop down into the lower passage and at the end you'll find a jump switch on the wall to the right. Jump up and pull it down, the block below it lowers. Go through there and you're now back in the passage with the ladder you climbed up earlier. Run into the opening while pressing Action and Lara should grab the ladder. Climb down as far as you can and backflip to land on the ledge from before. Follow it around to the end and you'll find an opening with a strong current running through. Drop down into the currents and let them carry Lara through to an opening where she can surface. Climb out of the water and kill two crocodiles on the other side of the waterfall. Now dive in and wade over to the S/W corner. Follow around the bend to the left and go all the way to the end. Turn right (S) and here you can pull up onto the rocks and pick up Secret 1: a Golden Rose.


Return back out the way you came and this time make your way over to the far N/W corner to find a hole. Go through it and pull up into the next room. There's a bonfire to your left and a switch + a lever on the wall next to it. Pull the switch and you're shown a camera shot of the previous area, where a bunch of boulders drop down from the surrounding rocks and into the pool below. This raises the water level so when the camera pans back to Lara, she'll be under water. Now the bonfire is put out as well so you can pick up Secret 2: another Golden Rose from the pile of wood. Now pull the underwater lever and swim back outside where you came from.


Head over towards the building up on the rocks E, where the boulders dropped down. On the wall to the right you'll find a ladder, head over there and climb it up and left until she can drop down onto the flat rocks. Do a running jump over to the rocks below the opening in the wall and pull up into the next room. Pick up the Island Stone from the pedestal and immediately hop backwards before the fly-by camera kicks in. Said fly-by shows you up to the top of the rocks where a block lowers in a narrow passage. If you didn't hop back (like I said) Lara will now be dead, as a boulder dropped down on the pedestal after she picked up the artefact.


Your next task is to find out how to reach the passage you saw during the fly-by. Make your way back down to the pool below and wade across to where you first came from. Now you will find that the passage with the strong current from before is drained so you can go along it and climb the ladder up to the top. Head right and climb up into the alcove at the end to pick up a small medipack, then drop down again and do a running jump to the ledge S. Pull up and follow the passage along.


When you're back in the room with the muddy pool and tall pillar, go around the ledge to the left. Ignore the opening in the right wall, instead turn left and locate the ladder on one side of the pillar. Do an angled running jump to grab said ladder and climb up to the top (try to pull up on the right-hand side, otherwise there's a chance that Lara might slide back off and fall down into the muddy pool at the bottom). Make your way up to the top of the rocks, navigating by the flat areas (first one N/E) and to the right you will find the passage that you saw in the fly-by earlier. Crawl down into the lower passage and in the next area follow through the large arch N/W.


Drop down to the lower level and here you'll find a kayak. Get in (be sure to keep the sound on) and paddle on along the river. Go through the opening on the right-hand side and continue paddling down until you reach a closed gate. Here you can leave the kayak and climb up onto the river bank left of the gate. Shoot the two crates here and the gate below opens. Drop down and continue along the passage to end the level.