The Break In

Level by Cain

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Go around Lara's bed and pick up a grenade gun, 3 packs of normal grenades and a key. Place it in the hole next to the exit door. Kill a giant eel blocking the way out and go inside the corridor. Find a switch at the S end and throw it to open the alcove and trigger another pair of eels. Enter the alcove to spawn two more enemies and kill all of them with minimum ammo loss. Pick up the key from inside the alcove. Go back to the corridor and, at the other end, turn right to get to main hall. From the stairs, pick up 3 packs of normal grenades and see an eel creeping towards you from the lower floor. Let it chase you. On your way downstairs, trigger another monster and let it chase you as well. Standing in the middle of the ground floor triggers a whole eel squad. Now kill all the enemies with minimum ammo loss. Open the NW door and watch your back to avoid some more eels. Wait for another "herd" to come out of the passage you opened. When it joins the previous group, kill all the enemies - as you always do it, spending as little ammo, as you can. Wiping them out prompts reinforcements to crawl out of the corridor. Get rid of them as well and notice the spikes blocking the way into the new room. Holding sprint, pass through them. There is no other option.

In the room, find a pushable block and move it to get next 3 packs of normal grenades. Now push the only one button in this place to spawn a whole legion of eels. Don't let them push you into the fire. Again, save some ammo by escaping through the newly open door to activate some more enemies, standing on a tile on the W of the key to trigger another one, and then killing them all. Pick up the key, get out of here and sprint back through the spikes to finally get to the keyhole next to the main hall exit. Open the door and get outside, killing another pair of eels. Also, murder another two following you from inside the house. Now it's all about collecting grenades scattered around the house (4 packs in total). Picking up the box closest to the garden entrance spawns some more eels in the NE corner of the yard. Go around the house and find a key to launch some eels. Kill them, pick up the item and open the mentioned door to bring to life the last eel wave. Oh, and a T-Rex. It's only killable by shotgun and you don't have it so RUN! QUICKLY! TO THE HOLE BEHIND THE QUAD!! IGNORE THE BIKE, IT'S USELESS, JUST SAVE YOUR LIFE (one of many)!!! In the safe hole, you can turn around and waste all of your remaining grenades to make sure the dino roaring at you in fury now is immortal indeed. Then, slide down to end the level.