Cain's Home

Level by Cain

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Before pulling the levers to entice the creatures to you
So Lara can kill them and enjoy it...
Explore Cain's home and grounds well before calling on the

Enter the right hut. Find a shotgun on the right of the entrance and a ladder in the opposite corner. Climb it to get to the bedroom and collect the uzis and 90 more bullets for them. Exit the hut and climb the external ladder to get on the roof. Pick up 60 x Uzi ammo. Descend to the ground and enter the left hut now. Find and climb the ladder inside. Pick up a large medi and 6 normal shells from the TV room. Get back to the ground. Enter the pool between the huts and grab a grenade gun and 2 packs of normal grenades from the bottom. Resurface and get back on the ground. Approach the lever switches. Pick up some uzi clips and 3 boxes of wideshots from next to the pulleys.


1. Save as many grenades for killing eels as possible.
2. If you run out of ammo and there are some lions remaining to kill, climb the external ladder and shoot'em from the roof.

1. Eel - if you wanna kill it when you've run out of grenades, you need to hit him in the head. Notice Lara ducks a bit in certain point of backflip animation. In this moment she's more likely to hit eel's head. So backflip while shooting whenever you can. If your trigger finger is fast enough to take advantage from switching targeting to manual, it may be advisable. Also, you can make some space by letting the eel come closer to you, then rolling and backflipping as many times as necessary to get to the other side of the place. Then you can duck to hit the opponent in the head more efficiently.
2. Gladiator - a modified horseman - is grenade-resistant. You need to shoot him in his chest while he's running towards you. Uzis advisable.
3. Spikeball-headed lion - don't get surrounded. Uzis are efficient, as well as using wideshot ammo while firing the shotgun.

Spawns some spikeball-headed lions, eels and a gladiator.
The same things.
Triggers some spikeball-headed lions, eels and - this is a difference - TWO gladiators. Also, an additional lion appears on the roof.