The Pyramid of Fire

Level by Brazilian Croft

Walkthrough by DJ Full

NOTE: It ain't a pyramid of fire! It's a pyramid of Lara's asses. However, don't mind them, no matter where they are placed, because you can't pick up any of them.

Draw your weapon and kill a scorpion. On the right side of the entrance, there is a shelf - climb it and pick up:
- 10 x Crossbow Normal Ammo
- Crossbow
- 12 x Flares.
On the left side of the entrance there is a similar shelf. Get there and collect:
- LaserSight
- Small Medipack.
Enter the pyramid. Slide down and watch out for the mummy. There are two invisible doors located in the main corridor. Find two crawlspaces on your left and right. Enter them both to pull two swiches. Now the doors are open, so go through it and find yourself in the room full of burning floor. There is another invisible door on your left. Actually, it's just a way out of a place you're going to now, so don't mind it, but only jump over the burning floor several times to get to the other side of the room. Enter a meaty portal and pick up the compass from a pedestal behind it. Pull the lever switch on your right to make your way back through the mentioned door. You can go through it, but unfortunately there's nothing more to do in here.