Egypt Catacombs

Level by Brazilian Croft

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Climb the rocks behind you to get Uzi and 30 bullets for it from the right one and shotgun + 12 shells of each kind from the left. Go W. From the central pit, collect Grenade Gun, big medi and 2 boxes of Normal Grenades. Now you're ready to fight a giant scorpion. Kill it and find a passage on the W. Proceed through the corridor. In the next room, fight a croc. Crawl under the central pillar and pull the lever switch to open a door far beyond the the top of the ramp located on the left of the entrance. Run up the ramp, shimmy left for extremely long (after passing a half of the crack you can optionally pull up and crawl instead of shimmying. Reach the door behind the end of the crack and exit through it. Sprint through the endless corridor and appear in the room with 4 pillars surrounding the pedestal. When you pick up The Hand of Orion (Horseman's Gem) from it, the level should end, but I checked every single square in this room and tried to use the gem against the pillars in desperate search for the invisible slot, but nothing worked and I'm sure there's no finish trigger.