Lara's Nightmares 1 - Egypt

Level by Brazilian Croft

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Slide down, go NW and jump into the pit. Pick up a shotgun and some shells - 3 boxes of normal and 3 boxes of wideshot. Go back SE, then E and kill a croc (use the advantage of jumping back and forth over the gap to either lure it towards you or make some distance). Jump over the gaps and press the switch on the S to open the door on the E. Go through it, kill a soldier, climb the W blocks and grab the crack. Shimmy R until you can pull up onto the block. Jump E onto another block and perform a series of slides to get onto the next one. Kill a ninja shooting at you from the ground and jump SE to land in front of the door. Don't go through yet. Push the pillar on the left of the door and pick up 5 packs of normal shells from under it (SECRET #1 ?). Now pass the corridor. Don't mind the mummy in the next room, but avoid the red. Go up the ramp and notice Semerkhet's pupil sleeping far in front of you. Wake it up and, if you want, "guide" it down the ramp into the mummy room.