LEVEL BY Jeffrey van Oort

WALKTHROUGH BY Anya Marie McDonald

NOTE: I have listed no secrets or pickups unless the pickup is in a secret or is something that the player needs to perform a task. Sorry, but I feel that the players should not be given everything in a walkthrough and that they should just use a walkthrough as a guide to get from the beginning to the end of a level. Everything else in the level should be done by the individual players.

The level starts with Lara sliding down a hill towards the entrance of a building. When she reaches the bottom of the hill a jackal attacks, so deal with it, then go through the door and head left. When you reach the next area another jackal attacks so send it to meet the last one, then head up the snow bank to the alcove and use the floor lever there. Now head back the way you came, but take note of the closed door and the statue. Head past the opening you entered this area through, and go through the open door to your left. There are two crawlspaces in this room. Take the crawlspace to your right first, and go into the next room, then use the floor lever in the alcove. Quickly turn around and deal with two more jackals. Then, before you head through the door in this room you just opened, head back through the crawlspace then through the other crawlspace and get the eye piece off the pedestal in the other room. Once the eye piece is in Lara's possession head back through the crawlspaces and through the open door to the water room beyond the waterfall.

Dive into the water, surface get some air and take note of the closed door on the south wall. Now swim through the underwater tunnel on the east wall, then swim left, then down and get the second eye piece. Next swim back to the main water room, surface and exit the water by the now open door on the south wall. In the next room directly across from the door is an opening up on the wall, so jump/grab/pullup to the next passage. Head left to the end, then get as close to the right hand wall as you can and side jump through the opening to the next room. You now stand before a door that needs the eye of ramses to open it, so put the two eye pieces together and open the door. Once the door is open, head to the crawl opening and lower yourself down to the passage and go into the next room.

in this room is a ladder to your right as you enter and a closed gate behind a grate with water under it. Climb the ladder to the top and climb the pole to the next room. When you enter this room watch a flyby then deal with the scorpion. Now head up the steps through the room to the opening leading into another water room. Dive through the waterfall into the water; at the bottom of the water are two holes in the floor, swim down the first one then through the tunnel til surface, exit the water and reach ino the hole in the wall to watch a cut scene of a block lowering to reveal a floor lever somewhere. Now get back into the water and head back to the water room. Swim to the opening where you entered the water room by, then go back down the pole then the ladder and use the floor lever you saw in the cut scene.

The gate opens when you use the floorlever, so head through it and deal with two jackals on your way to the next room. In this room there is a closed door on the left and right. There is an opening ahead of you leading to the next room. In the next room stop before you head up the steps towards the pedestal with the amun ra's sands hourglass on it. Get as far right or left as you can, then run and jump up the steps, thus setting off one set of blades and making it safely to the pedestal. Grab the hourglass off the pedestal, then head back to the statue you saw when you used the first floor lever. Place the hourglass in the statue's hands, then go through the now open door behind you and use the floor lever there. Now head back to where you got the hourglass from and climb the pole to the next passage. After you backflip into the passage, turn around and go climb up the block at the end of the passage. In the next passage head to the opening into the next room.

The next jump is tricky, you have to jump to the rope which is off to the right, then swing over to the ledge to the opening to the right, go into the passage to the alcove and get the lasersight, but be quick about it or a spiked ball will crush Lara. Next go and jump to the ledge across from the passage you are in, then back to the rope, then run/jump to the next ledge and go through the opening there. As soon as you enter the passage a spiked ball comes rolling from the right alcove, so jump back and let it roll out of the way. Now go around the corner and get the guardian key, then head back and jump to the ledge again. Now drop/hang and shimmy to the wall, then let go and fall safely to the floor below, only taking a very small amount of health loss.

Once you are down on the floor, deal with the jackals that are waiting to snack on Lara. Now head into the long hall, but take note of the closed door up on the wall first. About half way into the hall there is a crawlspace up on the wall to your left, go through the crawlspace and get the cartouche, then exit back to the hall. There are some steps in through an opening at the other end of the hall, go up them into the next room and deal with two jackals in the room. Then climb the pole to the next room, take note of the closed gate, place the guardian key in the receptacle next to the other pole. Now go through the open gate through the crawlspace and get the ankh of anubis, then head back to the room with the two poles and slide down the other pole to the room below. There is a closed door to your left once you reach the room below. Now head past it into the passage, then turn left and head to the closed door at the end. The door opens as you near it, so go through to the next passage and turn left heading into the next room, watch a flyby and hear a door opening somewhere.

Now head to the other end of the room and place the cartouche in its receptacle to open the double doors. Go through the doors into the next room. There is a rope hanging down above a lava pool, run/jump/grab/swing to the opening then jump/grab/pullup and double doors open on the other side of the crawlspace. Now drop down to the water and swim through the underwater passage til you land on a ledge in front of a closed door. Turn around and use the reach-in switch to turn the water off. Now jump/grab/pullup into the dry passage above you, then head to the reach-in switch across from the door that needs a cartouche to open it. Use the switch then head back to the place you used the last reach-in switch, the door there is open now.

Go into the crawlpassage and follow it til you can stand, climb a couple of blocks then climb a pole to the next passage. Follow this passage to a wooden bridge in the room with the lava pool. Cross the bridge to the next room where the closed door opens as you near it. Go through the open door to down the steps to another closed door that opens as you near it. Crawl through the open door into the next passage, deal with a jackal then head to the opening. You are at an opening atop the tomb of ramses, below is your motorcycle and guide waiting for you, so slide down to meet your guide and the level ends.