Caves Remake

Level by Cain

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Go ahead and sprint through the dart trap, also avoiding some falling spikeballs. Go clockwise around the stepped floor and hop into the NW passage. On the other side, pull up and use at about 500 bullets to fight some bugs, bats, chickens and horsemen. Go across the cave and into the S passage to fight 4 more chickens on the following ledge. Drop into the SW hole and pull the lever to open the door. More chickens to fight behind it. And a giant eel. To kill it the most efficiently, switch targeting to manual, make some distance (e.g. by hopping on the platform while the enemy is in the lower part of the room), face the upcoming eel and duck to shoot it in the head rapidly. Pick up the uzis from the block in the NW corner. Stand below the hole in the VERY NE corner. This way you can avoid the darts when pulling up into the next cave. Up there, jump over the next darts and kill another chicken group. Follow the cornice, killing some bats, chickens and horsemen.

Jump across the large pit, grab the opposite ledge and pull up to eliminate more bats while going across the bridge. Use the mentioned bridge to make some distance while fighting the next eel. Follow the second cornice to the end and hop on the N block to find a small medi and 60 uzi ammo on it. Get on the upper floor and into the large patio. Grab 2 large medis from the SE corner and 60 more uzi bullets from the SW one. Find 30 more uzi ammo on the right of the N ramp. Kill the lions wandering at the bottom of the pit (put something heavy on the Action key and make a cup of something warm and relaxing while Lara shoots the enemies). Go E along the ledge, stand by the wall and safety drop to the bottom of the pit. Collect 90 uzi bullets from the SE, SW and NW corners. Throw a switch near the last clips and climb the ladder in the NE corner. On the top, get 60 more uzi clips from the NW corner. All this ammo will be useful in the next room.

Behind the exit, kill a band of wolves and get the crossbow with 20 additional explosive arrows from the NW corner. Escape on the SW blocks to kill a group of lions from there and throw a switch to spawn a T-Rex and open the exit. Grab the bars and swing across the room to land on the N platform. Escape upstairs and drop into the pit to slide down into the next room. Find some super grenades and the vehicle keys. The door opens, letting some lions in. Blow them up and leave to find the golf cart. Get in and drive up the ramp to land in the place you can run over at least 20 enemies in. On the next junction, go ahead and up the ramp behind the corner to jump over the fire pit and wipe out several more enemies. Now you can exit the vehicle and throw the switch to open the exit. Also, there is some explosive arrows on the E, by the last ramp. Climb the hole in the S wall for the grenade gun. Slide down, jump over the spikeballs, optionally blow up all the disturbing enemies and sprint into the exit on your right. This results in finishing the level.