Croft Manor in Paris

Level by Brazilian Croft

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Go E downstairs, throw a switch to open the door, go through it, pull another switch, enter the bathroom and find nothing inside. Get into the hall, go downstairs and then, enter the passage on the E. Throw a switch on your left to get to the kitchen and the next one to reach the freezer (nothing there). Get back to the passage and go E into the gym (you can perform some kind of assault course there, but watch out for illegal slope on the other side of the room). Go ahead to enter the pool area. Pull the lever on its E bank to open the door on your left. Go across the living room (?), find a passage on your left and throw a switch to enter the treasury room in the purpose of seeing some chests and some shattered pieces of the Scion. It seems this is your reward for completing this level.