Back to Basics 2008 - Inti Is Watching You


Level by TimJ


Walkthrough by akci




Lara needed a Sun Artefact to save the world once again from the wrath of an angry god. She remembered an old temple in Peru that she had discovered when travelling to Vilcabamba. She had had no time to visit it then, but she had been able to see that it was dedicated to Inti, the Inca Sun god. Perhaps she would find what she needed there.


Note: As the level is nonlineal there are couple of things you can do in different order, and find different paths. If you arrive at a building in a valley, whatever you do, don't use the switch next to the entrance of the building, you would be trapped inside later.



You start in a snowy valley, go forward and kill two wolves. The first dark cave on the left is empty, the one in front leads to a junction but it isn't necessary to enter from here. Above there is a horizontal pole, turn right and jump up to that somewhat higher block in the corner in front of the cave. Stand in the corner facing the pole and stand jump on the higher triangular platform, as it slopes jump from it to the snowy slope, and from there jump with a right curve to a safe tile. Don't bother jumping towards the pole, I suppose it's just a sign for you have something to find up here, although you can jump all around the hills if you like and arrive at the secret from the other direction, or even finish the level. But instead turn around, facing W, and jump up to the other triangular platform you can stand on, and from there jump into the hole a bit to the left and pick up the shotgun ammo for the 1st secret. Jump out, slide down and go to the S end of the valley, there is a crawlspace and next to it an opening. First go in the opening, at the end crouch to be able to pick up the shotgun ammo and small medi. Come out and get in the crawlspace, you reach the den of two wolves. As you came to their home uninvited it seems very improper to kill them, nevertheless you don't have much of a choice. Pick up the flares, and the small medi and more flares at another spot, then go in the E opening leading upwards. Continue by crawling then drop in a cave.


Look around, there is a ladder N and closed bars in the vicinity, you'll come back to them later. Shoot some bats. Go in the tunnel, at the junction note the closed door in front, the tunnel to the left is leading to the same place as the dark tunnel at the start. Turn right and follow the tunnel to a bigger area with a pool, shoot a bat on the way. Just before the pool area there is a dark corner to the left, look up and notice the partially ladder textured wall. Stand in front of it then backflip to a slope, jump and grab the ladder. Climb up all the way and jump/roll to grab the crack. Shimmy to the left and pick up the medipack on the triangular platform. Don't get down just yet, there is a crawlspace above you N, standjump and grab the edge, crawl through and pull the switch to open the bars at the junction. Go back there and get through the crawlspace, pick up the Gold Key before the bars which is the 2nd secret.


Come out and head to the pool, jump into the water and open the underwater door S, swim in, note the UW lever, and pull up into the room. Push the crate once, that's it for now. Back in the water and this time pull the UW lever, it's timed and it does two things. Swim out the door and continue ahead, climb on shore close to the door with a skeleton hanging above, it's still closed but around to its left you can pull up to a corridor where a timed door opened. Go in and get the 3rd secret, a small medi. Pull the switch twice to reopen the door and go to the SW corner of the cave. There is a trapdoor here, which is the second thing the UW lever opens, and seems to be the intended way to get on the column with lightgray top, but from the nearby slope you can simply jump and grab it. If I may suggest, use the timed platform, it's really not tight. Anyways, get up the column the way you wish, turn N and runjump to the slope, jump to the next slope then jump and grab the crack. Shimmy all the way to the right and pull up with crouch. Jump up and grab the monkey bars, Lara has trouble get going so turn a little to make her start monkey swinging. Move to the tall column and drop on the ladder, climb down about halfways, shimmy to the right side of the column and backflip to the wooden platforms. Use the switch to open the first bars you saw.


Go back there, back in the tunnel and left at the junction. Save before the timed switch, it closes two platforms. Pull it, then run for the nearby ladder, climb up until Lara's feet are on the top step of the ladder and backflip. From the slope jump again with right curve to the other slope and you arrive in front of another ladder. Take a sidejump to the left and in the corner jump up the ladder, climb up one step, you couldn't go any higher anyways, and jump/roll to grab the edge of the slope. Pull up and try to do the following in one continuous go. Jump from the slope to arrive running, run to the first timed platform, jump without grab to the next wooden platform, at the end turn left and jump alongside the wall to the second timed one to be able to take a left turn on it and jump on the jumpswitch without stopping. It opens the skeleton door by the pool, go back there.


I experienced an error here, the blades stopped almost immediately after being turned on, it makes life easier so no complaints; besides, one couldn't expect all these old Incan traps to work fine after so many centuries. So just go in but still don't walk into them, the blade over the corner along with the spike door is still very much in work, a stand/jump with good timing gets you through. Pick up the medipack, then pull/push the crate on the darker tile in the NE corner, you'll get a camera shot of the nearby door, but to open it you have to push the crate on the gray tile in the next room as well, which involves a couple of goings around through the trap corridor and underwater tunnel. Once it's in place the door opens, go up the room overlooking the pool and get the Skeleton Key.


Go out and follow the tunnel leading N from the skeleton door. You come by a shallow pool in which you find a small medi for 4th secret. Continue till out in the open. There is an object on the top of a rock on the right, seems to be a sign for there you can jump up on the hillside to the left, at the lower part of the triangular which isn't covered with snow. Go a bit further N and find a hole to the right, climb down the ladder and use your key to open the gate in the large valley, activating a puzzle for later. Collect the Shotgun, small and large medis in the next room then climb back up.


Note: if you wish you can get up the hills here as well at several places and go (almost) all the way around just for fun and sightseeing.


Where you jumped up the snowy hillside just before, there is an opening overlooking the valley with the big eye structure. To the left there is a tile with one walkable triangle. From there take an angled runjump behind the slope on the right, to a walkable area, and from there runjump to the top of the eye. Don't try to jump to the opened gates, there are flaming tiles there. Go to the other end of the eye and runjump to the platform on the S, grab and pull up.


There is a building in the next valley, from a bit lower spot jump on the roof and drop inside. Pull the switch and you can see the trapdoor opening. The bars here also have opened so go out, there is another switch next to the door, this is the one you shouldn't have pulled before this point, now you can pull it if you wish, nothing happens. A passage leads back to the valley with the eye, climb down the ladder at the opened trapdoor. There is an electricity on the target block in the other side of the room, this was activated by the key. You have to get there without turning it off, if you step on a wrong tile it will turn off, you can turn it back on by simply going back to the start side of the room. You can see 5 blocks in the mirror, but don't jump on their corresponding tiles, rather on the ones behind them looking from the electricity, as if staying in cover from Inti. Once you jumped on all 5 tiles behind the blocks jump on the electric tile and watch some columns raising upstairs. Climb up and repeat the task, as you have to jump on the tiles behind the columns, again looking from the eye. The rest of the tiles are firetraps, jump on all 4 tiles behind the columns then on the gray one and a passage opens behind the eye. Go down in the room, pick up two packs of shotgun ammo and the Inca Sun Artefact, a camera shows you the ladder at the very start so that's where you're heading. But first you have to fight a pack of raptors as you come back up.


Go S and enter the tunnel, shoot the attacking wolf. Soon you reach the bars where you got a key earlier from the other side. Use it in the keyhole in front of it and collect the shotgun ammo, medipack, another Shotgun and a small medi on the low table, you can jump on it. Come out and go further south, you reach the junction you could also have reached from the start and the previous cave, but you haven't been here yet if you followed this walkthrough. Take the right tunnel and you're back at the starting area. Climb up the ladder, you couldn't have done it before, and the level ends.