Level by Thierry


Walkthrough by Selene and Phil Lambeth


IMPORTANT BUG NOTE: In the first rooms of this level, using the Look Key/Binoculars can cause the game to crash.



Already at the very beginning of the level we’re spoiled rotten with a gorgeous fly-by of this ancient city. As the fly-by ends we find Lara standing at the courtyard, all set and ready for further exploration. Head over to the N/E corner and climb the block here. Facing the wall opposite of the entrance you can standjump to grab the ledge above Lara. Shimmy around to the right, pull up and backflip/roll + grab will lead Lara to grab hold of the small roof behind.


Shimmy right around two corners, pull up/backflip/roll/grab to the next slope (at the corner), shimmy around and repeat the same procedure to finally reach a ledge where Lara can pull up. Walk along the left side of the ledge and when you reach a gap runjump over to the other side (N) and grab the edge. Pull up and continue ahead and around the corner left.


Here you’ll find a ladder on the wall. Climb it up to the top, where you’ll find an ornate block. Head past said block and go along ahead and left past a whole row of wall alcoves. As you turn the first corner you’ll find a ledge running across the room on your left-hand side, climb onto it and about halfway down you can pick up some shotgun normal ammo. Return to the ledge you came from and continue following it around until you reach a skull cage.


There are two ornate floor tiles nearby, your task is to move the skull cage onto these tiles (one at a time, of course). As you move the cage onto the first tile you’ll see a shot of a closed gate somewhere nearby, place the cage on top of the second tile and you see the same gate opening. And now to find that gate.


Cross the room back to the ladder from before, climb down to the bottom and backflip/roll while pressing Action to grab the floor behind. Pull up and continue around to the right, stand facing the wall alcove W (this is where the open gate is) and runjump + grab the floor. Pull up and go through the now open gate to enter a room where Lara is overlooking a lava pool.


First of all, turn left to face the S/W slope over by the wall. Do a running jump to land on it, but don’t let Lara slide all the way down into the flame trap at the bottom. Instead jump forward to land on a second slope and continue bouncing back and forth between the slopes while angling Lara right so that she’ll land on a third slope. Slide for a bit, jump at the end and press Action to grab the ladder (and avoid the spear trap below). Climb to the top and pick up the Huitneuf Disc from the pedestal.


That done, you’ll see the spear traps below deactivating. You can reach it by dropping down from the ladder (make sure that you climb down the ladder first). At the back of the central pillar there’s another ladder going up to the top and you will also find an adjacent slope. Stand facing the slope and position Lara with her back to the wall. You’ll now have to reach said slope and this is done by a standing jump S/E.


Immediately jump again and press Action to grab the ladder, then climb up to the top. Be aware that the other side of the pillar is sloped, so Lara will start sliding as soon as you pull up. Press Jump and Action together as she reaches the edge, she will then grab the edge of the doorway from before.


We’re not quite done here yet. Turn around and this time angle Lara left to face the slope running down on the left side of the central pillar. Run her off the edge and with the correct angle she should land directly onto the slope. She will drop down on a second slope, immediately jump and press Action to grab the ledge ahead. Shimmy around two corners right to avoid the unmarked spear traps and pull up.


Draw guns and crouch, this will enable Lara to break the vase in the small alcove. Doing so deactivates the nearby spear traps so that you can enter the alcove and pick up the hard-to-see Ileteouleyou Key. Return to the ladder (you can run/jump directly to it from here) and climb back up to the top, jumping off and grabbing like before.


From the opening, hop down to the lower ledge, stand at the right-hand side of the ledge (right when facing the centre of the courtyard) and do a long running jump + grab to reach the central ledge. If you have trouble reaching the central ledge, hang/drop from the ledge you're on, pull up and reverse roll to give you a hair more running room.  Go left, runjump + grab across the gap and make your way around to the left and back to the ladder. Climb up to the top and follow around the perimeter of the room. In the N/E corner there’s a well-hidden alcove down below, above the slanted roof-stand facing the alcove. You should be able to run off the edge at an angle and land inside the alcove, where you can pick up Secret #1: the Shotgun.


Slide back down to the ground and now you’ll have to make your way up to the central ledge the way you came before (shimmying and roll-jumping off the sloped roofs). Yes, it’s quite a way, but it needs to be done. Once you reach the central ledge, proceed forward and in the S/W corner (left of the doorway you went through earlier) there’s a small corner platform with a pickup on it. You can reach this by a long running jump and a last minute grab. Pick up the large medipack and use the Ileteouleyou Key you found earlier in the keyhole here. 


A camera shot shows a wooden trapdoor lowering to reveal a jump switch. Return to the central ledge by doing a long running jump + grab, turn left and go across the gap and left to the ladder. Climb up and follow the walkway around to the open trapdoor. Stand with Lara’s back to the jump switch, hop back and press Action. As she drops down onto the sloped roof below and slides down to the ground you’ll barely spot a door opening up above.


Great, so now we have to go back up to the top. I won’t elaborate it any further, as we’ve been there enough times already to know the way by heart. Once there you’ll find the open door on the wall left of the skull cage (this is left when facing the centre of the courtyard). I tried hopping, running and jumping from every possible angle to reach the alcove beyond the doorway, but the only thing that worked for me was to stand next to the open door (Lara’s back to the courtyard) and hang from the edge. Shimmy over to the centre of the doorway and drop, she’ll land directly inside the alcove.


Pulling the switch opens a door further off to the left. Oh boy, this can only mean that we’ll have to go back down (or jump left from the alcove for a short cut) and up again the same way as before. Shimmy along the ledge over to the centre of the doorway and drop down into the newly revealed alcove. There’s a switch at the end here too and this time you’ll find that the double doors down in the courtyard open. Two raptors come charging out, just stay up here while shooting (occasionally dangling Lara back and forth from the doorway to lure them out). When they’re dead safety-drop down to the ground and head through the open doors (N/W corner). 


Well, that was short-lived fun. In the hallway beyond you’ll find two closed gates, a wooden trapdoor (also closed), a keyhole and a skeleton. Pull the skeleton away (standing by its head and pressing Action will do the trick), pick up the revealed Ileteouleyou Key and use it in the nearby keyhole. The trapdoor opens so climb the ladder down into the shaft and you’ll come to a long passage.


In the next room three boulders start rolling along the ramps to the left. There’s a cog wheel mechanism on the wall to your right and at the far end of the room (past the boulder ramps) you might spot a switch. Getting past the boulders to reach the switch is a piece of pie: simply stand a hop away from the first ramp and as the boulder rolls by you can do a standing jump forwards to land on the ramp and run off it before the boulder comes rolling back. Repeat this with the remaining two boulders, remembering to vault up onto the ledge at the end before Lara is smothered by the final boulder.


When you pull the switch a gate opens back in the long hallway you came from. Go past the boulder closest to you, but stop before the middle boulder and turn around. When Lara is facing the switch look up to the right above the boulder ramp to spot an open doorway E. Wait until the boulder rolls left past Lara, hop onto the ramp and turn right. Run to the wall and pull up into the doorway before the boulder comes back. Have a thorough search around the room to find all the parts of Secret #2: Revolver, large medipack and Lasersight. 


Go back down (drop down to the ramp when it’s safe and drop off on the left side), head past the rest of the boulders, through the long passage right and enter the open gate (now on the right-hand side, about halfway down the passage). Here you’re faced with another dead end. Look up to spot a hole in the ceiling. The walls around the hole are sloped as well as multi-levelled. Face the back wall of the alcove and pull up onto the slope above. Immediately backflip and roll in mid-air, then press Action to grab the edge of the second set of slopes. Repeat the same procedure to reach the third level.


 You should be able to spot a stone doorway up above Lara (it should be on her left when she’s hanging from the top level of slopes). Shimmy around one corner (right) so that she’ll end up with her back to the doorway. Now you’ll have to pull up and backflip/roll to reach said doorway. This isn’t necessarily as easy as it seems, considering there’s an activated flame emitter above the slope you’re hanging from.


The slightly flickering, golden hue makes it easier to see when the fire is on and when it’s out. Watch its pattern a few times so that you’ll know when to expect the flame to come on and just a split second before it goes out pull up and backflip/roll to reach the doorway. Immediately run a few steps forward to avoid the fire, but take care not to rush off into the spiked log.


To get past the two spiked logs you just have to do it in one go. What I did was to position Lara on the right-hand side of the doorway, as close to the first log as possible. As said log starts swinging left run forwards, jump at the end of the platform and when Lara reaches the centre platform with the second log just keep running and jump at the edge. Press Action in mid-air to grab the block ahead and pull up.  


Pull the switch, lowering the ornate block in the room with the boulder ramps. Getting back is a bit more stressful than reaching the switch block, but this is how I got through it: stand on the right-hand side of the block (right if Lara’s facing the logs) and back up as far as you can. Keep an eye out on the logs and as the first log swings towards the right do a running jump to land on the platform. Just go on running and jump again, try to land on the left side of the last block. Run a few steps forwards (enough to avoid the log, but not so far that Lara will catch fire).


Stand facing the flame, angled left towards the slope here and as the flame subsides run forwards and drop to land on one side of the slope. Grab the edge, drop and grab twice to the lower slopes, then finally drop down to the ground. Now return to the room from before via the long passage and left into the boulder room. The door you’re looking for is located in the right-hand wall.


Pick up the revolver ammo in the doorway, but don’t run off into the next room. The floor is spear-trapped, so arm Lara with the revolver and lasersight and shoot the gilded gong you see across the room (alternatively you can use the shotgun for the same purpose). The gate in front of the gong closes, the spears are deactivated and you can pick up the Medelu Wheel from the block. Return back outside and place the wheel on the empty peg right next to the doorway.


A block rises in front of the switch at the opposite side of the room. Cross the boulder ramps and climb the block. Directly above the nearest ramp you’ll find a ladder, a standjump + grab should be enough to reach it. Climb up to face a long ramp leading upwards. Run up the ramp and turn right to run along a longer passage.  You'll pass a closed spear gate to your left just before you reach another long ramp leading downward.  When you reach the bottom, watch out for three spear traps in rapid succession in the passage ahead.  Turn left and run down another short ramp.  Note the symbols on the wall, which give you a clue for the next task.  Turn left to find three wall switches, each one facing one of those symbols.  You pull them in the same order as the symbols appeared on the wall back around the corner.  Pull down the middle one first, which triggers a spike trap beneath the switch to your left.  Pull down that one, which triggers another spike trap beneath the switch on the far right.  When you pull that one down the spear gate to your right opens.


Go inside and draw weapons to shoot the four comsagnathi that scamper up to greet you.  Go into the next room E and vault up onto the raised ledge in the N/W corner.  Face S and take a running jump and grab to the first swing pole.  Swing around, jump off and grab the second, then the third, and release to land on a ledge in the S/W corner.  Face E and take a running jump and grab to the ledge across the room.  Pull up and take a running jump slightly N/W to a ledge in front of a closed door.  Stand jump to the ledge around the corner N/E, then turn to face the sloped ledge against the N wall.  Take a running jump to it, slide down and grab the edge, and shimmy left until you're able to pull up near the corner.  There's a nearby receptacle for which you lack the necessary artifact, so turn to face S.  There's a jump switch opposite the sloped ledge, and I was able to reach it by taking a side flip left and jumping off the slope.  When you activate the jump switch, the door high up in the E wall opens, so use the swing poles to get back up there and enter.


Jump into the water and swim along the passage E until you reach the Jezuizune Idol.  Looks like it might fit that receptacle you saw earlier, so swim back and jump to the sloped ledge, shimmy left and pull up.  Sure enough, it fits, and you're rewarded with the sound of a door opening right above you.  Pull up into the passage and follow to a room with central pillars and floor openings covered with rows of spears.  All but one, that is, toward the rear.  Safety drop from the W edge and you'll land on a block overlooking a bridge that spans this large area.  Hop to the ledge below and slide down to the floor.  You'll see a closed gate down some steps to the E.  Go to the W pillar and jump around it to the other side.  There's a jump switch on the W face of the pillar.  Stand underneath it with your nose against the pillar, take a back flip and jump off the slope behind you to activate the jump switch.  A gate opens at the E end of the bridge above.  Get back up by going to the N passage with a closed door at the end, and climb up onto the Inca block to your left.  Take a standing jump S/W to the rocks, and turn to note the Beetle receptacle in one side of the bridge abutment (there's a companion on the other side) and a keyhole in the W side.  All are for later, so vault up onto the nearby block, jump over to the E end of the bridge and hop into the opening there.


Go to the far end of this room and pull out the skeleton cage you'll find to your right.  Push it aside, pause to shoot the jug in the corner for a small medi-pack, and enter the passage that had been blocked by the skeleton cage.  Climb up the block until you reach an upper area divided by spear fences.  Head out S into a large outdoor area, but before exploring it let's pause for another secret.  Turn left and follow until you reach the last opening to your left.  Enter and look to your right to see your way barred by logs, with a pickup right beyond.  Continue N, pass another log barrier to your right, and turn right at the N wall.  Jump over the single log and crawl underneath the next two.  Take the Medelu Wheel from the pedestal and go back the same way you came.  Take a hairpin turn to the right and crawl underneath the two logs.  Side flip over the next one and go around the corner for some shotgun ammo and Secret #3.


Return to that outdoor area S.  There are two areas you can jump to from this ledge, one S/E and the other S/W. From the E side of the ledge, hop down to the highest block and take a running jump to the shallow water.  You can see pickups beyond this and the other two sets of bars in this area, but you'll get them later.  Pull out of the water and get over to the E side of this room for some shotgun ammo.  There's nothing else to do here, so go back to where you jumped into this area and get back to the N ledge.  Run across to the W side and jump over to the water.  Wade toward the rear and pull out W.  You see two two mini-cogwheel mechanisms separated by a block.  Since you have only one cog in your inventory at the moment, let's go get the other one.  Make your way to the S/E part of this area and jump up to the S ledge.  As you enter a maze-like area, you can see a pedestal ahead beyond a spear fence.  Turn right here and pass another spear fence to your left.  Continue S and make a hairpin turn to the right.  Locate the skull cage and pull it back twice.  Go around and pull it away from the opening, then go inside and pull down the wall switch.  A cut scene shows one of several spear gates lifting in front of the pedestal.


Reverse roll and run around the skull cage.  Continue E along the passage and four compsagnathi will come around the corner toward you.  After shooting them, continue E and turn left near the end.  Keep to your right until you reach a second wall switch.  Pull it down to lift another spear gate in front of the pedestal.  Reverse roll and continue making right turns until you reach a third switch in the E wall.  When you pull it down, the path to the pedestal is cleared.  Reverse roll and you're looking right at the pedestal through a spear fence.  Go around to your left and loop around until you can approach the pedestal from the S.  Pick up the second Medelu Wheel and retrace your steps past the skull cage and to the entrance to the ledge.  Jump back N/W to the water, wade to the rear and pull out to place the two Medulu Wheels.  The block between the mechanisms lowers, revealing a wall switch.  When you pull it down, the mechanisms activate and you get a spectacular flyby showing the area below being partially filled with water, ending at a now-underwater door.


Turn around, hop down into the water and wade around the pillar.  Directly on the other side of this pillar, wade up to the water's edge and face the tall column ahead.  Slide down and jump off near the bottom to grab the column.  Climb up to the top, pull up and get the Crowbar.  Run off the pillar on the S side and drop a harrowing distance into the water.  Open the underwater door in the S wall and follow the passage up.  Pull out into a dark, spooky room and step forward to fall through a hole in the floor.  In the room below, push and pull the skull cage in the trench onto the three ornate tiles.  When you place it on the last one, the door opens in the E wall.  Draw weapons to deal with two raptors that come charging out as you cross the threshold to their lair.    Inside the cramped quarters, pull back the skeleton and pick up the Huitneuf Disk it was covering.


Return to the previous room, locate the ramp against the W wall, stand facing E with your heels against the base of the ramp, back flip and jump off the ramp to grab the opening above.  Pull up into the upper room and run across to the E end.  Place the two Huitneuf Disks you're carrying to lift the spear gate between the two receptacles.  Save your game before attempting to negotiate the next room with slopes and deadly water.  Stand at the left edge of the opening and angle Lara slightly to the left so she won't land on the ramp directly across from the opening. Take one step back, and a running jump from there should allow you to clear the low ceiling and grab the edge of the adjacent slope.  Shimmy to the left and pull up onto the block.  Take a running jump N/W to the next block.  Use the facing slopes ahead to jump back and forth, using the arrow key to bring you closer to the N opening until finally you land inside the passage.  Run up the ramps (no boulder traps, fortunately) and pull up into a higher area.  Jump into the nearby water, and you'll realize that you saw this area earlier from the other side of the bars.  Swim down the three W passages to pick up shotgun ammo and two Jezuizune Idols.


There's no other way out of here, so you'll have to return via the room with the slopes and deadly water.  Go out E and down the ramps.  Use the facing slopes to jump to the first block, then take a running jump to the next block.  Take a running jump slightly S/W to the ramp, jump off and grab the edge of the S/W opening, and pull up.  Run to the water hole at the W end of this room and jump in.  Swim back down to the flooded area and wade out on either the E or W side.  Take a running jump from the water's edge to one of the columns on either end with a ladder, shimmy around until your back is toward the column between those two, then take a rolling back flip to grab the ladder there.  Shimmy around until your back is facing the tall central pillar (where you got the crowbar earlier).  Take a rolling back flip and grab the tall central pillar.  Climb up either the N or S face until you're high enough to take a back flip to a ledge over the water.  Make your way N (or S, as the case may be) and locate the receptacle.  Insert a  Jezuizune Idol to open the doors on either side of you, then go inside to pry the first Beetle Item (I won't even attempt to spell the builder's name for it) off the wall.  Repeat this procedure on the other side (simply jump to the central column from the ledge and shimmy around to back flip to the facing ledge) and get the second Beetle Item.


Get back to the N ledge, if you're not already on that side, and take a standing jump and grab to the first block E or W.  Climb the blocks to the top and hop up to the higher N ledge.  Exit this area N/W and hop down the blocks to the skull cage you pushed aside much earlier.  Exit W to the bridge, and place the two Beetle Items in the receptacles on the N and S faces of the central column.  Getting to the S face can be a little tricky.  I found the most reliable way was to get onto the receptacle (W) side of the bridge, then get onto the rocks facing the S Beetle ledge, and finally step forward and slide down a short distance before jumping off to grab the ledge.  When both Beetle Items have been placed, the E gate at the bottom of the steps below opens.  Safety drop to the floor from here and go down the steps to enter a new area as Lara's theme music plays.


Wade down into the water and open the underwater door to your right.  Swim into the passage and down, turn left and swim underneath the wooden supports along the E trench.  Enter the small opening and continue until you reach a partially submerged room.  Get some air, then pull the underwater lever N underneath the closed door.  The door in the previous room opens, so swim back the way you came.  Pause for air when you reach the room where you walked down the steps, then enter the open E doorway.  You need to navigate a series of spear traps, which are much easier to run past than swim past.  You may want to save frequently in this area.  Swim down at the end (the way up is barred by a closed trap door at the end) and continue W past two more spear traps.  Pull the underwater lever in the far wall to release the trap door just now mentioned.  Swim back past the spear traps and up.  Follow the narrow passage E and  pull up at the end into a room with wall columns.  Locate the push pieces in the E and W walls and move them over to their corresponding grey tiles in the N and S walls.  The room is configured in such a way that you can't get them mixed up. 


When the second piece is placed, a cut scene shows the door above the first underwater lever lifting up, so jump back into the water and make your way past the spear traps to the main room, and from there through the S passage until you reach the partially submerged room.  Pull out N and run around to your left.  Climb the ladder and pull up into a room with central columns and a window blocked by two logs.  Follow the columns until you reach an open window in the E wall.  Pull up and hop down the other side to trigger a flyby through the third vast area encountered in this level.  Make a hairpin turn to the right and note the closed spear gate (obviously for later).  This area is so vast and widespread that one hardly knows where to begin.  One thing becomes apparent fairly early, however, and that's the fact there's nothing to do down on this lower level, so we need to find a way up. 


Go N and locate a sloped block beneath a swing pole.  Stand about one step in front of the right corner of the slope facing W, take a back flip to the slope and jump off with a right curve to grab the edge of the next slope block.  Pull up and jump to the higher ledge.  Turn around and face the swing pole E.  Take a running jump and grab it, swing around and jump off to grab the ladder ahead.  Shift right around two corners and drop down into an alcove.  Turn to face S, and you see two more swing poles directly ahead.  Save your game here, because this next sequence is most tricky (but not dangerous to your health).  The most reliable means of grabbing the first pole is by hanging from the edge of the alcove, pulling up and rolling so that Lara is at her optimum starting point.  Take a running jump and grab the first pole, swing off to grab the second, and when you release and land, take two successive jumps to land inside a S opening with a closed spear gate just beyond. 


You now want to get to the alcove in the S/E corner, directly beyond the swing poles, so stand at the left edge of the alcove facing the spear gate, then angle Lara to the right so that she's facing  S/W.  Take a back flip to the slope and jump off with a curve to the left to land inside the adjacent alcove for Secret #4.  Pick up the shotgun ammo as your reward.  The camera angle becomes fixed while you're in the alcove, so get your back into the far corner facing N/W and save your game.  Take a blind running jump, and you should clear the slope and land on a ledge just beyond it.  If you don't, reload, adjust your angle slightly and try again.  When you land successfully, turn to face W.  Take a running jump to the swing pole and release to activate the jump switch.  The spear gate near Secret #4 opens, but before going back there let's divert for a couple of pickups. 


When you drop down to the lower level after activating the jump switch, you can see another closed spear gate ahead in the W wall, with a wall switch behind it.  Add that to your list of things to do.  For now, use the sloped blocks to get back up to the next level.  Make your way S, climbing over some crates along the way, and make a hairpin turn to the right just past the crates to enter a room with an inert skeleton and two Uzis.  Exit this room and go around the left side of the structure ahead of you.  There's a window on the E side you can climb into and crawl under the log, and in the charming room below with two hanging skeletons you can find some shotgun ammo. 


Exit this structure and go back around to the ledge where you jumped up from the sloped block.  Repeat the moves described a couple of paragraphs back and return to the alcove where the spear gate has now lifted.  In the room beyond you'll find a keyhole and a closed trap door.  Hop into either opening S and look down.  There's a pool on the right side and a crate on the left side.  Hop down onto the ledge slightly below you, or simply dive into the water.  Pull out on the W side (note the closed spear gate to your left) and climb up onto the crate.  Jump up to grab the bars, and monkey swing E and then S between the abutments to drop down onto a ramp facing a crawl space.  Crawl inside and look down to right into the room below, where your next prize awaits you.  Continue around the barrier in horseshoe fashion until you reach the other end.  Pick up the Ileteouleyou Key and crawl back the other way.  Hop down into the water, pull out E and climb up onto the crate.  Take an angled standing jump and grab to the ledge above and pull up.


Hop up into the N/E opening, jump down into the next room and use the Ileteouleyou Key in the keyhole to open the trap door behind you.  Safety drop into the room below and pull down the switch between the crates in the E wall.  A cut scene shows the nearby spear gate opening, so climb up onto the crate below the trap door, take a standing jump and grab W, and pull up into the previous room.  Hop up into the S/W opening and dive down into the water.  Pull out into the S opening, go inside the next room and take the Mask of Parabailarlabamba from the pedestal.  A cut scene shows a spear gate lifting in front of a wall switch.  Exit this area the same way you did earlier and safety drop to the lower floor.  Go W and locate the wall switch, then pull it down to open that spear gate S between the clustered skull sticks you saw earlier.


When you step inside you get the feeling that this section has been lived in.  Sure enough, a couple of raptors come charging around the corner as you walk forward, so hop back to give yourself a little more fighting room.  When peace has been restored, go back into the raptors' den and follow all the way around to the Sirta Key.  You're now done here, so exit the den and make a hairpin turn to the left.  Pull up into the opening, hop down and retrace your steps to the hole S.  Climb down the ladder to the room below and go back through the small cave to the pool.  Jump in and swim back to the room with the steps.  Go up the steps and return to a familiar underground room.  Use the Inca block as you did earlier to get to the W side of the bridge.  Use that hard-earned Sirta Key in the keyhole to open the W door behind you. 


Vault up inside and go around the pillar (the skull sticks are harmless).  Insert the Mask of Parabailarlabamba in the receptacle in the W face of the pillar for a concluding flyby that takes you through another vast area that you may or may not wish to explore before you leave.  Go back to the bridge, safety drop to the floor, and run past the Inca block through the opened N doorway.  Take the time to look around, if you want to, although I found no pickups or anything to do.  When you're ready, go through the N opening to end the level.