The Dungeon of Lana Gol (Demo)

Level by Stewart Gray

Walkthrough by DJ Full

You start the level by sliding down into a kind of a corridor. Climb the huge stairs on your left and watch out for the darts on your way towards a lever switch. You don't need to press it - stepping on a square containing the pulley is enough to open the door on the N wall of the room. Before leaving the room, collect a secret from a platform behind the switch. Actually, you don't need to shimmy - the first squares of the platform are not death zone which they seem to be, so you can just stand on them and jump over the next two (again, watch out for the darts).

You need a lot of time to pick up all the items. When you finish, go to the next room, jump over a deeeeeep hole and find a portal on the E end of another pit. Here, the orange squares kill you, and there's no way out of some pits you can survive falling into, so DON'T save in such places. Going through the room, you can trigger and kill some mummies. Find another lever switch and return to the previous room to find newly open door on your left, and a pit in a room behind it. There is the next switch at the bottom. Use it, jump over the grate to return to the room you started the game from, and go through a portal on your left. You need to jump over a gap to reach the room behind it, and you probably wanna kill some ninjas before you get in there.

Inside, there is the first half of Eye of Horus and the last switch. Pull it and once more go through the grated door. Now enter the last door (on the W side of the room), find the second half of Eye of Horus and combine both pieces of the puzzle. Return to the previous room. The slot for Eye of Horus is located in this room, in the pit behind the gap, on the same side of the room as the door you've just went through. Place the key and enter the water. It's a bit tricky, and even if the readme says you can do it easier way by starting from the left square in front of the portal, it makes no difference which square you choose - difficulty of trying to enter from the left square equals sophistication of doing it from the right one. Sometimes you may need to save/load the game. When you succeed, save the game and swim straight on. If you are a hardcore player, collect all the medikits before turning S and swimming as fast as you can to hit finish trigger. Can you do it without scratch or using any medipacks???