Elite Weaponry Center

Level by Stew

Walkthrough by DJ Full

NO SPECIAL WARNINGS this time and that means you really don't need to be careful.

Pick up the revolver from the pit on your left. Shoot the blockade and advance two rooms farther. Climb down into a hole, pull the lever switch and return to the room above. Go through the open door. TIP: You can do a swan dive or sideway. Watch out for the flames, jump over each of them. Use a raising block and an unmarked ladder to get to the upper room. Kill an SAS and pick up a key (Roof key). The door opens. Watch out for the fire trap on your left. Proceed through the large corridor and, when you reach the water, avoid red and green squares (the death sector). When getting out of the water, use a ladder marked by a stretched texture to reach the upper room. Now you have to kill another SAS and pull the weirdest jumpswitch ever. Return to the door placed in the area camera shows you, kill two more SASes guarding it and enter another large (but less large than the previous one) corridor, containing two trapdoors. The closer one is a trap, the farther contains an underwater passage.

Swim through and DON'T swim into another underwater passage, just above the previous one, because the latter one is a dead end and you don't wanna waste medipacks. Instead, enter a large underwater room and resurface in the middle of it. Get out of the water and kill a SAS. Get to the door and climb a ladder. 5 TR blocks higher jump out of the ladder, roll in midair and land on a platform with a motorbike. Ride it to get out of sentrys' range, keeping the distance from their deadly flames. Avoid some pits. When you quite small room with a barricade, get out of the vehicle and destroy the obstacle to make your way through the green. On the other side there is another blockade, as well as more blockades a bit farther. You can destroy them if you don't like them, but watch out - they surround a minefield. Enter it and run away from it immediately. Wait for the fire to fade out. When you leave this room, you should have 5 more medikits. You won't need them - in the next room descend and go through the door, to hit finish trigger hidden in the dark.