Mine (Bergwerk)

Levels by Dark Death

Walkthrough by DJ Full

IMPORTANT: Read the warning in Dark Death's readme before you start.

Laras Haus

You need to do one circle around the gym. Duck to avoid an obstacle, then strike on switch and jump up (not necessary). When you complete the training, the game will bring you back to the main menu.


At the end of the lunatic slide you need to jump to reduce damage. CHECKPOINT. Now you need to duck three times to avoid a set of drills working above your head. A second later, throw a switch. Slow down when you see a rolling ball and duck again. CHECKPOINT. Jump over a pipe of metal, brake to time the flames and duck immediately after you pass them to avoid another obstacle. Now wait until you approach the next pipe and calculate the next jump with some help of it. When you get to the other side of the pit, it's a CHECKPOINT. Fall down. Now you have two options: either to strike just the first of two switches in front of you, or to hit both of them. I found the second route more challenging, but I think it depends on a player's taste which traps he/she prefers.

Striking the first switch only:
makes you go straight on. Duck to avoid a drill and then wait until Lara rides through the open space and then gets back into the mine. Slide down. CHECKPOINT. Brake to time two rolling balls and release the brake to time the next two. Strike on the next switch to force the lorry to turn right and, after you let some fragments of the ceiling fall down in front of you, hit brakes to avoid the next set of them. CHECKPOINT. Strike on two switches in a row to make some floor to ride on. Brake when you get among the plants, to time another rolling ball and immediately brake again to let the ceiling collapse in front of you. CHECKPOINT.

Striking both of the switches:
makes you turn left. Brake to manage to fall down through the collapsing floor. CHECKPOINT. After the second turn, tap brakes once when passing under the wooden portal. This way you should time a shutting/opening door. Brake as soon as camera changes to show you the falling ceiling. Brake one more time when you notice its second fragment start to collapse. To avoid being cut by two circular chainsaws, lean right and then left. Duck and hit one more switch to adjust your route. CHECKPOINT. Duck to avoid a piece of metal and lots of poisonous darts. Unfortunately, you can't pass them all without scratch, because in the next moment you have to stand up and lean right to get out of range of the metal teeth of another circular saw. Standing up exposes Lara to the poisonous darts, so be prepared to use a medikit to cure her. CHECKPOINT.

Now the tracks unify again. Either strike on first two switches, or ignore the first one and throw the second two. Both combinations lead you to the same place on the other side of the open space, but the first way of passing it is easier (because there is no disturbing camera). Now one of the hardest parts of this game: throw a switch, duck to pass the flames and lean right to avoid being slashed by a circular saw. Wait for a CHECKPOINT. The stalactites behave like spikes in this cave, so duck to avoid them and strike on another switch, turning the lorry around. Unfortunately, you can't use the same checkpoint twice. Brake again to avoid the last pieces of ceiling (two sets) and the last two rolling balls. Finito.