Anniversary Manor

Level by Skyler Ortega

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Go W. Find a door and follow the passage behind it to get outside. Exit the arcades and go right to find a lever switch in the corner. Enter the maze, go left and around the central atrium to find a motorbike at the end of the shrubbery corridor. Get on the bike and now keep close to the right wall to find a ramp. Drive up it and exit the vehicle. On the top of the shrubbery, find the first Scion. Jump into the central atrium, pull a lever switch on the sculpture and throw a jumpswitch to make the way out. Return to the main hall of the manor and go around the stairs. Enter the door in the SE corner to follow another passage. Go around the fountain and find yourself in the gym. Pick up the second Scion from the carpet. Optionally, complete the assault course (climb the W ramp and the block behind it, jump on the wall, go along it, hop onto another block, grab the monkey swing, go across the gym, land on the rock, jump over the gap and slide two times to land on the next rock, but don't jump into the pool as there is no way out). Return to the hall. Enter the remaining door on the ground floor, next to the fireplace. Behind it, follow the passage and exit it by entering the swimming pool area. Go across the water (nothing inside), and then downstairs. Climb the raised blocks and HOP INTO the passage (don't go up the last stair by pressing Action, as it will throw you back into the room below). Follow the corridor to get into the aquarium. Swim E and into the underwater passage to find the air pocket on its end. Go through it to get to the switch. Pull it and collect Artifact 1 and some flares. Get back to the swimming pool room and climb the raised blocks on the N bank. Throw a switch to raise some more blocks on the opposite bank and climb them to collect Artifact 2 from behind the sofa. Return to the main hall. Now go upstairs and then left to reach the closest door. Follow the passage behind it, ignore the locked trapdoor (it's a way out of something) and go into the living room. Check out the bedroom on the left and climb the ladder in the fireplace. Pull up to the second floor, go right, open the door and throw a switch in the following room, on the E wall. Descend using the fireplace again and go across the living room to reach the bathroom on the other side. Pull a lever inside. Watch a flyby showing you which trapdoor is now open. Before you get through it, return to the main hall and go right to check out the last door in this part of the first floor. Go through the passage behind it and enter the treasury. Go upstairs and into the computer room. Find Artifact 3 in the alcove behind the bookcase on the N. Now go back to the main hall and downstairs. In the passage that led you to the gardens, find the trapdoor mentioned several lines above and go through it to descend to the basement. At the end of the looooong corridor, hop into the room on your left to find the last Scion. Follow the next corridor and use the ladder at the end to climb out, through the trapdoor you once ignored. Go across the main hall, to the opposite part of the first floor and open the closest door. Pass the corridor and go into the armoury filled with all weapons, all ammunition kinds and two medipacks - large and small. When you grab all the goodies, everything is done in this manor. Return to the main hall, go left and open the last door. The passage leads you to the music room, where - as the author warned you - the game ends.