Level by Cain

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Advance one square ahead and behold your pitiful situation - you're Traaaaaaapppppppppped!!!!! in a cage hanging high above the floor, guarded by giant chicken, what makes Lara wonder if her second name is "Talion". Independently of anything, pick up the uzis, 210 additional bullets for it and 12 ammo units for a mysterious weapon called Cain's minigun. Open the trapdoor by pressing the button. Switch targeting to manual, safety drop to the lower cell and finish all the hypertrophic poultry by firing shots rapidly (you can't miss). Or just use uzis. From all of the corners, collect uzi ammo. You should find 120 bullets in total. If you killed the guards with pistols, now you have 330 x uzi ammo, so you will probably not run out of it till the end of the level. Pull a wooden box out of the E wall, switch to uzis and run through the corridor into the next room before the spikeball blocks the way in. Ice the droids first, avoiding more spikeballs, and escape on the E ledge to finish a band of mouflions with pistols (the creatures roar like lions and look like mouflons). Also, massacre a group of smaller chicken. After the fight, pick up 150 uzi ammo, 3 packs of Cain's minigun ammo and a grenade gun. SAVE (recommended) and climb the W ledge once more and collect 1 pack of normal and 1 pack of super grenades from it. Go ahead. On the junction, another group of lion mouflions attack - backflip several times to hide behind the ledge. These monsters can't reach you here, so now easy finish them with pistols. Grab super grenades, minigun ammo and the uzis they dropped. The path splits in two - choose the right passage and pick up some explosive arrows at its beginning. Go around the container and draw the grenade gun. Blow some eels appearing when you approach the container door. Switch to pistols and approach 12 minigun bullets in the corner of the container. That spawns another enormous grey chicken. Pass it by, roll and shoot it while backflipping again to hide behind the familiar ledge. Finish the bird from the distance. Get back to the container and pick up the ammo. Exit and go NE to find some normal grenades. Blow up an eel attacking from behind and go into the passage on the E of the container. Turn left and explode another eel in the next container. Pick up some explosive arrows, a minigun ammo pack and, the most useful now, a small medi. Pull the lever and follow the crawlspace to get on the top of the platform hanging above the abyss. Do the running jump to grab the ledge of the next platform and pull up. Draw the grenade gun and quickly blow up the droid to prevent it from pushing you off the ledge. Pick up uzi clips it drops. Draw the grenade launcher again and fire it while jumping across the following gap. This way, the grenade should hit the next droid as soon as it appears, giving you more time to blow it up while backflipping onto the previous platform. Get some minigun ammo from the platform in the corner and wipe out a mouflion while jumping on the next one. Find a small medi on the following ledge. On the next platform, blow up another mouflion. And kill a droid on the other ledge just like you killed the last robot. Find a small medi on the following ledge. And kill a droid on the other ledge just like you killed the last robot. Go through the next crawlspace, grab a small medi, normal grenades, minigun ammo and uzi clips (all from your left) and jump into the water. Swim across the pool to find a passage. Follow the right wall to find a crossbow. Roll and swim ahead to rise from the water in a shallow pit. Exit the room to fight some giant chicken and droids attacking from behind (explosive arrows advised). Pick up 2 boxes of minigun ammo and proceed through the canyon on the NE. Go inside the room set in a cave, blow up some eels and pull up into a hole in the S wall to get Cain Key from it. Descend back to the lower canyon and use the key to open a heavy carved door on the NW. Go through the portal and follow the corridor to find some super grenades and get to the room full of brooms, mouflions and some more poultry. Reduce the biomass, pick up 2 boxes of Cain's minigun ammo and go across the room to find the minigun itself in the SW corner. Now you should have 96 bullets for this weapon. Climb the blocks and pull up into the next location. Fight some more huge chicken in there and find a large medi, a box of normal grenades and 12 minigun bullets in the SW corner. Go across the room and swing the ropes to fly over the room you visited just after the beginning of the game. Land on the other side and pick up 18 more units of minigun ammo. Proceed through the corridor to drop off the ledge at its end to find pizza delivery van. Kill a chicken guarding the keys, get the item and enter the vehicle to pass by the whole legion of T-Rexe. On the other end of the corridors, run over some eels and exit the van. Now you can't kill any of the dinos, because the last two are blocking the way back. Shame. But it's not necessary. Pull up into the last crawlspace. On the other side, blow up the last wave of eels and droids and avoid the firebolts coming out of the giant snake's mouth. If the cobra manages to set you on fire, run around it, hold sprint and escape into the open space while burning. You should have enough medipacks to survive this ultimate rush to the end of the level.