In Ecstacy

Level by Amanda Lepore

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Swim into the underwater passage to get to the room with two switches. Pull them both and swim back. Resurface in central room and get out of the liquid. Watch out for the mummy.

Get on the block in the SW corner of the room. Pull up into the corridor and bypass some spikes to get Amanda Lepore's Toy.

Now go back through the spikes and either go through the corridor on your left to get to the ramp and grab its ledge, or return to the first room to climb the N or S side of the central pillar. In both cases, the next thing you have to do is to shimmy E and pull up to get to the ramp with a receptacle at the end. Place the key there. That releases the spikeballs and makes you able to climb the central block.

Do it and pull up to the second floor. Watch out for the falling spikeballs, kill a ninja and grab a large medi he drops. Pull the lever switch in the NW corner and go through the open door next to you. Pull another lever at the dead end of the passage, roll and jump over the mummy.

Return to the last room and enter the opposite door. Slide down, kill a ninja attacking from your left and get a small medi from him. Hop into the water and swim down and E in the same time to reach the underwater passage. From its end, get Amanda Lepore's Toy and resurface as fast as you can. Get out of the liquid.

Use the Pikachu tile to take a run up, jump E and grab a crack in the wall. Shimmy left to land on a block. Grab the next crack, shimmy left and pull up to get to the corridor. Follow it to find next Amanda Lepore's Toy.

Combine both pieces to construct Amanda Lepore's Toy (I think her toys have to be some kind of infinity metaphore, as 1 + 1 = 1), return to the lower floor, kill 2 ninjas next to the bank and go into the S passage, with 2 more ninjas to eliminate and some spikes to time.

Place the Eye Of Horus in its slot and go through the portal. Grab the higher block in front of you. Don't pull up but drop and tap backwards. Stand jump on the block and immediately dash through the spike corridor, rolling just before the sprint bar is gone. Slide down into the new room.

Get behind the slopes on your right and don't stop between them to avoid being squashed. Face the lowest slope, jump on it, hold Jump key to bounce twice and grab the ledge on the top.

Pull up, get to the N platform, WAIT for the spikeball to fall, jump across the gap and throw a jumpswitch to open the door below you.

Jump into the pool, get out and go through the portal. Grab the monkey swing and get across the second part of the most annoying spike trap ever.

On the other side, slide down and enter the maze. On the following junctions, you need to go R (right), A (ahead), A, A, A, R, A, A, A, L (left), L.

When you hear Amanda's hysterical laugh, safety drop to the lower corridor. Go outside, meet some girls following you and climb the Hillary Clinton stairs to end the level.