Lara in Cain

Level by Cain

Walkthrough by DJ Full

WARNING! You're about to read some scientific stuff. I studied biotechnology, so I was cruel writing this.

Pick up 5 shotguns lying on Cain's tongue. Slide down through his gullet, grab the pylorus and, drawing your weapon, safety drop into his stomach and land on a block (probably a gall stone). Fight 3 droids (presumably representing pepsine, tripsine and chimotripsine. Don't mind the acidophilus eels swimming in hydrochloric acid solution. Do two running jumps with grabbing the ledges of two more gall stones to get to the other side of the stomach. Draw your shotgun and stand on the bloody ulcer in front of you. Getting across the stomach changes the chemical balance and secretes two more enzyme droid units. Also, 5 chicken ions appear... obviously led by the macromolecular eel cofactor. When you pick up jeep keys, you can kill this last one by firing it manually while ducking (like in case of all macromolecular eel cofactors, its bullet receptor is located in the head of the molecule). But leaving the eel and escaping is better for now. Cain seems to sit still on his usual place in front of the screen, creating a level, so as long as you are here, he won't turn - so you can refer to the compass and get to the NE corner of Cain's stomach to pick up the uzi and some ammo from another gull stone. Now get back to the other side using the previous gullstones. Enter the malate-aspartate shuttle and transport yourself to the other side again. If you didn't do it yet, use the shuttle to decompose the eel cofactor. You can't do the same thing with dino polimerases. These two behind the ramp, as well as the remaining units placed on your way through Cain's organism are aspartate-malate resistant. After you infiltrate and get transported through the first two, leave the shuttle for a while to climb the pylorus and pull the metal ligand to open the ligand-gated ion channel, which makes you able to go through the selectivity filter of the membrane.

Before you get there, watch out for another eel cofactor macromolecule. On the other side of the membrane you can see the disturbance of the chemiosmotic balance in Cain's guts. Selectively destroy the molecules you can decompose and don't worry about those you can't - you're not supposed to do it (even in the simplest living bacterium, one molecule isn't responsible for getting rid of all the trash, so leave a part of the job for other cleaners, certainly present somewhere around, waiting for pH to change after you finish your job). Don't fall into any of the microvilluses you can see in the gut. Leave the shuttle at the end of the small intestine and jump down into the urinary bladder, leaving the digestive system for a moment. Find the ureter and proceed through it to resurface back in the digestive system, in its last possible part. Pick up all the grenade launchers except the central one placed on the marked piece of epithelium. Don't stop on the second marked fragment as well because of falling spiky things (probably pieces of excrement). Fragmentate one more eel cofactor, go through another membrane, fragmentate several more molecules, pick up one more fragmenter and find yourself in front of the spine (apparently broken in 2 pieces. Climb them all to get to the top. Proceed through the only one possible exit and get - the most presumably - pissed off.