Satan Temple

Level by Slaska

Walkthrough by DJ Full

You start the game in a long corridor. Jump on a platform located at the very end of this passage. Ignore all the objects you can see here. In front of you, there is a pit full of spikes and death zones. Do the running jump over it with grabbing the ledge of the next platform. Pull up onto the top of it and watch out for a stone hanging below the ceiling. It falls when you step between two Pharos Pillars. Pick them up and descend to the other side of the platform. Making several more steps activates four crocodiles and a wild boar. Get rid of them. There are also two skeletons on the top of the high wall, but they can't reach you. Proceed to the last room, pick up Blue Crystal and notice two pits. Jumping into the smaller one triggers end of the level and launches main menu. Jumping into the larger pit results in getting to main menu as well, but by killing Lara in spectacular way. Choose the way of finishing the game you like more.