Levels by Razzi

Walkthrough by JosÚ



Shoot the scorpion and go N and left behind the pillar to pull the nearby switch. Now go to the SW corner and into the crawlspace to pull another switch in the corner and push a button in the high ledge. Go out and find a gray raised block in the S wall of the cave; use the nearby pillar to reach its top and pull the jumpswitch to open a trapdoor behind you. Go there and drop down to the room below.


Go E and shoot two mercenaries behind the pillars. There are two grated doors; at the end of the left and right passages in both sides of those doors there are two jumpswitches, pull the left side one (there are flares near) to open a trapdoor in the right side passage and pick up the shotgun and two stashes of shotgun shells; the jumpswitch near the open trapdoor only awakes the mummie. In the NW passage with the broken columns there are flares. Near the grated doors there are two moveable statues; move them to the W side to open the grated doors and finally pick up the Sword (crowbar). Now return to the cave room where you began this level, jumping from the small crate under the trapdoor.


Go W and behind the last pillar there is a face in the floor. Use the sword in its mouth to open a trapdoor somewhere (where the camera is?). Drop to the room below and in the SW corner there is a grey moveable block; pull it two times and at the end of the narrow corridor behind it is the opened trapdoor. Drop and pick up shotgun shells. Go west, shoot a thug and enter a new room. Go N and pick up flares; soot the E crates to pick up shotgun shells and the Iron Key from the pedestal in the center of the room. Shoot the crocodile which appears and go all the way back to the starting cave.


In the NE corner of the cave there is a keyhole; use your key there to open a door in the NE corner of the room where you picked up the key. Go there, shoot the thug and go to the other side jumping over the lava (with grab if necessary) using the safe tiles and the crack at the end in W wall and avoiding the fire emitters. In the corner near the closed door there is another face in the floor; use the sword there to trigger something somewhere (where the camera is?); jump diagonally SW to grab the crack and return to the previous room the way you came. In a small alcove in S wall there is a pedestal before ignited but now the fire is gone and you can pick up the Key Of Sun now. Go all the way back (one more time) to the starting cave. In the SE corner of the cave there is a keyhole; use your key there to open a door in the W wall of the room where you picked up the keys.


Go back there and enter; don't slide over the ramp or you'll fall into the lava; use the ladder to your left to climb to the bottom. Pull the switch in the E niche to raise a block and release a rope in the lava. Climb to the gray block and jump to grab the rope. This jump is a bit tricky 'cause if you align Lara from the NW corner and do the jump, she hits the block over the rope, deviate a bit and don't grab it. Situate Lara in the SE corner of the block and align her in a W-NW direction; then take a running jump with a right curve in midair to negotiate the block from its left side and this way Lara should grab it. Use the rope to reach the next N pillar and from here a running jump to grab the crack in N wall; shimmy to the very left and duck through the crawlspace near the W and N sides to press a button at the end which opens the door below. In the N ledge near the lava there are two moveable pedestals with ankhs; one of them over a green tile and another over a blue tile. Move them over the respective tiles in the E room to pick up the first Globe Of Life from the pedestal (a door opens above in the corridor with the fire emitters). Climb the NW brown ladder if you want to get some flares and return to the upper room using the pole rope behind the pillar, the rope and the ladder in the side of the ramp.


Once there, go again into the room with the fire emitters and like before to the other side. Drop in the new room and see the torch at your feet. But first, pull the jumpswitches in SW and SE corners of this room to light some wall sconces. Pick up the torch now and light it. Light the skulls on both sides of the N door to open it and enter. Jump to the right side of the ramp, slide and jump at the end onto the block in the lava. Jump to the NW block to pick up the flares and return to the previous block. Take a running jump to the opening SW and crawl in. Go right at the junction and at the end push the moveable block two times. Pick up the second Globe of Life from the pedestal and notice the button with the fire in front of it (for later).


Go back to the crawlspace and this time take the other way, passing over a closed trapdoor and through an opened door (it opened when you picked up the Globe). In the next room jump only over two breakable tiles to get the other side and make it easier for your way back. Shoot the vases to pick up a small medipack and shotgun shells and pull the switch to extinguish the fire in the tile with the button (notice the closed door to your left). Go back there and push it to open the trapdoor in the crawlspace. Go back there and drop into a new room. Go to the SE corner and press the button to open the door and pick up a small medipack. In the SW corner, near the white moveable block (behind it is a small medipack) there is a high crawlspace; go in and on the other side push the button to open the door and pick up shotgun shells. Go back to the main room again. There is another high crawlspace in the SE corner but I found nothing there. Along the floor of this room there are four tiles with ankhs; each ankh is pointing in a particular direction. Also in the N side of the room there are four moveable pedestals with ankhs pointing to particular directions, too (cardinal points). You must move the pedestals over the correct tiles with the ankhs to open the door in the upper room with the breakable tiles (it's easy); when you move one of them in its correct position a screenshot of the door appears. Do it so and go back there (this time you'll have to do diagonal running jumps, using the niches in both sides of the lava pit).


In this new room there are two more pedestals with ankhs in NE and SW alcoves. Move the NE one to the SW where the other is, and the SW in the NE alcove, interchanging their positions, and a trapdoor opens in NW corner. Go there to get the only SECRET I could find in this level: shotgun shells (what a poor secret!). If you approach the pedestal two thugs appear, kill them. There are three jumpswitches in this room: two in S alcoves and another one in a N alcove. Pull only the left jumpswitch in S wall; the other two release a skeleton and fire emitters. A fire appears in the pedestal. Climb the ledge in E wall and pull the N grey moveable block to find a wall switch behind it. Pull it to extinguish the fire in the pedestal and substitute it for the Corridor Room Key. Pick it up and return all the way back to the room with the four moveable ankhs you came from.


There's a fire on a wooden pedestal near the entrance with a torch in it. In the NE corner of the room, where the four moveable pedestals were, there is a moveable block. Pull it twice and follow the passage crawling till the end. Pull the switch there to extinguish the fire in the wooden pedestal. Go back there, pick up the torch and throw it in a safe place. Return to the switch and pull it again to turn on the fire in the pedestal. Go back there, pick up the torch and light it. Now light the two yellow skulls on both sides of the E metal door to open it; two mummies awaken. Use the key in the keyhole behind the bush near the door to open it. Go through the narrow passage (but don't you stop for much time near the beginning or near the end) and get The Cross on your way in the N wall; a hatch opens at the end of the corridor.


Drop there and continue (pick up a small medipack on your way) till you eventually arrive at a familiar room. This time there is a pool in the center with some crocs, a couple of wraiths are released, two thugs and a skeleton. First jump into the pool to kill the fire wraiths; move yourself fast to avoid the crocs and pull one of the four underwater levers in the central pillars to raise a block and you can go out of the pool. Now dispose of the thugs; when they die they leave you two more Globes Of Life, so pick them up. Now it's time to deal with the crocs; make your way to shoot them from a safe place and when all are dead, jump into the water and pull the three underwater remaining levers to raise the rest of the blocks (don't you forget the flares). Place the Globes in the hands to open the W door. Go there and pry off a second Cross; when you go out a camera shows you an underwater door opening.


Jump into the pool again and find that door in the SW corner. Open the underwater door and dive always to the left to find a large medipack. Return to the pool for air. This time go straight ahead at the junction to find a place where you can take a breath. Turn around and see the button in the opposite alcove. Press this button to open another underwater door (and release a croc); wait to shoot the croc and dive always to the left till you find it near a junction. Continue, pick up the shotgun shells first and use the nearby underwater lever to open the next door. Enter only in the first tile to release another croc; there are another two crocs behind you, so lure them to the small place with air to calmly kill them. Return to the opened door and dive to a small area with a small crawlspace in E wall. Dive in and use the underwater lever in N wall to open the nearby hatch. Take a breath and pick up the 2nd Part Of The Amulet. Pull the switch to trigger something (where the camera is?) and go into the water again, through the small crawlspace and always to the left to pick up shotgun shells at the end behind an opened door. This door is a shortcut to return to the previous underwater maze, but there's nothing to do there so turn around 180║ and dive W to the end and through the left passage to find a lowered block (when you pulled the last switch) and pick up the 1st Part Of The Amulet (screenshot of a door opening). Dive back to the place where you got the 2nd part and enter to finish the level.



Pull the switch to open the door and shoot two thugs outside. Near the entrance door and to the left (S) you can climb the ledges to pick up shotgun shells. Go N passing the small lake and around the building (left or right side) climb the ledges with green plants and near the lonely palm there are two jumpswitches. Pull them to raise a block on the other side near the two palms. Go there and climb it helping you with the pillar to the right. Grab the monkeyswing and at the very end pull another jumpswitch to open an underwater door in the NE side of the lake. Go there and take the left corridor inside to pick up a small medipack. In the other side there are shotgun shells and six closed doors. Open the first in E wall and the second in W wall and pull the underwater levers inside to open trapdoors outside in the central building (the other two doors have spike traps). Go there and down the stairs to the bottom.


Go left first and use your crosses to open the door. Use the ledges to safety drop to the bottom of the pit and pull the switch in W wall to raise a block above. Use again the ledges to climb to that grey block and pull another switch to open a door down in a platform in the NE corner. Jump there and enter. Combine the two parts of the Amulet to get the Star Amulet and use it in the receptacle to open four doors. Inside these doors are pedestals with items. Each time you pick up an item a fire wraith appears. The only item you need is The Skull in SW corner; when you pick it up two doors open in the previous room with the six underwater doors. Quickly go out of this room and to the right; at the end of the ledge let you fall to the bottom of the pit: a trapdoor opened there in the corner and there's water there to kill the wraith. Now you can return to the room to get the rest of the items (shotgun shells and a large medipack), returning each time to the bottom to extinguish the wraiths or let the items go and exit. It's your choice.


Once out, go to the other side of the stairs and find a room with four switches. Two open the door and another two are spike traps. I'll let you try and discover by yourself where are the traps. Enter and when you jump to the first ledge the door closes. This is a room with a pool below (with crocs) and ledges all around. Use the ropes, a climbable wall and running jumps to land over the ledges till you arrive to a place where you can use the skull to open a trapdoor somewhere. The switch is to open the exit door but it's timed, so pull it, a jump back and swim NW and around the left side of the pillar, emerge, turn around, go out of the water and through the (hopefully) open door. Now go outside and to the underwater doors you saw when picking up the skull.


Once you reach the first junction a crocodile attacks; go back to the lake and dispatch it. Return and go straight at the crossing to find an underwater lever. Pull it and quickly go back and always to the right around three corners to find an underwater door. Open it, dive and finally go out to the water and pick up the Iron Key under the bush. Go to the water again and all the way you came, picking up shotgun shells and if you have enough air, you can open another underwater door to your right to find more shotgun shells. Anyway, return to the outside area. Do you remember where you pulled the two jumpswitches at the beginning of the level? Go there and look for the white moveable block in N wall and move it S. Use your key in the keyhole behind the bush to open the W door in front of the lake. Go there and enter.


In the NE corner is the trapdoor you opened before when you placed the skull. Go inside to pick up The Sun. Now cross the lake and climb to the ledge where the closed gray doors are (W). Approach the NE corner and take a long running jump NE to land over the grey ledge in N wall. Climb the ledges where the monkey is and pull the switch to trigger something near. Jump into the water and discover the opened underwater door W. Pull the underwater lever there to see a screenshot of a block rising at the bottom of the stairs near the place where you used the crosses. Make your way to return there and use the crack in the right side of the stairs to reach the top of the block. From here jump W and use the Sun to open the double grey doors in the place where you came from. Go back there and enter the tomb.


At the end of the ledges in both sides of the stairs there are two switches. Pull them to raise two blocks. Move the pedestals with the ankhs over the raised blocks and use again the switches to lower them. Go to the bottom of the stairs and look for two different tiles just at the bottom of the stairs. Move the pedestals there and the W doors open, but the pedestal is empty, and Lara says something like:
- What?
- Where is the artifact?
- ?????????? stole it.
Approaching the pedestal, the level ends.


You begin in a place which I'll call from now "The Main Courtyard". There are three ways to proceed: W, N and E. Take the W corridor first. You'll arrive at another small courtyard which I'll call from now on "The Crates Courtyard". In this place, shoot the windows to the right of the N crates; push the moveable crate twice and go around the corridor to find revolver ammo and a small medipack in the other side. N is a black door; go there and push the button to the right to open it and enter...


Turn right and jump to grab the crack in the E crates; shimmy to the very right and go up into the small crawlspace; turn to face N and drop and grab the other side; shimmy right and around the corner to land near the blades and get the revolver. It's possible to reach this place from the other side, through the blades (I got it), but you'll lose a lot of health. Grab the now invisible crack again, shimmy left and return through the crawlspace to the other side where you came from; continue shimmying to the left and around the corners till you get to the ledge at the other side of the four blades; from here, a standing jump to grab the N crate, a jump over the lonely blade and press the button to see a closed door somewhere. Drop down to ground floor, kill the dog and the guard and go through the S corridor jumping over the fires (notice the objects in the fires, for later); left and climb to the teeth doors; cross them, the swinging crate and the next doors, pick up the goodies and press a button to see the screenshot of a door opening somewhere. Go back to the ground floor, W and climb the ledge in front of the green toxic pool. Turn around and jump to grab the rope; turn around again and swing N to grab the high crates in the NW corner; drop from the other side and find the first Security Card. Return to the rope and use it to reach the S ledge with the black door and exit to the crates courtyard.


Go E to the main courtyard and through the E corridor. In the small pool there is HK5 ammo. Climb the N crates to the top and shoot the W window; go in and pick up the second Security Card from one of the barrels below. Climb back and to the top of the crates outside. Turn SW and spot another breakable window high in the corner. Draw your pistols and jump to break it; a block rises in S wall; use it to reach that window and safety drop to the floor, losing some health. Here is the door you opened with the buttons in the storage room. Behind the crate in NW corner there is a rat and the third Security Card.


Go now through the opened door into a room with more crates; pass the pipes and discover a trapdoor next to the S wall; open it and inside there is a switch, but timed. This switch opens a black door at the end of the N corridor of the main courtyard. Pull it, press the look key to cut the screenshot, roll, run a bit and roll again, jump onto the floor of the room (next to S wall), turn left and jump to the metal ledge, from here a standing jump NW over the pipes and to the open door, now a jump NE over the crates avoiding the swinging crate to the next door, outside turn left and left again, sprinting through the corridor to the main courtyard (it could happen that you find a guard here; this guard was triggered when you picked up the second Security Card, so if you want you can dispatch him before doing the timed run so as not to disturb you; he drops HK5 ammo), once there sprint right, left and right through the N corridor, at the end right and sprint to the opened door.


Once in the courtard the door closes behind you and you're received by two guards and a dog. On the N side there's a pool with horses; climb the final ledges to get HK5 ammo. Go back to the courtyard and near the end of the pool there's a moveable brown crate encrusted in the wall. Move it all the way to the very S side of the courtyard and place it over a tile with the same texture next to another crate; this opens the exit door (for later). Go to the entrance of the mansion and left you'll find another moveable block over the green ledge; push it to the very end of the ledge to open two doors in the SW corner of the courtyard. Go there and enter the left room; climb the ledge and push the button to raise two blocks: one in the side room and another in the SE corner of the courtyard. Try to enter the side room and the gate closes; now go to the SE corner of the courtyard and use the raised block to reach the E crates; drop from the other side and find the Security Card; this activates the blade, so position Lara in the very right side of the ladder next to the blade and safety climb to the top. Continue climbing the N crate to find a timed switch; this switch opens the door at the other side of the courtyard (W) which closed when you approached. I did it so: pull the switch, turn a bit left and roll, do a running jump over the raised block and without stopping another running jump over the left ledge with the column, when you land on the ground floor on the other side, sprint and before the mound a couple of running jumps turning right and over the grassy ledge to reach the opened door.

[NOTE:] If you want you can avoid the timed run. Once you press the button to raise the blocks, you can go out and try to enter the side room and the gate closes. Then you can go left of the mansion (NE), pull the moveable block once and push it again on its place to re-open the door. But you can't go there yet (the door will close again). Go to the SE corner of the courtyard and use the raised block to reach the crates and pick up the Security Pass like you did before. When you climb to go back to the courtyard you don't need to use the high timed switch; you can go directly to the opened door and it stays open. [End note]


Climb the raised block and use one of your Security Cards in the computer. Go out to the courtyard and return all the way back to the Crates Courtyard, killing a dog on your way (you can use a wooden ladder at the end of the first corridor, jump back and get HK5 ammo). Climb the SW crates, grab the monkeyswing and continue to the end through the opened window. Continue swinging to the left to land on the N ledge; pick up the HK5 ammo and climb down the ladder; pull the S crate twice, climb the ladder again and jump back over the crate to land on the other side; use your Security Pass to open the door. There are three rooms in this area, but we are going to use only the left and center rooms with the moveable urns for now. In this rooms are several urns with objects inside: a ring, a head with crown, a cross and a jackal. In the ceilings of this rooms are some marked tiles with red signs so you can place the urns under them (it's easy to recognize and associate the signs with the urns). Once all seven urns are placed over the correct tiles, two doors in the central room open. Go there and use your two remaining Security Cards in the computers to open the big double doors of the mansion. Make your way back there, shoot two guards and pick up the HK5 ammo one of them drops; pull the crate in the right side to discover a trapdoor; open it and drop into...


Shoot the rats and go N around the crates. The last crate is moveable. Shoot more rats and a dog and pull the crate two tiles W. Go around the walls in an anticlockwise direction to the place where the crate was and push the button (screenshot of an extinguished fire in the storage room). Go out of here and W to explore this small maze. In the first junction to the right there are some HK5 clips and at the end of the left corridor is a closed door (remember where it is for later). Ahead is a white opened door and near you can find flares, a hatch you can open as a shortcut to the courtyard of the mansion and HK5 ammo and the HK5 itself in a crawlspace. Go to the SW crates and pull the right crate of the most W row two times. Go around the walls in an anticlockwise direction to the place where the crate was and shoot a dog. There is another row of three crates in the E side of this corridor; pull the last crate of this row two times to the W. Go around the crates in a clockwise direction to the place where this second crate was, pick up the goodies and push the button to extinguish another fire in the storage room. Now go out and N, always to the right and push the first crate two times W to place it in its original position. Go N to the NW crates and pull the most left crate two times E. Go around and enter in the corridor the crate obstructed. Shoot the guard and go to the end of this corridor to shoot two TR3 damned; the door opens, giving you access to the storage room.


Go to the place where the fires were before and pick up two Fire Fragments. Go W and use the rope like before to exit this storeroom and go to the Crates Courtyard. Use the monkeyswing like before to go to the rooms with the moveable urns. This time go to the W side room, shoot some rats and go up the central stairs, avoiding the teeth doors. At the end there are a kind of crystal dogs. Place the Fire Fragments in the dogs and two doors open left and right. Go there and pick up the Blue Key and the Red Key from the barrels. Make your way to go back to the mansion. Use the keys in their keyholes in the hall of the mansion to open the doors. Inside there are two moveable urns, one with a ring and another with a cross. Move them out of the mansion and near the entrance are the tiles with the signs where you must place the urns. Do it so and the golden doors open, giving you access to the inside of the mansion.


Kill two dogs and jump over the bannister into the room below. Move the crate in SW corner and press the button behind; a door opens above and a guard appears; shoot the guard and pick up the Security Card he drops (the button near the bottom of the stairs is a trap). In the NW corner of the stairs there is a hatch; open it, enter, pass the fire emitter and crawl to the other side. Jump onto the W ledge before the blades and pull the moveable crate two times N. Now a running jump SE over the blades and enter the room the crate obstructed. There are two moveable crates inside. Push the most S crate once to the W and pick up the revolver ammo. Push the other crate once S to reveal a pedestal with the laser sight, a medipack and HK5 ammo. There's a closed door too, but your card don't work here, so go outside where the blades are and use the revolver and the sight to shoot the window from the upper ledge (if you go down and shoot the window with the pistols you'll die); when you drop to the first ledge before the blades they stop, and you can easily jump over them to reach the opening in E wall taking care of the fire emitters. Another option (without shooting the window) could be to push the crate N to the very end and take a diagonal running jump with grab to reach the opening and fall, but you'll lose some health. Explore this small maze to find some flares and the second Security Card well hidden behind a small grey machine in a niche. In the S side of the maze there is a moveable crate; pull it three times and go around to go out in the stairs of the mansion.


In the SE and NW corners of the room with the receptacles there are two more moveable crates; pull them out to discover two computers. Use your Security Cards to see a screenshot of an item where you had placed the Fire Fragments. Make your way to return there (again?) and pick up the Blue Fuse. Go all the way back to the mansion and place the Blue Fuse in its receptacle in the room below. A golden door opens somewhere. This door is the closed door you found in the basement some time ago, so go back there and pick up the Yellow Fuse. Return to the place where you placed the blue fuse and place the Yellow Fuse; the door opens and a guard appears. Kill him and he drops a last Security Pass. If you want you can go up the stairs and through the hatch to the place where you got the sight to open the golden door and pick up more revolver ammo (you don't need it now!?); this is the SECRET I found in this level but there's no secret chime for it. If not, you can pick up the Baset's Cat Mummy and see how a last door opens in the NW side of the courtyard. Go there, through the corridor and read the message from the author to finally finish this complex level.

November - 21 - 2008.