Level by Daoine Sidhe

Walkthrough by Yoav

Note from Yoav: This walkthrough is not complete, since I didn't find all the golden skulls (so I don't mention any of them), and the same is true for some flares and medipacks. However, this walkthrough will give you all the necessary direction to finish this level. Thanks.

Begin after the flyby ends. You are on the grounds of a huge building with many bridges in the area. Start running over to the north-west rocky area nearby the big gray pillar. Those rocks are a little lower, so run and jump over them and look for a crawlspace. Crawl and run into a cave, climb the south alcove for Secret #1 and pick up large+small medipacks. Go back to the huge araa and proceed a little bit further along those rocks and you find a place where you can climb up. Take a standing jump over the north-east rock, then to the north-west rock and finish with a jump to the west. Go and stand on the south edge, slide and jump, hit the rock and jump west to land on a rocky ledge. Head over the black ledge and climb up onto the bridge, turn to face west and jump into the high cave, kill two scorpions and look for a closed gate (remember this gate). Now go back to the edge of the cave, facing south and take a standing jump to grab the higher rocky ledge and pull up. Go to the right side of the sloped column and take a standing jump to slide to the next bridge.

Follow the bridge south and jump to the rocky ledge. Proceed until you get to the edge and jump the west rocks. Head over the west edge and jump as far as you can to land on a small path and move down. Ahead is a mosaic floor full of spike traps, jump and grab the red column, move left and backflip into an alcove for Secret #2, climb into the next alcove and get a medipack. Jump and grab the red column and move right, backflip to the path and move up facing nort-easth, jump onto the sloped rock and grab the east edge and climb up. Proceed east and reach the next bridge, step on the black ledge facing west and climb into the high cave. Kill a scorpion and go the south-west corner, climb up through the opening into a cave above, kill one more scorpion and head to the east edge.

Jump and grab the red climbable wall, move right and climb up as far as you can, then do a backflip to land on a ledge with a pillar. Pull the lever and get a screenie of an earlier gate opening in the cave I told you to remember. Now take a jump to the north black ledge and pick up flares, then grab the edge, drop and grab the edge below and move left. Grab the red wall and slide down to the bridge. From here make your way back to the earlier cave to find the open gate, enter an alcove and get Green Crystal #1. You also get a screenie of spikes disappearing somewhere. Now go back to the edge of the cave as you did before, take a standing jump south back to the high rocky ledge.

Facing east, run/jump over the red pillar, grab it and move left twice, drop on the ledge, turn to face north, run/jump to the next bridge. From the bridge jump to the black north wall, grab it and climb up, move twice to the right and climb to the top, drop onto a ledge in front of a brown closed door. Turn to face east and take a simple jump over the grate roof, find the hole and drop down to the boxes passage. Follow west until you come to the slope and save the game. Slide down into a room with a deadly floor and land onto a sloped block, jump the next sloped block and forward to land onto a small raised ledge. Take a standing jump over the west sloped block, slide and jump forward, land on the next block. Save the game, then turn to face south, run/jump over the sloped block, grab the edge and pull up, slide and jump forward, grab the tall jumpswitch, land onto a sloped ledge and jump over the raising brown block.

An east brown door opens, run/jump over there follow the short passage and climb up to the room above, pull the lever there to flood the room with water. Swim back to the room and find Green Crystal #2 on the high mosaic floor, then surface and swim north, climb the ledge between the pillar. Turn to the south, run/jump over the ledge and throw the switch to open a black gate at the boxes passage. Now jump back into the water and swim south, the slope has become stairs, climb up and go back to the boxes passage find the gate you opened. Pass to the place with two movable boxes, simply move the left box forward to the end and the right box is moved over the tile, and you get a screenie of a brown door opening. Now move the box back as it blocks your way out, then climb back to the grate roof and find the brown door you just opened at the west side.

Follow the cave until the reach a lower ceiling and turn left, look for an opening right above Lara's head. Climb up into the cave and run to the south wall, throw the switch to open the gate. Go back the cave below and crawl under the lower ceiling, head over to the open gate and be careful of the spike trap, and a little bit further wait for the rolling ball to turn back and run down the short passage to the right, avoid when the rolling ball returns and run forward. Climb into the next opening, kill a scorpion ahead and run to end of the cave, stand on the edge. Run/jump to the north ledge and do an extra jump over the red wall, then climb up to the rocky top. Reach a grassy place with double gates in the front and a closed gate in the north and the south path leading you to nowhere.

Turn to the east and jump over the great bridge, deal with three lazy jackals. Then go the north edge and take a safety running jump over the gray ledge above the black bridge and don't even think to jump into the red wall hole ahead (it's a trap). However, take a simple jump north-east and slide down onto another black bridge, pull there a lever and get a screenie of a very tall rusty ledge somewhere. Another rusty ledge is raised right behind you which allows you to climb back the gray ledge from the other side. Now from the ledge take a jump north-west and slide onto a copy of the bridge you came from, pull the lever and the rusty ledge raises up. Once again climb the rusty ledge behind you and this time turn to face east, run/jump over the red column, grab it and climb up onto another great bridge. Kill two jackals, then head west and look for the raising rusty ledge, take a running jump over there, grab it, pull up and climb the next wall, slide down onto another bridge. Head east and find a wall with two receptacles for your green crystals.

Place the two green crystals and get a screenie of raising ledge. Go back to the bridge and head south, take a running jump over the ledge you just raised and land onto it. Climb up the next bridge and the brown block raised for you, climb onto it, turn face east and climb to the higher rocky ledge. Carefully move south and climb the rocky top, jump over the balcony with the black/white floor and kill a jackal. Take a moment to view the rest of the huge building. Well, it's time to move. Look for a movable box on the mosaic floor, pull/push it twice, then run/jump over the red ledge and pull the box once. Jump back to the balcony and push the box to the end, you get a screenie of double gates opening.

Return to the rocky you came from and follow the north way over to the open gates. Step on a rusty floor and following the way pass on a closed gate and reach the edge way. Now look for a high jumpswitch on the north wall. Do a monkeyswing over there, then drop/grab the switch and fall down onto a sloped ledge, immediately jump forward and grab the opposite ledge. Climb up and run into the gate you just opened. Pull a timed switch that opens the rusty floor, roll and sprint over there, drop into an underground room. Pick up the Brown Crystal, slide over the switch and you may pull it twice to open again the rusty floor to climb out. Now go back where you made a monkeyswing first and do it again, this time to the end, then drop onto a sloped ledge and jump forward, grab the opposite edge (gray of the bridge) and climb up. Kill the jackal that attacks and head west over the closed gate.

Place the brown crystal in the north receptacle to open the gate and enter the building, find the switch in the south wall and throw it to open another gate. Go back to the bridge and kill a jackal on your way, head south-west and find the opened gate. Follow to a grassy place with a pool, but first jump to the east bridge and pull the lever to open a nearby gate. Now head over to the pool and jump in, swim into the west tunnel, keep swimming along the tunnel, look for closed underwater gates and find the exit hole. Climb into a room with a movable box and notice the painting on the west wall. Now pull/push the box onto each of the tiles in front of the painting to open a gate somwhere. Go back to the tunnel and swim to the pool, notice the underwater gate has changed position but it says nothing for you.

Climb out of the pool and go west through the gate you opened and find several alcoves with switches and different paintings. Now do you remember which painting is the right one? Well, go left and into the right alcove with the three-people painting and throw the switch to open the final double gates. Head over there by the south opening gate and kill two jackals on your way. When you get there you'll see the last double gates are still closed, but by approaching they will open for you and this will be the end.




Complete Walkthrough for 'Climb Up'


written by Scott Chu  (with lots of help from previous walkthru by Yoav)

This walkthru includes 4 secrets & 10 golden skulls that previous walkthru doesn't include


You are in a big area, there're 12 bridge piers, number them, in bottom-to-up, left-to-right order, as BP1 to BP12. Now go right to BP8, just before you reach it turn right to jump over rightside of the lower rock to reach a crawlspace behind, follow the path to end, pull up right alcove to get SECRET #1 (large medipack & ammo), then get back out to big area.


Go back to BP4, step on a rocky ledge on leftside, turn north, jump & grab & pull up the higher ledge. Drop rightside, follow path to end, jump up to the highest ledge, turn north again, jump & grab & pull up to upper level. Pull pistol to kill the scorpions on the way. When you reach the end, turn right & go to rock edge, jump to that sallow ground, enter the room to pick up GOLDEN SKULL #1, get back out. It's possible to jump to top of BP8 but there's nothing there you can do, so drop right to slide down back to big area, instead.


Go back where you drop rightside before. This time turn left toward the rightside of the black ledge beside the bridge. Make a slightly right-curve long jump, you should be able to grab the black ledge at last. Pull up & turn around, then pull up again to upper level. Go left to jump onto a triangular ledge, another jump & grab to the yellow porch, go left to pick up GOLDEN SKULL #2.


Get back where you pull up from black ledge. Jump & pull up to a grey wall area. Go to leftside of the edge, look left to see there's a triangular opening, jump into it & pick up SECRET #2 (small medipack) at the end. Go back the grey wall area.


Drop down to bridge, go over to top of curve path & look down leftside, you see a flare down there on a sandy ground, look up from there & you see another golden skull on a rocky ledge. Go forward & slide down, then drop left to black ledge. From here, you can long jump to the flare, pick it up & jump back. Go to top of next curve path. Look down again & you see another flare guarded by a scorpion but that's for later (however, you can shoot scorpion now if you like). Look ahead & you see a triangular rocky ledge. Jump there & turn left, then take a left-curve jump to the slope ledge beside the ledge with golden skull. Grab the ledge & shimmy left around the corner & pull up, go picking up GOLDEN SKULL #3. Jump back to bridge. Go over another curve path (you'll see a big brown-color rocky ledge above) & slide down. Drop left to black ledge. Jump to another flare (kill scorpion first if you didn't do it just now) & get it, then jump back bridge.

Push 1st lever to raise a ledge

Now you should on top of BP2 (near the beginning entrance). Go to top of next curve path, there's another big brown-color rocky ledge. Jump up on it & turn east & run jump to the platfrom with that red-eye dog (sorry, you can't kill it right now). Once pull up, draw pistol & kill that damn dog. Go the other side & push the lever, you see a cut scene shows some ledge raised up (look right far away & you'll see that ledge).


Before we go to that raised ledge, let's get another candy first. Go to edge, jump to the orange area & slide down to bridge below. Turn east & see there's black ledge outside, manage to jump there. From the center of black ledge, do a run jump to the rocky hill area below. Go clockwise along the hill until you reach BP5. Go left to higher area near the mesh wall to pick up GOLDEN SKULL #4.

Push 2nd lever to open 1st black gate

Now go down to a triangular rocky hill that is nearest to the black ledge above BP5. You can just stand jump to grab the black ledge & get back to bridge. Go right up & jump to the raised ledge. Pull up to the platform & draw pistol to kill another redeye dog. Push the lever to see a cut scene shows some black gate is opened (that gate is on the ground & resides on the leftside of BP9).


Go back to bridge. Go north to end. Look leftside (or rightside) of the piler for a triangular black ledge. Take few steps back to run jump there. Jump into center to pick up GOLDEN SKULL #5. Follow north & crawl thru curve path & slide down the other side to pick up flare & small medipack (you are now on BP7).


Manage to jump outside triangular black ledge & safely drop to ground. Go to leftside of BP9, & follow path to the opened gate. Jump 2 blocks & turn to the red hanging pillar, save here. Jump & grab the pillar, shimmy left 2 corners, climb down Lara to align her legs to bottom edge of the pillar. Twist jump to grab the 2nd red pillar. Shimmy left 2 corners & if you do a twist jump now, then you can land safely at the new path behind you. However, let's shimmy one more corner first & do a twist jump to pick up the SECRET #3. Get back red pillar & manage to land at new path.


Follow path to end & turn right. Jump forward & grab upper level, then pull up. Go right & jump to black ledge & then get on bridge. Turn around & jump to the far metal-style rocky ledge (I don't know how to call this style ^^"). Go inside to pick up GOLDEN SKULL #6.

Push 3rd lever to open 2nd black gate

Get back to bridge & go right. Turn around again, you'll see a magenta-color cave. Jump into it & draw pistol quickly to kill a scorpion. Go to the end. You can pull up upper level here, so do it. Follow to the opening, face the red ladder & jump to grab the ladder. Shimmy around the corner, adjust Lara to align her hand to ground of the black-floor platform, thus you can pull up Lara onto the platform. Pick up the flare & Jump across to grab the far platform with a lever. Luckily this time has no evil dog ^^". Push the lever to see another cut scene shows another similiar black gate is opened (that gate is very far away on the other side). Manager to get back the bridge near magenta-color cave (I took a shortcut to do it. Just jump directly to the slope above the red ladder & slide all the way down to there). Go back where you 1st came into this area.


Go right & follow along the metal-style rock to 3rd black ledge. There's a golden skull in a green-color cave. Jump into it & pick up GOLDEN SKULL #7. Get back to black ledge.


Look down & you can see another golden skull before a big motif wall. Safely drop down to ground, pick up GOLDEN SKULL #8. Go right & pass another motif wall. Go to the otherside of BP12. Jump up to rocky hill. There's a high ledge you can face the triangular black ledge. Jump up from there to get back to bridge.


You see another green-light cave in front of you. Jump into & draw pistol to send 2 scorpions to see their ancestors. Enter the opened gate to get GREEN CRYSTAL #1. A cut scene shows the spikes are extracted back.


Go to right edge of the cave. Stand jump north to grab high ledge. Go to East & long jump & grab the climbable red ladder. Move left 2 corners & drop the other side. Jump to the lower platform. Jump to & grab the dark grey wall, move right 2 corners & drop before a brown motif gate. Turn right & look down, you'll see a golden skull on a yellow alcove, save game first, then stand jump & quickly backward & grab the edge (otherwise the raised ledge will block you here, you can't even crawl into the space to get the skull, don't know why?). Shimmy left & pull up to get GOLDEN SKULL #9. crawl out rightside, get up the ledge (by jump diagonally onto it) & another right-curve jump to leftside. Go into the stripped tile space.


Drop down the only hole. Follow the path to a slope. Save game first, then slide down to drop on a slope pillar, jump to 2nd slope pillar & grab at end. Do a twist jump to land on a flat ledge. Stand jump & grab a slope ledge nearby, shimmy to leftside. Pull up & slide down, then jump slightly left to land on a flat pillar. Turn left & save game again. Now do a long jump to grab the hight slope pillar ahead. Pull up & slide down, then jump to grab the high jumpswitch on the wall. This opens another brown motif gate in this room. You'll fall down on a slope ledge, jump immediately to left side to land on a riased brown block. Run jump to the opened door & follow the path to end, pull up to upper floor, push the lever to fill previous room with water. Now drop into water & swim back to previous room to get the GREEN CRYSTAL #2. Swim around the central pillar to north side & pull up at the center part.
Turn around & run jump to central pillar to pull a switch. A cut scene shows a mesh gate is opened (it's on rightside when you drop down from the hole previously). Swim back where you enter this room, the slope becomes staircase now.

Small challenge in path

Follow the way you came to the end, pass the opened gate to an area with pushable blocks. Push left block to end, then push the other block beside the gate (the tile is different) to see a cut scene shows the brown motif door you met quite earlier is opened. Pull out the block beside gate so you can pass back thru gate. Pull up from the hole to stripped tile floor above. Go to the opened brown gate & enter.

Follow the path until you see a alcove to your left. Go there & pull up upper floor, then go to end to pull a switch. A cut scene shows a black gate is opened. Go back the path & keep going until you pass the opened black gate & reach a small wider area. Walk until the 1st spike group popped up. Pass it quickly & walk again to activate 2nd spike group, pass them again. When you come to the corner, a globe boulder starts to roll away from you, follow it and go right alcove, wait until it rolls back & pass you. Keep going & get into right alcove, then you are safe now.


Pull up & follow the path. Draw pistol to finish a scorpion in the midway. At last you come to outside high area. Run jump northeast to a flat area above a pillar. Another run jump to the maroon color ledge. Pull up left twice to a new upper area with a big closed gate in front of you & a small closed gate on your rightside. Follow the left path & draw pistol to kill 2 scorpions. When you come to a point where you see pillar on your right, climb left to the flat area. Go left to a highest rock, face the upper floor with twin pillar & blue floor. Jump there & pull up. Go left to pick up GOLDEN SKULL #10 near the end.

Push 2 levers to raise up a ledge

Go back where you climb up this area. Jump to the grey concrete platform area with 3 evil dogs. Draw pistol to send them to see their ancestors, too. Go to north edge, make sure you are in good health & run jump to the lower grey platform. Jump diagonally right over central hole & slide down to a black floor. push that lever to see a cut scene with some unraised ledge. Pull up a new raised ledge near you. Repeast similiar actions to push another levers. A cut scene shows the platform is now raised.

Time to use 2 green crystal

Pull up raised ledge nearby. This time turn left to do a right-curve jump to grab that red ladder. Climb up to upper floor. Draw pistol to kill 2 eveil dogs. Follow platform to rightside, run jump to the raise ledge. Pull up & turn around, Flip backward to slide down the slope & grab edge. Shimmy right & drop down. Turn around & go to the green crystal receptacles on the wall. Put 2 green crystals on & you'll see another ledge is raised up.


Turn around & follow the platform to leftside. Run jump without grab to that raised ledge. Go up the platform & a block is raised up. Climb up to upper area via the block. Jump to flat ledge on rightside. There's a closed big gate at the end of left path, remember it. Now, go right to a highest rock ledge. From here run jump to the checkboard area with pillars. Draw pistol to kill the dog again. Go to end & jump gap. Pull the block once. Then drop & grab ledge, shimmy to leftside of the block. Push the block once. Use same technique to manage to push block to last tile. When you are done, a cut scene will show that big gate I want you to remember is opened.

Go back there, the floor tiles just behind the opened gate is quite different, they are actually trap doors. Follow the path, pass a small closed gate on your right, to the end. Jump up to grab ceiling & monkeyswing until you see a jumpswitch on right wall. Adjust right before the jumpswitch, save game here. Drop & pull the jumpswitch & you'll see a cut scene shows the small gate you passed not long ago is opened now. You'll fall on a slope ledge, so jump at last moment to grab the ground & then pull up.

Pass the gate to pull a switch to see another cut scenes shows the trap doors are opened. It's a time run but not difficult. When you make it, you can pick up a BROWN CRYSTAL & then slide down ramp to pull the wall switch twice to open half the trap doors, so pull up back the path.

Finally we see a pool

Go to end of path. This time monkeyswing to the point above the 2nd slope ledge. Shimmy left & drop down. Right-curve jump to left. Pull pistol immediately to kill the active evil dog. Go to the big gate & use the brown crystal. Go to end to pull a switch to see a cut scene shows a small gate is opened. Turn around & draw pistol to kill a upcoming evil dog. Go out & follow the grey platform to rightside. Pass the opened gate to reach a new area with a pool on right & a gate behind the pool. There's also a lever on left side & a gate near it. This latter gate is the same gate that's on rightside of the very 1st big gate you saw very earlier (i.e. the place where you get the golden skull #10 on upper level). Push the lever to open this gate first.


Jump into the pool & you see a opening. But first turn around & swim southeast to find a small crack in wall. Swim thru it & follow to end, pull up to pick up SECRET #4(small & large medipack) at end. Now go back the pool.

Pass thru the opening on west side & follow the path & some short gates, then pull up at end. Pull block to the 2 lightgreen tiles before the 2 wall paintings in turn & you'll see a cut scene shows the gate behind the pool is opened now. Remeber the paintings & swim back to the big pool (the short gates have changed the route but I don't know the purpose of this design?) & pull up on west side.

Wall Switch Puzzle

Enter the opened gate. There are 5 wall switches & each switch has a painting above it. Remember the wall painting I want you to remember? If you pull a switch with different painting, you'll get killed by spikes. So pull the switch that has same wall painting. A cut scene shows the very first big gate you saw before is opened & 2 evil dogs come out from there.

Finally the end

Turn around & draw pistol, go around the pool to that gate & finish your last enemies in the midway. Enter the opened big gate. The 2nd big gate is opened itself when you go near it. Pass it & finish this great climbing-up level.