Peru Adventure

Level by Razzi

Walkthrough by Yoav

Quest for the Mask began!

Start in a main room. Notice that you do not have your pistols, so first go east where the skeleton lies, pull him back and take the pistols. Also notice you're limited with the ammo for the pistol. Kill the bat, then shoot the jug in front of the colored door and pick up crossbow explosive ammo, move west over the bush and pick up the Torch. Light it from the east burning pedestal, turn and go back west, light the pedestal and a nearby block is raised. Climb the block and take a standing jump to the south ledge. Leave the cage for a moment and look for a tall keyhole on the west wall.

Step to the middle, jump/grab the ceiling and do a monkeyswing across the room to the north ledge. Look for a tall switch in the west wall and another one in the east wall, throw the lower one and a stone bridge is raised up between the ledges. Cross the room back to the cage, but first deal with two baby dinos. Now pull/push the cage all the way over the bridge and place it under the tall switch, climb onto it and throw the switch and you open some trapdoor. Now, and instead of doing it later, just pull/push the cage back across the bridge again and place it under the tall keyhole in the east wall.

Drop back to the ground and go behind the east pedestal (the flames are now out), climb the ladder and shift left and around the corner to find the open trapdoor. Pull up into a new room with a lot of work to do, but first you have to turn off the flames around you. Carefully head west, climb the cage and jump/grab the high jumpswitch on the south wall, pull it down and you are free to move around. As you can see, there are a few cages around and all of them must be moved. Start with the middle one in the east, pull it once then go around and throw the switch just for raising the trapdoor you climbed through. Now look for a very tall jumpswitch in the west wall, you can reach it by climbing the NE cage with a run and jump, but it's a trap so forget it.

Head over to the cages in the SE and look for a cog row hidden behind them. Your job here is to move all three cages from there one by one, you must use a couple of the other cages to form a bridge to bring the top cage next to the south wall nearby the hut. You accomplish two things: one, you make space to reach the cog row and two, you have to reach a high place on top of the south wall and moving the cages will make it easy for you to climb up there. When it's done, climb the cage and find a receptacle. However, from here you can safety drop down into the small hut and take from the table the Golden Key and from the pedestal the crossbow gun, then climb the small NE square and jump above the fence out from the hut. Note from moderator:  Surely the builder didn't intend this, but you can push one of the cages right through the fence, with Lara following right behind, and get the pickups quite easily that way.  You still need to move the cages out of the corner to access the cog row, however, and that's not as easy as it looks.

Go back down to the main room and climb onto the bridge, head over the cage under the keyhole (how good it is when the cage is already there, you already did it, didn't you?). Climb onto it and use the golden key to open the east colored door. Safety drop down to the ground and follow through the door, kill the dino and bat and push forward the statue. Climb south and reach a small area with a cage, leave the cage as it has a trap in the front. Look for a jug in the north alcove, shoot it and get crossbow explosive ammo, then proceed over to the wooden bridge and climb the south column.

Drop on the other side and look for a switch on the west wall, throw it and the spear gate nearby is open. Get inside, pass three busted swords and run to the end, throw the switch to neutralize the trap in front of the cage you just saw. You also turn on the swords so carefully follow out, jump into the pool and dive to swim south-east and pick up a small medipack. Roll, swim west and look for crossbow poison ammo, keep swimming north-west and get some extra crossbow explosive ammo. Surface and swim over to the wooden bridge, climb up and head over to the cage. A skeleton runs free there, so blow him up, then pull back the cage once and go around to pick up the Inca Idol.

Once again climb the south column and drop down, this time look for a raising block. Climb the block and go into a short passage, leave the zip line alone and run to the end, place the Inca Idol in the receptacle to neutralize another trap. Now go back to the zip line and use it to slide over the ledge in the pool, drop/grab the edge and climb up, get the Coin. Jump into the pool, swim to the wooden bridge and climb up. Kill a native and make your way back up to the room with cages. Climb the cage to the top of the south wall and place the coin in the receptacle to open two doors beyond the stone bridge at the main room.

Go back to the main room and climb the bridge, go through the door you opened W to a big room with an altar in the center. Head over to the north-west column and climb up the ladder but not to the top. Do a backflip and grab the horizontal pole, swing forward and grab the next horizontal pole, swing once and jump forward to land on a column, this is the best time to save your game. Climb down to the bottom N and pick up the Lasersight, climb up and take a running jump over to the rope and grab it. Turn left (east), swing and jump into the alcove on the left for the Crowbar. Drop and grab the edge and shimmy right, climb into the next alcove and get a small medipack. Run and jump, grab the rope again, turn south and swing over to the wall ladder, grab it and move left until you're able to drop onto a high column and pick up there more crossbow normal ammo.

Safety drop to the ground and deal with three dinos, when you're done with them load up your crossbow gun and combine it with the lasersight. Look for hanging medallions from the ceiling, two in the south and another two in the west. Shoot only the right one in the west, then look for a raising block next to the south-west column. Go over there and climb the block and throw the switch on the south wall, this will turn off the flames from both altar sides. Now you've probably noticed that there is some object on one of the altar sides so use the crowbar and pry off the Thing, then go to other side of the altar. As soon as you place the thing you get a wrong screenie, simply go west over to the pedestal and get the missing Cog.

Now, and for the last time, go back up to the cage room, go to the row of cogs in the east wall and bring the missing cog to the peg. A gray door opens in the north wall between two brown blocks. Go over there and be careful, as soon as you enter you trigger three rolling balls, luckily they move slowly so you have time to avoid them. Pick up the flares and run up the slope, stay in the middle and trigger three more rolling balls, quickly run right and trigger a bonus pair of rolling balls. When you reach the end, stand facing the pedestal with the mask. Get ready for the great moment, take the mask and the level ends.