Level by SSJ6Wolf (Jesse G.)


Authorized walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, using detailed notes provided by the builder.


NOTE:  Some players have noted unacceptably slow load times.  If you should experience this, start the game by clicking on the xptomb5.exe icon, not the pctomb5.exe icon.


This level has some of the new moves utilized by the builder in previous levels of the Wolf series.  If you wish to practice these moves, select Lara's Gym from the New Game menu.  (Otherwise, begin regular play by selecting Whiplash.)  Here is the pertinent part of the readme file, documenting these moves, for your convenience:


*Ledge jump - Press either LEFT + DOWN or RIGHT + DOWN while hanging from a ledge to jump up. Hold ACTION to grab a ledge above.


*Crawlspace jump - To cross gaps in front of a crawlspace, press and hold WALK while performing the crawlspace roll (UP arrow plus ACTION) to vault off of the wall. Hold ACTION to grab any edge on the other side.


*Ladder to monkeyswing - At the top of a ladder, if there is a monkeyswing overhead, press WALK and JUMP (keep holding ACTION) to grab onto the bars.


*Ladder jump - Press JUMP and DOWN (or ROLL) to jump straight up on a ladder. Use this for climbing faster or getting above gaps.


Note: To jump off backwards with a turn in midair, use JUMP and UP together; do not use the ROLL key.


*Monkeyswing to ladder - when a climbable surface changes from horizontal to vertical, press DOWN and RIGHT to swing around and grab the overhead ladder (keep ACTION pressed).


* = Only tap DOWN, do not hold it or else Lara may not be able to grab the next surface.


*Monkeyswing 180 - On a monkeyswing press UP and DOWN together to turn and face the other way.


*Sprint jump - Press JUMP while sprinting to perform a sprint jump to cross bigger gaps. A precise approach is to stop at the edge and hop backward three times (about 2.5 tiles). Then press and hold SPRINT, UP, and JUMP at the same time, the sprint jump will take place at the edge. You can use ACTION as with other jumps, and you can follow this jump with another jump upon landing.


*Diving roll - The familiar diving roll is instead done by pressing WALK and JUMP while sprinting.



You begin underwater, so turn to your left and find the hole in the floor.  There's no compass in TR5 levels, so I'll do the best I can to give directions. Swim down and pause for some desert eagle ammo, then continue and swim up the shaft.  Pull up in front of a crawl space.  Crawl through and lower Lara down the ladder on the other side.  Release and slide down into a small outdoor area.  Go toward the barbed wire fence and jump into the icy water.  Swim past the side opening and down into an underwater cavern where you can see the remains of a sunken vessel.  You don't have enough air for sightseeing, so continue swimming straight ahead past the sunken vessel and bear left to enter a small opening in the far wall.  Turn right to follow the passage, and when you reach the intersection dogleg a bit to your right and turn left at the end.  (Just before that to your left is an alcove with uzi ammo, and straight ahead is a depression with more desert eagle ammo, but you should really save these pickups for later.) 


Follow the passage downward and swim through the small room which has a barrier on either side.  Swim down and follow the passage until you reach an air hole at the end.   Pull out of the water and run down the passage to the button at the other end.  When you push it, a trap door opens in the cavern with the sunken ship.  Go back, jump into the water and retrace your strokes to the ship.  When you reach the cavern, swim past the sunken ship, bearing to your right, and locate the hole in the ceiling next to the wall.  Swim up, follow the passage and when you reach another opening above you, swim up to locate the opening where the trap door was removed.  Get some air, then go back and follow the underwater passage to the end for some uzi ammo.  You can also go back now for that ammo mentioned earlier, if you wish. Return to the air hole and pull out into an opening that accesses a base area.


Pull up left and hop down the other side.  You're immediately beset by three wolves, so turn around and pull back up onto the metal barrier where you can dispatch them safely.  Hop back down and search the nearby shelves for some uzi ammo.  Head to the other end of the hall and turn left. Pull up onto the gray block in the corner and turn to face the taller blocks.  Stand jump to the nearest one and grab the edge.  Shimmy around the corners to the right until you reach the next block, then pull up in a crouched position.  Turn to your right to face the wall, bring Lara to one knee and have her draw her pistols.  Shoot out the dark panel, then take a crawl space jump (action key and jump key, with the walk key also held down to make Lara jump across the gap) to the opening in the wall.  Grab the edge, pull up inside and run forward for SECRET #1 and a Golden Rose.  Continue forward and locate a small medipack and some shotgun ammo in the crawl space.  Return and drop down to the floor. 


Go to the opposite corner on this end of the hall and open the trap door in the floor.  Safety drop to the passage below and shoot the guard.  Then pick up the nearby flares and locate another panel to shoot (near where you dropped down).  Pull up into the opening and hop down to your left.  Locate the crawl space and crawl through to the other end.  Use the crawl space roll (jump key) to vault out of the opening.  Enter the crawl space ahead for some uzi ammo, then vault out and pull up right into a channel on the other side of the barbed wire fence you saw earlier.  Head down the track and around the corner, and go into the opening on your left for some uzi ammo and flares.  Continue down the track to an opening on your right.  Go around the crates to your right and locate the ladder.  Jump up to grab the edge, then use the ladder jump (jump and down arrow keys) to clear the gap and grab the upper portion of the ladder.  Pull up to the top and take a standing jump across the gap where the camera angle changes.


Climb the ladder in the wall, shift left and climb up as far as you can.  Use the action, jump and walk keys together to transfer Lara to the monkey bars.  Monkey swing a short distance to the other end, then transfer Lara to the upper ladder by holding down the down and right arrows keys.  Climb to the top and pull up, and camera control will be restored.  Step forward, turn to your right and make sure Lara is lined up with the ledge ahead.  Hop back, jump up onto the facing slope, slide down the other side and jump off at the last instant to grab the ledge.  Pull up and turn to your right.  Shoot out all the windows in the distance (someone else is paying the heating bills) and take a running jump and grab to the long ledge near the windows.  Jump down into the building and take out the waiting guard, then go down the hall away from the closed door and push the first button you come to on your right.  The nearby door opens, so go inside and take care of the guard (whose back is to you) before he has a chance to get off his stool.  Push the button to open doors in an area you've already visited.


Go outside to the hall and push the second button beyond the trap door.  Enter the small room and search the shelves on your right for some flares, then search the cabinets near the wooden bench for the UZIS.  Go back out to the hall and make a horseshoe turn to the right.  Enter the bathroom to disturb a guard making use of the facilities.  After disposing of him, locate the high crawl space in the corner of the bathroom and pull up into a duct.  Follow to where you can stand up, and continue through the next crawl space until you reach the gap.  Use the crawl space jump to clear the gap, and pull up on the other side.  Follow to the end and use the crawl space roll (jump key) to vault down.  Pull up on the other side and use the next crawl space to drop down into a lower room.  You'll attract the attention of a guard, so kill him before searching the nearby cabinet for the SILVER KEY. 


Leave this room and find yourself in the area where you shot out the windows earlier.  Go down the hall and pull open the trap door in the floor.  Use the ladder to climb down into another area you've already visited.  Go up the ramp to find the double doors you opened by pushing the button upstairs.  Shoot two waiting wolves and search the two cabinets around the corner for some uzi ammo.  Pull a CROWBAR off the wall, but let's save the nearby water hole for later.  Go back to the ladder and run past it to those metal barriers you dropped down from earlier (with the shelves just to the right).  Pull up and hop down the other side.  Jump into the water hole and swim back to the wall opening in the cavern with the sunken ship.  Continue until you can pull out into the snowy area where you began this level.  Note the nearby horizontal bar.  Step up into the alcove at the left end of the barbed wire fence, jump up to grab the slope, pull up and slide down the other side.  Jump off at the last instant and grab the bar.  Swing around once and release to jump over the structure ahead.


On the other side, pull up into the icy path and follow the ravine until you meet up with a guard.  Kill him, then look up to your left to see the near wall of a wooden hut.  Take a standing jump to reach a flat spot near the corner of the hut, then hop up to an icy ledge with the wall of the hut to your left.  Walk forward as far as you can, then take a running jump with a midair curve to the left to land on the roof of the hut.  Turn around and take a standing jump up the slope to the highest point of the roof.  Turn left, walk to the edge of the roof and face the ice pillar.  Take a sprint jump across the gap and grab the top edge of the pillar.  Pull up and take a running jump over the promontory ahead.  You'll find a crawl space to your left upon landing, so use it to access a ladder and release to slide into some knee-deep water. Pick up the shotgun ammo, the SHOTGUN, a large medipack, more shotgun ammo in the dry alcove, and finally a Golden Rose for SECRET #2.


Climb up the blocks in the opposite corner and turn to face a horizontal icicle.  Take a running jump to grab it, and release to land right in front of the crawl space.  Crawl through to the other side and slide down to the ravine below.  Go to the other side of the hut and find a crowbar door in the ice wall adjacent to the hut.  Enter (you may need to light a flare) and shoot the barrier on the other end.  Go inside the next room and shoot the guard on your right.  Pick up the small medipack he drops, then search the shelves for a SWIPE CARD. 


Leave the hut, go back along the ravine and turn left into the alcove.  Pull up onto the ice block to your right, take a standing jump up the slope and slide down the other side to return to the place where you began this level.  Run across to the other side and jump into the water.  Swim into the cavern with the sunken ship, turn left and locate the hole in the ceiling, swim along the passage to the air hole, and pull up into the base.  Get across the barrier to your left and run down the hall to the other end.  Turn left and enter the room where you got the crowbar.  Jump into the water and follow the passage down (pausing for desert eagle ammo along the way if you wish) until you reach an air hole that provides access to a vessel.  Pull up inside and use the Swipe Card to release a submarine that smashes the barriers you saw much earlier.


Jump back into the water and locate the new opening very near the air hole.  Enter and follow the passage upward until you surface in a river near a building.  Pull out on the building side of the river and jump into an opening in the ice at the left corner for some uzi ammo.  Jump back out and run alongside the building to alert a couple of wolves.  After shooting them, run around the building until you reach a wall with a lone window.  Face the ice wall with the lighter block in the corner.  There's a crack there.  Jump up to grab the crack, then perform a ledge jump (down and right arrow keys) to grab the edge of the crawl space above.  Pull up into the crawl space and hang from the edge on your left.  Perform a second ledge jump and pull up for a large medipack at the other end of the ledge.  Go back to where you pulled up, hang drop from the edge and grab the crawl space below.  Pull up inside and follow up and around to your left.  When you reach the end, do a crawl space jump to grab the ladder ahead.  Shimmy to your left, around two corners.  When you've gone as far as you can go, climb down into the triangular portion of the ladder and take a rolling back flip from there to grab the crack in the pillar behind you.  Shimmy to your left, around two corners again, and pull up onto an ice ledge.


Turn to your left and start climbing the ice ledges.  When you get to the far edge, with the building on your left and the river down below on your right, take a sprint jump to grab the ledge ahead.  Pull up, turn to your left and jump through the opening into the building.  Search the shelves for the DESERT EAGLE, then push the button next to the wooden crate to open the double doors to your left (a shortcut for later).  Reverse roll and hop through the opening down to the ice ledge.  Take a running jump across the river and grab the ice ledge on the other side.  Pull up and run toward the closed double doors. Open them with your Silver Key and step inside.


Head down the stairs to your left and around the corner to your right.  You're facing a large room, so hop down to the green roof of a small building and slide down to the floor.  You're greeted by a wolf and a guard.  Take shelter and shoot the wolf first, then lure the guard away from the crates in the corner before killing him.  He didn't drop the LASER SIGHT when I shot him while he was still on the crates.  After claiming your prize, climb one of the tall pillars next to the building and back flip onto the green roof.  Vault up onto the higher metal platform and note the slightly askew door covering the door beyond the horizontal pole.  Shoot it with your pistols, then take a running jump to the metal pillar and turn around to take out the guard positioned high above you.  Face the horizontal pole and take a running jump to it.  Swing around once and release to land inside the opening. 


Light a flare and follow the dark passage to the end.  Take a standing jump up the slope and pull up to your left.  Slide down the slope and you'll kick open the grate as you descend.  Turn around, jump up to grab the opening and wait until Lara's feet find the ladder.  Use the ladder jump (jump and down arrow keys together, and in this case press the up arrow key near the peak of your jump so that Lara will grab the upper portion of the ladder) and climb to the top.  Transfer Lara to the monkey bars (walk and jump keys together) and monkey swing forward.  Turn left at the end and go to the very edge.  Press the down and right arrow keys together to make Lara turn and jump up through the hole in the ceiling.  Press the up arrow key near the apex of her jump so she'll grab the edge of the hole.  Pull up into an upper room and search the shelves for some shotgun ammo and a Golden Rose for SECRET #3.  There's some more shotgun ammo at the far corner of this room (you need to crouch to pick it up), but be wary of the holes in the floor (there are more than the one you pulled up through).


Safety drop through one of the holes to a metal bridge below.  Stand at the edge with the green-roofed building to your right, and take a running jump and grab to the bridge across the room.  Pull up and run a short distance to your right.  Turn right and face the alcove.  The tile there is lethal, so take a sprint jump and grab the horizontal bar above it.  Swing around and release to land safely on the roof.  Run forward and push the button to create an opening in the bridge structure.  Turn left and take a sprint jump and grab from the lower edge of the ramped tile back to the previous bridge.  Pull up and turn right to find the opening you just now created.  Take a running jump with grab to land inside.  Enter the room and search the cabinets for uzi ammo and desert eagle ammo.


Combine the desert eagle and the laser sight, then look up from the corner where you searched the cabinets and locate the golden lock.  Shoot it to shatter the glass ceiling and release a card.  You can't pick it up, even while crouching, but note the number on it (2628).  Go back to the entrance of this room and get down to the floor below.  If you're at full health, you can safety drop from here if you wish to save some time.  Enter the building with the green roof, and when you approach the keypad on the wall the trap door in the cone-shaped structure just outside will open.  There's some uzi ammo on the floor, but an invisible barrier keeps you from reaching it unless you approach from the far right side. 


Go outside to the cone-shaped structure and safety drop through the hole to a shallow canal.  As you splash along the canal an alarm sounds and you're attacked by two wolves and a guard.  Kill them all, then continue forward to the intersection.  You'll find some flares in the branch to your right, some uzi ammo in the branch to your left.  Continue along the canal until you reach the irregular block.  Hop onto the ledge to the right of the block and turn to find that in theory the block is moveable.  However, you can neither pull nor push it.  Look down at the central structure in the room below and shoot out the two windows on either end for later.  The window in the middle seems to be impregnable. 


Take a running jump to the catwalk along the wall to your right.  Run forward a bit and hop down to the perpendicular lower catwalk.  Jump up to grab the monkey bars of the upper catwalk, and monkey swing in the direction opposite from where you came.  When the markings on the ceiling change, turn left and use the down and right arrow keys to transfer Lara to the ladder.  Climb to the top and pull up. Turn around and take a running jump and grab to the icicle.  Swing around and release to grab a crack in the pillar ahead.  Shimmy left around the corners until you reach a crawl space.  Pull up into the crawl space and line up with the next icicle.  Save your game here, as this next part is tricky. Take a crawl space jump (using all three of those keys, remember) to the first icicle, then swing off and grab the second icicle.  Swing to the slope ahead, and the instant you land take a rolling back flip to the second icicle and grab it.  I found it impossible to slide down the slope, grab the edge, pull up and take a rolling back flip at leisure to grab the icicle. Swing around and release to land on an ice ledge. 


Safety drop from the edge as you face the direction from which you started the previous sequence.  You'll lose a modest amount of health when you land on a sloped ice ledge.  Hop down (watch out for the nearby illegal slope, or you might get stuck and have to reload) and follow the passage around the corner to a small room with a red bar suspended above a sign marked "fuel supply."  Pull the bar once to turn on some lights and alert a nearby sentry.  Stand at the edge of the "fuel supply" sign, facing the white slope, and jump up to grab a ladder.  Pull up into a computer room and push the button to open the door and reveal the source of those marching footsteps.  There's a seemingly immortal android in the next room, and he's fully armed.  Shoot him until the metal in his face starts to show.  You can retreat as necessary into the previous room, where he (hopefully) won't follow you. 


Once you have some exposed metal, retreat to restore your health if necessary, then run back into the larger room and avoid the android's fire as you run all the way around the central structure.  Look for an ice ramp on the floor.  Step up to its highest point and jump up to grab the catwalk.  Pull up and jump to the top of the central structure.  Run to the other end and hang from the edge above one of the windows you shot out earlier.  An invisible barrier prevented me from using the window on the right, so I was obliged to use the window on the left.  Release, grab the edge of the window below and pull up into the structure.  Step forward and push the button.  Go around to the other side and crouch under the light to pick up some flares. 


Hop down through the window and run past the android around the central structure.  Use the ice ramp to access the lower catwalk, then hop up to the higher perpendicular catwalk.  Walk toward the irregular block and note that a trapdoor has been raised near it.  Hop to the trapdoor and pull and push the block onto it.  The area below becomes partially flooded, but the android is too smart to stumble into the water and electrocute himself.  So you need to go back down and distract him sufficiently so that he makes contact with the water.  The best way to do that is to go to the corner of the central structure where you find the flooded section, and jump back and forth from one corner to the next until the frustrated android finally slips while chasing you and falls into the water hole.  Once you've accomplished that task, stay away from the water, as it is now electrified. 


Go up the catwalks again and return to the irregular block.  Push it back to its former position (watch out, there's electrified water up there, too) to drain the area down below.  Get back down there and locate the android's body (or, that is, where it used to be).  Pick up the SILVER KEY he dropped, then pull back up out of the hole and use the catwalk to get back onto the roof of the central structure.  Go to the other end and hop down to the catwalk below.  Enter a new area and make your way forward to the closed double doors.  Use the Silver Key to open the left one. 


Safety drop a long distance (losing a moderate amount of health) to the doorway to a new room.  However, before you can approach the artifact inside a wolf-like creature comes along and grabs it.  Pull up and attempt to give chase.  However, when you hop into the shimmering opening in the wall on your right, the level ends abruptly.