Legend of Ancients 4-6


Levels by Adrian Stachowiak


Walkthrough by Josť


[NOTE]: the compass directions are changed so, if you go N and turn right you'll go W and when turning left you'll go E. In this walkthrough I'll always refer to the red tip of the compass. [End note]





Initial room


Once you fall, jump back over the slope behind and immediately jump to pull the high jumpswitch to open a door in the next room. Advance, shoot the scorpion and enter through the now open door in S wall. Pick up the crowbar and shoot the W vase to get uzi clips. Go out and near the entrance pick up a Scroll which says:


"Birds will show you the way..."


Use your crowbar in the nearby crowbar lever to open the doors in N wall; go there, pick up the flares in the NE corner, shotgun shells in the NW corner and enter through the N open doors.


The torch


Go up the stairs and in the next room with a small pool in its center pick up the shotgun shells near the E wall [Note: You can also find the handy shotgun on one of the blocks] and locate the moveable block in the NW corner. Move it over the scarab tile near the W wall in the other side to open the door in N wall. Go there and through the corridor to another small room with a demigod. You can kill it easily from the corridor with your pistols; he can't hurt you there. In the NE corner of this room there is a wall switch with a suspicious tile under it. Pull the switch and quickly jump back to avoid the spikes. The N door is open now. Go there and through the right corridor to a room with a pedestal and another suspicious tile under it. Jump into the water and swim to the N side of the block under the column. Pull the underwater switch to deactivate the spikes in the pedestal. Notice the raised block at the end of the N water channel; you'll be back here later. Finally go out of the water and pick up the torch from the pedestal.


The first Golden Vraeus


Return to the room where you killed the demigod and go left to light your torch. Go to the S entrance of this room but don't return to the room with the small pool, but go through the right corridor to another area. Light the wall sconce in the S wall and a trapdoor opens somewhere. Pick up the flares near the E wall and a small medipack in the small room with the plants. Now return to the room with the small pool (W and S). Go right and near the NE corner is the trapdoor you heard opening few moments ago. Drop into the hole and light a flare to see shotgun shells and the first Golden Vraeus.


The second Golden Vraeus


Return to the room with the dead demigod and through the N door. This time go left. Open the first crowbar door to your right and shoot the furniture to get shotgun shells and a large medipack. Go outside, right (E) and open the next crowbar door to find uzi clips into a seat and a timed wall switch. Pull the switch and run out of this room, right and left to find the open door. In this new room shoot the dog and find a jumpswitch in the E wall near the green plant. Pull it to lower a block in the right side of this plant. Go there, shoot the scorpions and jump into the water hole at the end. In the new water room, pull the lever in the NE corner (what does it trigger?). Now you can return faster to the previous room by using an underwater crawlspace in the NW corner. Go N to the end and climb the NE pillar; use the N ledges to reach the NW pillar. Face S and use the rope (aaaah, the lever triggered the rope!) to reach the next S pillar; use the monkeyswing to reach the next sloped pillar in the corner; drop down, slide, jump to the next ledge and finally get the second Golden Vraeus from the SE block. Make your (long) way to return to the initial room.


Lowering a block


Use the two Golden Vraeus in their receptacles in the E wall to open the nearby doors. Go through either door to arrive in a large room. Kill two demigods and explore the room to find shotgun shells and uzi clips. Notice the receptacle in the W side of the block under the gray S column near the central pool (E side) for later. There is nothing more to do here so, go to either opening in NE or NW corners to a new dangerous room. There are two golden moveable vases in NE and NW corners, a door in the N wall and some scarab tiles in the ceiling. First look to the ceiling to see the marked tiles you can't step on (spikes), and the routes you can follow to safety go near the vases. When you enter into this room, spikes are deactivated in front of the north door. First, follow the safe route to the vase at NE corner and move it carefully three tiles S and one tile W under the scarab ceiling tile (you'll need to jump over it). This manoeuvre deactivate some spikes near the other vase. Go there and move it one tile S and one tile W under the scarab tile. This opens the door in the N wall. Go there and enter (the spikes in front of the door are already deactivated); shoot the scorpions, pick up the shotgun shells and pull the jumpswitch in the SE corner to deactivate the spikes near the first vase. Go there and finally push it two times S under the last scarab tile (what does it make happen?). A door has opened in the previous room so, go there and in this new small room pull the wall switch to see a screenshot of a block lowering somewhere.


The Demigod Key


But... Where is that block??? Do you remember the water room where you picked up the torch from the pedestal? That is the place so, take the long way back there: return to the large room with the dead demigods, to the initial room and from here always N and right in the junctions till you eventually arrive in that room. Go to the N water channel and through the opening to a water maze. Enter and wait in the first tile to shoot a croc. Go W and always to the right till you find shotgun shells in a niche. Continue W and right at the first junction, shoot a croc and see a red coloured zone straight ahead. Go there and find a wall switch to your right. Pull it to open a door somewhere. Return to the place where you killed the second croc; go left,right and left to return to the entrance of this maze (you can explore the W area if you want to get uzi clips). From here go E till the end and then turn S to find another red coloured zone. Go there, find the open door and pick up the Demigod Key (screenshot of the place with the receptacle). Now you can explore the N side of this area to find a large medipack if you want. Return to the entrance of this maze (from the door, N and W, looking to your right at the junctions). From here, take the long way back to the initial room and to the large room with the two dead demigods.


Spiked ledges


As I said before, the receptacle for the key is in the W side of the block under the gray S column near the central pool (E side). Place the key to open the trapdoors at the bottom of the pool. Dive in and emerge in a dark room. Pick up the shotgun shells near the E plant and go S. Save your game here. There are timed spikes in the next ledges and the floor is deadly. Stand in the border of the tile right of the fire emitter and do a step back; take a single jump over the first ledge, a running jump over the second ledge and turn right and run near the very corner onto the next ledge (Lara will do a small feint to fall but she'll pass). This small ledge is safe. Position Lara at the very E edge facing W and do a running jump to land at the very edge of the next ledge. From here you must do the same tricky jump to reach the next ledge, but I only could get it from the left tile. After this last jump you enter in a room with six columns.


Wall swiches with fire emitters


Go through the N corridor and in this new room there are three wall switches with timed fire emitters. You must pull all three switches without being toasted, but the time to do it is very short so, situate Lara near the corner of the alcoves and move her quickly to do this tasks. Moreover, a nasty skeleton appears behind you to make things more difficult so, be patient and finally you'll get it. When the three switches are pulled, return to the room with the columns and go through the W opening; the doors are open here. Slide down the ramp and follow to a room with many columns.


A third Golden Vraeus


Shoot two dogs and explore this room to find a large medipack and shotgun shells. Continue S to the next room. Turn right and go up the ramp avoiding the deadly scarab tiles. At the top, kill the demigod and go through the opening. You are now at the top of the large room where you placed the Demigod Key before. Turn right, take a running jump to land onto the sloped ledge in the corner and jump to the next flat ledge. From here use the central broken pillars and the ledge in the W wall to reach the width platform in N wall. Pick up the small medipack from the pedestal, and jump over the E hole to get the Golden Vraeus from another pedestal. Now you have to return to the room with many columns so, return there the way you came using the high ledges and the broken pillars doing curved running jumps and beware of the scarab tiles when you go down the ramp.


The first secret


Once near the golden doors, go W and left to use the Golden Vraeus. Enter and climb the ladder; turn right and jump onto the next N ledge; jump again to the next and there is a crawlspace to your right. Go in and pick up SECRET#1: a small medipack and shotgun shells. (When Lara is ducking, she refuses to pick up the goodies, but if you press the spacebar so she is more erect, it'll be no problem to get them. Return to the ledges and continue jumping N to the very end. Pull the lever to open the golden doors; safety drop down to ground floor and run S and down the ramp to finish this first and long level.





The Cartouche Piece 1


After the flyby shoot the vase to get some flares and go through the N opening; shoot the scorpion, enter in a large room (which I'll call "the Main Room") and shoot two dogs. Explore the area to find flares and shotgun shells; there are some closed doors and a receptacle for a cartouche too. From this receptacle, go S and a bit left, light a flare to see a different texture between the pillars; climb the N pillar till the crack (right side) and jump back to land onto the top of the S pillar. Face SE and jump to grab the high crawlspace; enter and get (press the spacebar before) SECRET#2: a small medipack and uzi clips. Go back to ground floor and return to the top of the S pillar like you did before. This time stand in the very SE corner and do a standing jump SW to grab another ladder. Climb and save your game at the top. Enter into the new room and run fast to the tile where the Cartouche Piece 1 is; you are sure here. Observe the room now: there are a large medipackand uzi clips in the corners; there are two closed doors in SE and SW corners too. I recommend you to forget the goodies; you'll lose a lot of health. Pick up the Cartouche Piece 1 and the doors open. Go through the SE opening (the other door is a trap) and slide to another area with a bull and some scorpions. In this new room go S and W to find the lever which opens the exit near the bull was before. You can pick up shotgun shells near the lever too. Anyway, pull the lever and go E and N to return to the main room.


Around the top of the room


Now go to the far SW corner of this main room and look N to find another ladder. Pick up the nearby small medipack and climb to the top. You can't see it from this pillar, but position Lara in the very SE corner and do a standing jump SE with a right curve around the slanted corner to land on a flat triangular ledge behind. From here, a tricky running jump NE with a right curve saving the first corner to grab another ladder in the far next pillar. Climb a bit and shimmy around the corner to drop onto a flat ledge. Now another running jump N-NW to the next ledge and a jump to the NE ledge. Situate Lara in the S edge of this ledge and do a standing jump N to grab the climbable wall (Lara refuses to grab it near the wall); shimmy left and around the corners till you can drop on a safe ledge; finally pull the switch and safety drop to ground floor.


Three vases puzzle


Enter through the nearby NE opening and slide down the ramp, falling into a room with three moveable vases. Pick up flares in a nearby alcove. I don't know where's the hint to move the vases, but first I moved all them from the alcoves in a N-S direction over the marked tiles in the floor, but nothing happened. Now I moved the central vase over the other nearby marked tile E and a door opened in the W side of the room. I did the same manoeuvre with the most E vase and a second room opened. Finally I moved the most W vase over the marked tile in the most SW corner and the final door opened. Enter in the new small room, pick up the uzis from the pedestal and pull the lever to open a door in the main room. Go out and use the ladder at the end of the corridor in front of you to return to the initial room; shoot a dog and go back to the main room.


The Cartouche Piece 2


The door you've opened with the lever is in the E wall, with a fire inside. Go in and through the E passage to a water room. Jump into the water, pick up the flares and pull the underwater switch in the E wall to deactivate the fire emitters in the central ledge with the lever. It's timed so, quickly swim NW to go out of the water, up the stairs, a running jump to the central ledges and pull the lever there. Jump into the water again and a door have opened in the NE corner. Follow the path, climb the ladder at the end, pick up the small medipack and enter in a room with three closed doors and five raised tiles. The exit door opens when you enter. When you step over a raised tile, a door can open but also releases a dog. All the niches behind the doors have torches so, you only need to open one of the doors; but if you are not member of the animal's protectress you can walk over all tiles to open all three doors and kill all the hound dogs. Anyway pick up a torch and exit through the SW opening picking up the flares in your way. Throw the torch to save the low ceiling in the passage and light it in the wall sconce. Return to the water room. Leave the torch on the stairs, jump into the water and use the underwater switch again to take off the fires in the central ledges. Quickly swim to the stairs, pick up the torch and take a running jump to the central ledges with the lever. From here, another running jump to the S ledge. Light the incense burner to open the nearby doors. It can happens that the doors doesn't open; this is 'cause you light the burner from the E tile; in this case you only need to step on the tile under the burner to open the doors. Enter either door and pick up the Cartouche Piece 2. Return to the main room.


Four vases puzzle


Combine the cartouche pieces and use the Ba Cartouche in its receptacle. A block lowers behind you. Go there and slide into a small room. Shoot the vases to get a large medipack and continue to the next room. First push the lever in the central room to open a door in the NE alcove. Lure the mummie to this small room and quickly go out and push the lever again to lock the mummie in and not disturb you in the future. Well, in the SW, SE, NE and NW corners are four alcoves with four moveable vases. Over each vase, in the wall, there is a tile with a sign, and in the floor of each alcove there is a tile with a sign too. You need to move the vases over the respective floor tiles with the same signs they have in the walls. Do it so: NW vase in the SE alcove, NE vase in the same (NE) alcove, SW vase in the NW alcove and SE vase in the SW alcove. Finally a door opens in the center room. Don't forget to pick up the shotgun shells in the SE alcove and go there.


Scarabs room


Slide down the ramp, jump over the hole with the spikes and jump over the next hole keeping jumping from slope to slope till the trapdoor closes. Slide down the new ramp and fall into a room with scarabs. In this room the vases are empty and there's only a pack of shotgun shells near the E wall. There are four wall switches in the corners. Pull them all using medipacks if necessary to open the S door. Go there and step over the first tile to activate the scissors. Go back to the scarabs room and judge the time to jump over the hole avoiding the scissors. Once in the other side you are safe. In the next room pull the well dissimulated jumpswitch in the NE corner to lower blocks in the center of the the room. Drop down to the next room and run E to exit this level.





The first Demigod Key


Advance to a pit with a pole in its center and three openings in E, S and N sides. The E opening is the exit, so lets go to the S opening first. Pick up the uzi clips from the pedestal and go either side to a room with a lever and three closed doors. Push the lever to open the E and W doors. Shoot the ameths, go to the W room to pick up a large medipack and in the E room shoot the vase to open a trapdoor in the S side. Enter and pull the switch to open the third door in the upper room. Go there, shoot the ameth, pick up the small medipack in the plants near the E wall, push the levers to open the grated door and finally pick up the first Demigod Key. Go back to the pit with the pole.


Opening a door


This time go through the N opening, drop into the room and go E to trigger three spikeballs. Wait for the balls in the NE corner behind the hole and when one of them drops into the hole, quickly jump W to avoid another one. Drop yourself into the hole and jump over the quiet spikeball. It's easy to fall into the hole with the spikeball; then you must run and jump many times till you eventually get the other side. You'll arrive to the scale room. To your left is the small waterskin (NE corner) and in the SW corner there is a water hole where you'll find the large waterskin. Look to the walls: there are four wall textures with a water symbol. So, use the waterskins to get four litres in the large waterskin and use it in the scale. (Fill the large and combine it with the small, drain the small and combine the large with the small, fill the large and combine it with the small). A trapdoor opens behind you giving you access to a new room. In this room there are a small medipack and two moveable blocks (one grey and another blue higher). Unfortunately there is also a skeleton to disturb you. Your goal is to move the blocks to the E side of this room to can climb to the high opening E. Make your way to move the blocks over the path all the way to the E avoiding the nasty skeleton and finally use them to reach the high opening. Once up, push the lever at your right to see a door opening somewhere, jump to the S passage, pass the moving blocks and follow the path to return to the pit with the pole.


The second Demigod Key


The door you've opened is at the bottom of the pit so, use the pole to safety land on ground floor and go through the new opening. There is another maze with spike traps and fire emitters (and another skeleton to disturb you, aaaahhgg!!!). There are some floor tiles with a characteristic texture which activate the spikes so you can access to another corridors in the maze. Go right and pick up a small medipack; the texture behind it is a spike trap so, remember it. Turn around and take the second passge to your right, walk over the texture in SE corner (remember the draw) to activate the spikes somewhere. Go back to the main corridor and always to your right till you find another of this textured tiles near a fire emitter; step over it and go back to the entrance of the maze. In fron of the entrance the are some active spikes, pass them and go to the right of the fire emmiter, pass the spikes to find another of this "good" textures. Return to the entrance and go S to the first fire emitter you found; pass it and take the first to your left to activate the spikes few tiles back. Now turn around and go N passing two sets of spikes to finally get the second Demigod Key. But don't go back to the exit yet; continue N to find another fire emitter (this is permanent) and follow to find another of this "good" tiles; this one will take off the fire in this last fire emitter so, go there and find SECRET#3: a large medipack and two stashes of uzi ammo. Make your way to return to the pit with the pole the way you came.


The final battle


Climb the pole and this time take the E opening. Look for shotgun ammo and uzi clips in the side ledges and place the keys at the end to open the door. In the next room look for a small medipack, uzi clips and another shotgun. The next door is already open, and now you have two options:


1.- Deal with the demigods and Seth in a fiery and very hard battle to finally destroy him. If you choose this option, around the room there are some pickups to help you in this task: a small medipack, a large medipack, shotgun shells and uzi clips. Or...


2.- Avoid the battle with those hard enemies and go directly to the next part of the game and get the Stone of Energy with no problems. In this case, once you've entered into the room, jump to the central island to deactivate some spikes in the N side of this large room. Go N and jump over the now safe ledges in the water to reach the N opening and continue reading the "The Stone of Energy" section below.


Destroying Seth


In this large room you'll have to move yourself fast if you don't want to be toasted by the mortal rays of Seth. Go left (S) and try to kill the first demigod; quickly go N and try to kill another demigod. Now you have to pick up the two Demigod Keys they dropped when died so, don't stop moving and pick up this two keys near the dead corpses. To make things more easy, once you've killed them you can save your game and reload, and the cadavers will have disappeared and the keys will be more visible. Use the keys in the small pillars near the E wall to extinguish the fires in the levers. Push the three levers to open a door in S wall. Use the slopes over the deadly water in the S to reach the open door: jump to the most left slope and slide to the very end, jump trying to land over the most S edge of the next slope and jump again with a hard left curve to jump again two more slopes and grab the edge of the S opening with the open door. Enter and you are safe here. Pick up the large medipack, push the levers in E and W rooms (in this last one pick up shotgun shells) and a new demigod appears in the central room. Kill him and pick up the small medipack he drops. Now go to the S room and shoot the four blue crystals in the corners to take off the fire in the pit with the switch. Now pull the switch to destroy Seth. Go back to the entrance door, turn a bit right and do a running jump onto the small slope, another jump to grab the edge of the tall slope and you're back in the central ledges of the large room.


The Stone of Energy


Jump to the central island to deactivate some spikes in the N side of this large room. Go N and jump over the now safe ledges over the poison water to reach the N opening. In the next room, go up the right stairs to the block in the SE corner. From the NE corner of the block, take a running jump with a left curve to the next pillar when the spikes are gone and, without stop, another running jump to grab the ladder in the SW corner. Climb and grab the crack in W wall and shimmy to the left. From the corner ledge, another running jump to the E ledge and from here, a last running jump to the central pillar where the Stone of Energy is. Pick up the stone and jump into the water.


The escape


Go out of the water and through the E passage you came from to this room. A door have open at the end (right side). Enter and use the climbable wall to get to the top. Pick up the small medipack (do you need it now?) and pass the moving pillars. Follow the path and soon you'll find a wall switch to your right. This switch is timed so, pull it and quickly run N around the walls always to the right, crawl, and cross the hopefully open door. Save your game. Jump over the hole and facing E do some jumps back to trigger a rolling spike ball. Quickly run and jump over the hole. Once the danger has gone, jump over the hole again and follow the path to finish this laborious adventure.