Level by Codo & Nadine

Walkthrough by José

Notice the Snowmobile Key already in your inventory when you start the level. Mount the snowmobile and drive SE to the next cave. Continue and use the E ramp to jump the pit, drive S and watch out for rolling snowballs. At the end turn SW and jump the pit again to its W side. Watch out for falling ice blocks and dismount to get SECRET#1: an ice rose on a ledge to the left N. When you pick it up some small spiders appear (and the mother too) so, quickly mount the snowmobile again and follow the path breaking an ice wall, watching out for more falling ice blocks and killing another big spider with the vehicle. Continue driving S till the camera view changes. Then go W till the camera view is restored and you are over a frozen blue small lake. Dismount and go back E running near the N side of the path you came from (camera view changes again) and when you are near the tree, turn right to discover SECRET#2: another ice rose. Go back to the snowmobile and use it to drive through the high N opening arriving to a big and deep icy canyon. Continue driving N over the narrow ledge and slowly; at the end you'll break an icy stone and a snowball will fall, breaking the ice at the bottom of a hole down in the canyon. Continue driving N and park the snowmobile over the frozen blue lake in front of the castle.

Return to the canyon and find the small opening in the floor SW, near where you broken the icy stone with the snowmobile. Use the ladder to safety descend to the bottom of a small cave. There you'll find the Palace Key. Now, approach to the border of the pit and face SE; you'll see a flat ledge in the fog. Jump there, drop, grab the edge (finally you get rid of those nasty spiders) and shimmy right to find SECRET#3: another icy rose. Return to the small cave where the key was the same way you came. Once in the cave, take a running jump to grab the tall E climbable column; shimmy around two corners and climb to the top; climb the W ledge and turn right; you can see some trees to the S. Go there and near the last tree find SECRET#4: anothere icy rose. Make your way to follow the path to the N to return to the place where you left the snowmobile. Continue N (the snowmobile is useless now) and use the key to open the double doors of the castle.

Enter and at the end of the corridor go right and right again to a courtyard. Use the timed switch in W wall to open the doors in the W side of the previous corridor; quickly go there. Continue and enter into a big room with pillars; explore the area and shoot two big spiders. There's a ladder in a pillar in the S side of this room; climb it and when you are in the last step, jump back with a roll to grab the edge of the N ledge behind. Runjump all the central ledges to the last N pillar to find a switch; this switch opens a door below in the SW corner of the room so, pull it. From here, if you jump to the ledge in E wall you'll find a button. It's timed, and it raises a trapdoor in the far S side of the room to can reach the high SE opening, but it's not necessary 'cause you can reach that SE opening without that trapdoor so, it's your choice to use this button. Anyway, the purpose of the builders is to use this button so, press it, turn left and run and jump all the ledges in the E side of this room to finally land onto the raised trapdoor and jump to that SE high opening. (If you don't want to do this timed run, you can go to the last SE ledge and from the very S corner take a running jump with a left curve to the right side of the S opening). Go W and use the ladder to go down. Jump onto the snowflake tiles in a S direction to finally find another ladder in the SE corner of this room and reach the high ledge with the pedestal and get the first Celaeno. Now run off the ledge in a NE direction to land over the snowflake tile below. Continue using the next snowflake tiles and when you are on the tile near the ledge with the ladder, take a running jump NE to find SECRET#5: another icy rose. Use the white tiles to return to the ladder (first a running jump with a hard right curve to grab the edge of the SW tile), climb up and safety descend to the bottom of the big room using the S ladder.

Turn left and go through the open door in W wall you've opened before with the high switch. Safety drop in a W corridor and go S. At the junction turn left, shoot the vases and use the button in the corner. Now go E up the steps and in this new room shoot the fairy and climb the SW block you've raised when pressing the button. Use the narrow ledges around the room doing running jumps with curves to reach the ladder in E wall. Climb up the ladder and get the Golden Gem from the pedestal in SW corner. A bunch of small snowflakes attack (locusts) so run over the ledges around the room till they disappear. Safety drop to ground floor, go down the stairs and straight passing the button into the W room. Use the gem to open the courtains and enter in an outside couryard. Don't jump into the water, it's very cold and you'll lose health each second you are in. Go to the left arch behind the tree and get a Bunch of Keys from a pedestal in a SE niche. Use Ctrl to open the double doors behind the pedestal and climb the ladder to get rid of the small spiders and return to the entrance of the castle (if the doors are closed you only have to approach to the switch left of the doors).

Go E and left into another courtyard; shoot the vases in NW corner to find flares and use the timed switch in E wall to open the big doors in the E side of the corridor. In this new outside courtyard go all the way N and climb the ladder there. Advance and go right up a ramp; you arrive at the pipes room. Climb the left blocks and walk a bit N till the camera view changes. You must move the moveable pieces with the pipes so the water flows to the N room behind the glass. Do it so: pull the two most N moveable pieces two tiles E so they're connected with the N pipe; now go W behid this pieces and move the piece in the corner of the central structure one tile N to connect it with the other two pieces; now move the piece which was to the left of this third piece you moved one tile N; finally jump over the solid E block and from the other side move the last logic piece one tile W to connect the other pieces with the S pipe: a sound of water flowing is heared. The N room behind the glass is filled now and the water filled the adjacent room too. Go there through the opening in W wall, jump into the cold waters and quickly pick up the second Celaeno from the sloped ledge between the spikes. Go out of the water and SE to shoot the vases and get the small medipack. Use the nearby SE opening to return to the outside courtyard.

Go directly S and use your bunch of keys in the keyhole left of the square door. Go dowm the ramp to a room where the Unicorn is locked and a fairy awaits you. Follow the fairy and she will open the doors of the main hall of the castle.. Enter and shoot a fairy. Jump into the central pool and dive fast through the W underwater passage, always to the left to find SECRET#6: another ice rose. It seems that the water is not so cold here, but when you abandone this tile the health descend again so quickly go all the way to the W to pick up the third Celaeno and return to the central pool using medipacks if necessary.

Now go through the N passage and shoot the vases in the corner to find a small medipack. Continue and in the first room to your left there is the last Celaeno you need and another ice rose, but you still can't pick them up (notice the trapdoors in the holes). Drop either hole and follow the E crawlspace, climb the ladder at the end (hard to grab, I had to move Lara diagonally with sidesteps left or right till I got it) and in the new room there is a wall switch (timed) right near the entrance and three closed doors in W wall. Pull the switch and run to the SW door first; shoot the vases to find SECRET#7: another ice rose. Return to the switch. This time pull the switch and go to the NW door, run like fool down the stairs and right and right again into the room with the ice rose and the Celaeno to pick up the fourth Celaeno before the trapdoors fall. If you want SECRET#8: another ice rose, you must go again through the E crawlspace, climb the ladder again, use the switch and do again the timed run down the stairs and to the last set of trapdoors before they fall. It's more difficult but possible. Anyway go out of this room with the timed trapdoors and go left; there are two vases in an alcove to your left; move this vases over the central tiles with the snowflake symbols and pick up SECRET#9: another ice rose which have magically appeared in the pedestal at the W end of the corridor. Now return to the main hall with the pool in its center.

Place the four Celaenos in its receptacles to open the big W doors. Enter and spot the Snowqueen waiting for you in the next room. In this room there is a central mound surrounded with blue tiles. When you step over the blue tiles in N, S, E and W sides of the mound a bunch of small snowflakes are released. What I did was trigger the snowflakes in one of the sides of the mound and turn back and run and jump around the room till they disappeared; then enter into the mound from the same side you triggered the snowflakes and shoot the Snowqueen (she acts like a demigod) till eventually she gets paralyzed and drop the Blue Gem. Pick up the gem and use the switch in N wall to open the exit doors. Return to the courtyard with the pool and use the switch in E wall to open the doors. Go outside and SE to the room where the Unicorn is locked. Use the gem in its receptacle and watch the cutscene. The unicorn is free now and your mission is complete. Go back outside to finish this marvellous level.

March - 8 - 2009