Cain's Levelset

Level by Cain

Walkthrough by DJ Full


IMMEDIATELY after the game is loaded, perform a roll and grab Cain 2 (shotgun) and as many Cain 2 Normal Ammo as you can before the bears get too close to you. Shoot at least 5 of them to get some time to grab the rest of ammo. Now all you need to do is to proceed through the corridor and kill some bears (I counted 15 more of them, but I could be wrong. On your way through the corridor, you can pick up 12 more shells, and in one dark place, there is enough ammo to make all brown bear species in the world to become extinct. But, as long as this is NOT real world, prepare to run out of ammo anyway - the bears will prevent you from getting the shells too easily. When you finally grab them all (shells, not bears), move to the very end of the corridor to find and pull the lever switch. It opens a door near the place you picked up 12 shells mentioned somewhere above. On your way there, you can kill 11 more bears, but that's not all. When you enter the room you've unlocked, an eel horde arises and attacks. Kill'em all (lure them out of the room to make some more space for you). After the fight, jump into the pool behind the already known open door. Swim through the passage, resurface where possible, get out of the water and slide down. All the shells you didn't use in this level can be used in the next one.

SPEEDRUN OPTION: Jump over the bears and get to the switch as fast as possible. Then avoid the next wave of bears and jump into the pool, bypassing the eels.

Get out of sentry range, killing 2 SASes. Find the crawlspace on the N. On your way through it, pick up Cain 4 (revolver) and some Cain 4 Ammo. On the other side of the crawlspace, kill 2 more SASes and get on the bike. Drive up the ramp, kill 1 eel and 5 SASes and pick up Cain 5 (grenade launcher) from up there. Use some Cain 5 Normal Ammo to blow up the remaining eel walking around below you (you need some luck for doing this, and to watch out for not to get in the sentry's range). Now get back to the place where you found a motorbike and pull up into the hole in the wall on your N. Swim to the next place where you can resurface. Get out of the water and get behind the jeep to make the level end.

Behold the stick insect belonging to Croftopoda family. DON'T jump in this level, unless you really, really want to. Follow the corridor, killing (or not) 7 lions on your way to the pool. Jump into the water and swim ahead. Resurface, like usually, when it is possible. Get out of the water to stand on the Eastern platform. You can notice the ledge above you, but you can't just pull up to get on it the normal way. Instead of it, find get to the S part of the platform and run towards the wall. A bug should occur, putting you on the desired ledge. Go left and step on the grass to finish the level and the whole game.