Heavy Duty Hunting Egyptians

Level by Cain

Walkthrough by DJ Full



STORY (from Cain's notes):

"Lara is in Egypt searching for her long lost son.

160 things to massacre!!"


So you know your heavy duty.



Use for killing crap stuff - pistols

Use for killing tough stuff - uzis

Use for killing T-Rex's - shotgun

Use for killing eels - grenade gun

So you have some instructions from Cain himself. However you better skip them in certain situations, and the walkthru decribes such.



Vikings - modified horsemen. Shoot them in the chest, tapping back and turning slightly to the right so you avoid hitting their shield instead.

Scorpions - not so harmful, but they can push you aside. Pistols handle them.

Flying sharks - extremely tough, kill them before anything else

Torso guys - manual targetting and rapid bullet fire from distance is best

T-Rexes - vulnerable only when attacking, run towards them and shoot a single shell in the belly

Eels - if not using grenades aim for the head, that's tough with auto aim but you can duck or backflip to keep Lara low enough

Yetis - modified red ninjas. manual targetting bypasses their bulletproof state. Killing larger groups require constant backflipping and sometimes jumping over them.


You start in a long passage, attacked by a Viking and scorpion horde. Kill the enemies and pick up 9 shotguns, 4 uzis and 9 packs of uzi bullets. A lot of ammo but not enough. Draw the shotgun, run ahead to kill 2 yetis and a T-Rex. Kill a scorpion backflip all the way back, fighting approaching sharks and more scorpions, and don't even think of switching to anything else than the shotgun. Here a neat glitch may occur, if you leave a shark alive for long enough, he might push you on top of the high ledge and skip the entire first stage of the game. But let's assume you go glitchless. All the enemies you killed should drop 4 more shotguns, and there's another one behind the corner. Get all of these and switch to manual aim. A group of yetis and scorpions is approaching, just kill the yetis then keep backflipping and hitting the scorpions in the lowest point of the jump. Another shotgun and twin uzis are dropped but really crucial are the jeep keys. Grab those, proceed to the end of the corridor to find a car. Get in, jump over two oil pits and drive through the corridor, hitting and killing two more sharks on your way to the pillar with a ladder. Climb it to the top. Here you have an option to just skip multiple yetis and rush over the gap to another ladder, but I killed all baddies since the game is made in classic editor, limits are tight and enemies start to flicker if you leave too many alive. Also those yetis drop two grenade guns, 6 shotguns, 6 uzis, a pack of super grenades and a large medi which is all worth much more than their pathetic lives... Jump over the gaps, pick up all those items, approach the ladder, switch to autoaim and shotgun that one flying shark before it pushes you off the ledge. Climb the ladder. On the top, draw the grenade gun and keep jumping upwards to fire the grenades over the gap - it should wipe out the eels and the shockwave shoull kill the flying shark as well. Get to their platform for more super grenades. Do the running jump towards the next platform, grab the ledge and pull up. Immediately reverse roll and escape to the previous ledge since a group of torso guys activated as soon as you got on the other one. Now like before but with super grenade ammo, keep jumping upwards and firing the grenades in the highest point of the jump so they reach to the torso platform and kill all the torso guys without any effort. When done get onto their platform and grab 2 large medis. Notice 4 yetis next to the ladder. Shotgun these, get to their place, pick up a large medi, next jeep keys, 4 uzis and 5 shotguns. Switch to autoaim. Climb the ladder, roll immediately after pulling up and draw any of tougher weapons. The key to survive this fight is to either jump to the middle platform and stay in the very middle so the sharks won't push you off while you kill them, or to run and jump to the jeep as fast as possible, preferably with the midair roll to enter it from the right side, and make the enemies die of being instantly run over - however the latter requires a lot of precision. Now get that large medi from in front of the jeep, and drive up the ramp to run over eel and yeti horde, jump over the gap and exit the vehicle. Jump over the next gap and over another one. A group of scorpions activates as soon as you get on the platform so mince them with the uzis. Now pick up another uzi, a shotgun and a grenade gun. Proceed to the end of the platform to kill a shark attacking from your right. Climb the last ladder to activate some more eels on the nearby platforms. Pick up a box of super grenades, 2 shotguns, 2 uzis and a large medi. Collect one more super grenade pack and another shotgun from the next platform. Blow up the closest eel group and get on their platform. Repeat the last instruction. Now follow to the last platform, all the time with the grenade gun, and kill the approaching shark, and the mutants. The last ones you can kill by throwing grenades into that little shimmy crack in front of them. Grab this crack, shimmy left and pull up where possible. Draw the grenade gun. Jump to the top of the blocks to blow up another eel herd. If you ran out of grenades just duck and uzi them in the heads. Now you're on top of a precipice. Optionally jump down to the very bottom and count 5 seconds of fall. If real Egyptian fall acceleration applies the ledge should be around 100 meters high but since Fexinspect shows 50 and is never wrong, that might finally prove physics don't exist at all. Anyway just follow the high corridor W and drop into the pit. Land in the water and pick up a large medikit. Another one is in the E crack but unpickable because of too tight collision. You're about to explore a Cain's obligatory maze. This one is easy - you don't swim in circles but if you choose the wrong passage, a grate locks you in to drown, so that's how you kinda know where not to swim. Choose the S passage, on subsequent junctions go E, S, E, S, S, N. Get out of the water and shotgun a T-Rex. Advance, shoot another dino and 3 yetis. Go ahead, send another 3 dinos to archeology museum and find a vehicle at the end of the passage, behind the pillar. Use the vehicle to drive up the ramp. Run over several baboons. Exit the jeep and ice all the monkeys on the side ledges. Climb the ladder. Use the monkey swing to get across the N gap. Kill a guarding Vik and pull the switch located at the end to raise the grate near the ramp. Climb another ladder and now monkeyswing to the top of the far S wall. Go down the ladder, kill another Vik and pull another switch. This opens the gates to the final jeep, to get there you need to either drop from this high ledge (requires full health), or jump NE to land on the ramp (requires full health), or go up the ladder, monkeyswing to the middle ledge and slide down the ramp. If you choose the last option, the baboons will respawn when you step on the square in front of the ramp. Slide down, approach the raised grate and jump over the gap to go through the exit. Find the last jeep and drive it to run over the final couple of sharks. Exit the vehicle at the end of the passage. Jump out of the pit and kill 2 torso guys. Go past a ladder and kill another group of torso guys behind the corner. Finish them and advance to find a whole squad of torso guys. Those guard much desired 3 packs of super grenades at the end of the green passage. Grab those, return to the ladder and choose one of few options. If you feel lucky just climb to the very top and yolo with the grenades you've just found to obliterate the final enemy batch. If you prefer to play it safe, don't climb to the top of the ladder but just before pulling up release it, quickly grab and shimmy either way to pull up outside of the trigger zone which would spawn the last fight. If you play it safe but still dev-intended, pull up the normal way but return asap to the ground below to avoid a whole shoal of sharks triggering up there, and easily kill them fishes from the lower green corridor. Then return up the ladder and kill (or bypass) the final eels on the way to the bridge. After climbing the last ladder behind it, pass another green corridor and slide down to land in the pool. Get out and enter the passage on the NW. Enjoy the sunlight, your heavy duty is done! However there's no sign of Lara's lost son...


Summing up, meters I travelled and bullets I fired were both 4609.