Heavy Duty Hunting Egyptians

Level by Cain

Walkthrough by DJ Full

STORY (from Cain's notes):
"Lara is in Egypt searching for her long lost son.
160 things to massacre!!"

So You know your heavy duty.

Use for killing crap stuff (CS) - pistols
Use for killing tough stuff (TS) - uzis
Use for killing T-Rex's (TR) - shotgun
Use for killing eels (KE) - grenade gun
So you have some general instructions from Cain himself. However, sometimes it's better to use different weapons to kill certain enemies. The walkthru decribes situations as such, so don't worry. Especially because it's the second time when I play Cain's stuff (and I consider this to be some kind of achievement).

Vikings - modified horsemen. Shoot them in the chest.
Scorpions - not so harmful, but they can push you aside. CSes can handle them.
Flying sharks - extremely tough, kill them first
Torso guys - manual targeting and shooting rapidly from the distance advisable
T-Rexes - vulnerable only in attacking state, only shotgun can kill them
Eels - hit'em in the head (you can duck or backflip to keep Lara low for it)
Yetis - modified red ninjas. Switching targeting to manual makes them not avoid bullets. Killing larger groups require constant backflipping and sometimes jumping over them.
Egyptians - actually, none of them to hunt

You start in a long passage, attacked by a Viking and scorpion horde. Kill the enemies and pick up all the items. You should finish with TS, 390 TS ammo, TR and 54 TR normal shells. It may seem to be a lot of ammo. You gonna run of it, you'll see. Draw the TR and go ahead to kill 2 yetis and a T-Rex. Switch to CSes, kill a scorpion (drops another TR) and backflip while switching to TS. Backflip all the way back, fighting approaching sharks and more scorpions. The enemies drop 3 more TRs. Go ahead again. Behind the corner lies the next TR. Pick it up and advance to kill a group of yetis and scorpions (if you use CSes only you should have enough ammo for the next 30 minutes). One of the yetis is a driver and drops jeep keys. Another enemies give you TR and two more TSes. Proceed to the end of the corridor to find a car. Get in, jump over two gasoline pits and drive through the corridor, hitting and killing two more sharks on your way to the pillar with a ladder. Climb it to the top. Switch targeting to manual and kill a disturbing yeti (drops a KE). Now ice the rest of the apes walking around on the surrounding wall. Switch to automatic. Draw the TSes, jump over the gap and over the next one, wait for the shark to approach you and shoot it, backflipping to avoid being pushed off the ledge. Pick up 6 TRs, 6 TSes, a pack of super KEs and a large medi. Climb the ladder. On the top, draw the TSes and press Look several times to target the shark. Kill it, then switch to KE and wipe out the eels. If you have a problem with it, just grab the ledge of the ramp they are walking on, shimmy away of them, pull up and destroy them. One of them drops more super KEs. Do the running jump towards the next platform and grab its ledge. Wait. Now listen: a group of torso guys activates as soon as you get on the platform. So pull up, roll and jump back to the previous one as soon as possible. From there, finish all the bosses with CSes. Now get onto their platform and grab 2 large medis. Notice 4 yetis next to the ladder. Shoot them from here. Get to their place, pick up a large medi, next jeep keys, 2 TRs and 3 TSes they dropped and additional 2 TSes and 5 TRs from the corner of the platform. Switch to automatic. Climb the ladder and roll immediately after pulling up. Jump on the platform, drawing TSes or TR in midair, and sprint towards the center while shooting. It's your only chance to survive this fight. When you kill the sharks, switch back to manual. Get on the jeep platform, pick up a large medi and enter the car. Drive up the ramp to run over an eel and yeti horde, jump over the gap and exit the vehicle. Jump over the next gap and over another one. A group of scorpions activates as soon as you get on the platform. So pull up, roll and jump back to the previous one as soon as possible. Switch to manual and finish all the arachnids with CSes. Now get onto their platform and grab TSes, a TR and a KE. Switch to automatic. Proceed to the end of the platform to kill a shark attacking from your right. Climb the last ladder to activate some more eels on the nearby platforms. Pick up a box of super KEs, 2 x TR, 2 x TSes and a large medi. Collect one more super KE pack and another TR from the next platform. Blow up the closest eel group and get on their platform. Repeat the last instruction. Now switch to TSes, get to the W end of the platform you are on and kill the approaching shark. Draw CSes, switch to manual and murder a bunch of torso guys walking around nearby. Get on their platform, grab a crack, shimmy left and pull up where possible. Draw the KE. Climb to the top of the blocks to blow up another eel herd.

Now you are in the highest point of the greatest precipice ever. If you want, you can jump down to the very bottom and count the 5 seconds of fall. If S=at^2/2 is really true, it means you are on the top of a ledge that is (9,81*5^2)/2 = 122,625 metres high. However, I checked it out in Fexinspect and it told me the ledge is blocks high, and if 1 block = 2 metres, we get *2 = m. The difference is significant, so either physics, or Fexinspect is wrong. Fexinspect is always right, so it means physics doesn't exist, which I finally proved once for all. Anyone wanna give me Nobel? No-one? Whatever...

Drop into the following pit. Land in the water and pick up a large medikit. There is another one (or more) in the E underwater alcove, but you are unable to pick it (or them) up. You're about to explore one of Cain's obligatory mazes. This is one of the easiest - you don't do circles, but if you choose the wrong passage, grates fall down and lock you in, making you drown. So you know approximately where to swim. Choose the S passage and then go E, S, E, S, E, N. Get out of the water and kill a T-Rex. Advance, shoot another dino and 3 yetis. Go ahead, send another 3 dinos to archeological museum and find a vehicle at the end of the passage, behind the pillar. Use the vehicle to drive up the ramp. Run over several baboons. Exit the jeep and ice all the monkeys on the side ledges. Climb the ladder. Use the monkey swing to get across the S gap. Kill a guarding Vik and pull the switch located at the end to raise the grate near the ramp. Climb another ladder and either jump NE to land on the ramp (requires full health), or use another monkey swing to return to the top of the middle wall. If you choose the second option, the baboons will respawn when you step on the square in front of the ramp. Slide down, approach the raised grate and jump over the last gap to go through the exit. Find the last jeep and drive it to run over the final pair of sharks. Exit the vehicle at the end of the passage. Jump out of the pit and kill a squad of torso guys. Pass by a ladder and find another group of torso guys behind the corner. Finish them and advance to the end of the green passage to find 3 packs of super KEs. Return to the ladder, climb it and IMMEDIATELY descend back to the ground, to avoid a whole shoal of sharks. Kill it from down there. Return to the platform, blow up some eels on your way to the bridge and, after going across it, climb the last ladder. Pass the green corridor and slide down to land in the pool. Get out and enter the passage on the NW. Your heavy duty is done. There's no sign of Lara's lost son outside. At least, you can see the light and a rather fine camera.

To sum up this level: I travelled the distance of 4609 meters and spent exactly the same amount of ammunition in here.