Tomb Raider Oblivion Part 1 (Demo)

Level by Stewart Gray (January, 2009)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] There is a new move. Stay in the crouch position, not the crawl position, in a crawl space. Press sprint (forward slash) to roll forward through the crawl space at a fast rate. The author noted that this could cause a bug. [End note]

You start by falling down a shaft into a water hole. Notice a closed trap door at the bottom. Pull up to the north and run down the corridor. Notice a closed trap door above your head and a wall ladder. Continue to the end of the corridor and get into a lower crawl space. Crawl to the end and stand up on a high ledge. Below is a large room with a water pool. There seems to be a closed door in the east corner.

Go east to about the middle of the ledge. You can climb down the wall ladder to reach the room below. Shoot
two guards near the moveable boxes at the west wall. You can see a structure in the pool at that end. There is a hole there that has a closed trap door. You can see fancy designs on the north and south walls of the pool. Move the boxes onto the ledge above the south wall design. The trap door opens in the hole in the structure. Then move a box to the west side of a box on that south ledge that has the same fancy design. This opens another trap door. Dive into the pool and swim down the hole. Swim through the underwater tunnel and pull up through the open trap door. Use the floor lever and hear a trap door drop open. You also get a cut scene of a guard in a tunnel.

Swim out and pull up out of the pool. Climb the south wall ladder and return through the crawl space. Go south and go pass the wall ladder and open trap door. Return to the water hole. The trap door is open. Swim to the bottom and pick up a
revolver, laser sight and revolver ammo. Pull up and now climb that wall ladder. You enter the tunnel from the cut scene. Shoot the guard at the far end. Run to the end and pick up the crowbar from the dead body. Follow the tunnel south and jump over the fire pit. Pull down the jump switch on the back wall. Turn around and see that a rope has dropped behind you.

Jump to grab the rope and climb up a little. Swing up and release to land into an upper north tunnel. If you do not climb the rope, you fall into the lower tunnel. Run to the end and shoot the barricade. Slide down the slopes and follow the tunnel to an open trap door. Climb down a wall ladder into the lower corridor. You can see Lara behind a south wall. Do not go there, as it is a fire trap. To the east are the closed gates to the room with the water pool. Go west and run to the left of the trap door and the trap door opens. Drop into the tunnel and the trap door closes above you.

Save the game before you slide down the slope. You have to jump over three fire trap tiles. Stay at the right side wall. At the end, jump with a right curve to land on a safe ledge. The green water is deadly. Use the revolver and laser sight to shoot the hanging blue ball to the north. The door opens in the north wall. Shoot the
guard that emerges from the open door. Enter the next room and follow the ledge to the end. Enter the dark alcove and pull down the jump switch on the back wall. You get a cut scene of the room.

Turn around and see that west side water pool is now safe. Dive into the water and swim into the north underwater tunnel. Follow the tunnel and swim up at the end. Do not swim south or you will swim into the deadly water. Pull up and follow the new tunnel. Stop at the T-junction and pick up a small medipack. Go left and follow the tunnel over closed trap doors to the end. Pull down a jump switch and the trap door opens. You drop into a lower tunnel. First go north and drop onto a lower ledge. Shoot another hanging blue ball to the north. Climb up and go south to see many rotating laser traps. Ignore the traps and pull up back onto the still closed trap doors.

Run to the end and go east and enter the other tunnel. Go to the end and shoot the fuse panel. Pull down the switch and the floor rises. Go forward to climb a wall ladder. Pull up into large room and get a flyby of the room. Go south-east and notice that part of the floor is a darker yellow with bumps. Do not walk on that floor or you trigger a sentry gun and a skeleton. Jump into the trench and pull back the moveable box onto the dark floor area. Go to the north-east trench and move another box onto a dark floor area. Go west to a small trench and move the box onto the dark tile by the wall. You hear a trap door open. Go west into the trench and find the open trap door. Jump onto the hole and the level ends.