Level by Lima


Walkthrough by Josť


Entering the complex


Advance till you find a small swamp. Situate in front of the jeep and walk one tile S, two tiles W, two tiles S, one tile E and then S to get out. Continue S over the yellow rocks and when you are in front of the second palm tree jump into the hole behind it to land in the bottom of the pit, losing some health. Go N to the end and turn right; a running jump to the grassy slope and jump to grab the monkeyswing; at the end drop and grab the edge of the opening, shoot the wild pig, continue to a big pit, duck, grab the edge of the crack and shimmy all the way to the right until you can stand up.


Advance and notice the closed gate to your right with the motorbike behind. In the next area shoot another wild pig, climb the S ladder to the top, kill the soldier and pick up his shotgun shells. Stepping on the first tile of this small passage triggers a tile below in front of the closed door; go there and the door opens; shoot another soldier and mount the motorbike. Drive N and use the sloped ledges in the N wall, doing a right curve to reach the NE slope, crashing the barrier and falling into a small pit. You're into the complex now.


A succulent secret


Dismount, standing against the E wall jump back over the slope behind and jump again to grab the E crack; shimmy around the corner, crawl and drop to the other side. Take notice of the blue rays and the broken part of the fence behind, you'll be back here later. Advance S near the fence, shoot the wild pigs, climb the yellow rocks at the end and jump onto the grey W catwalk. Turn right and do a running jump to grab the edge of the high E rocks; shimmy all the way to the left and climb in the corner; go under the arch to get SECRET #1: nothing to pick up here but the secret appears in your inventory. In this area there is a kind of labyrinth with several floors you enter through a hole in the NE corner. I won't explain here how to go through 'cause it's not very difficult and exploring a bit you'll find easily the next holes to go to the bottom. The items are near the tiles with the faces (author?). There is nothing in the first and second floors. In the third floor sings SECRET #2: the lasersight and a large medipack. There is nothing in the fourth and five floors too. In the last floor you'll find 2 x revolver ammo, the revolver, grenade gun ammo and 2 x uzi ammo. Make your way to climb up to the top and return to the place with the blue rays.


The first Safeguard


From the S yellow rocks you can shimmy left and go through a crawlspace to an outside fenced area where you can get the grenade gun and even the crowbar, but I left these tasks for later so you won't need to return here another time. So, safety descend to the lower level where the channel water is (beware with the swamp) and run along the side of the channel W and S. Shoot a soldier near the wheel, go up the stairs, left and left again down the stairs towards the N building and see the cutscene of a white ninja releasing a bunch of dogs. Kill the ninja and the dogs and go to the SW corner to the room where the dogs were. Another soldier appears, and when he dies pick up the first Safeguard (coin) he leaves. Now enter the kennel, shoot the remaining dog and climb and crawl the central wall to get SECRET #3: a small medipack.


Now go out and N to the water channel, left W to the origin of the water and climb the ladder to enter the S small control room. Use the Safeguard in its receptacle to open the door and pull the lever inside. This opens the floodgate in the water channel and some enemies appear near the main pool opening the door of the N building. Now you can jump into the high section of the water channel and dive through the opening in the corner to get shotgun shells and a small medipack (if you'd tried this before you'd have gotten stuck).


The second Safeguard


Go there and shoot the enemies, picking up the Uzis from the white ninja. Go down the stairs in front of the central building and turn left. Look into the water in the NW corner to spot an underwater door closed with a padlock. Use the revolver + lasersight to shoot it and open the door; dive in to find SECRET #4: a large medipack, flares, uzi clips and grenade ammo. Go out of the water and to the N central control building. When you enter you get a camera shot of enemies running high up in the entrance of the complex. But don't go there yet.


Turn left and see another receptacle for a coin in the NW corner to shut down the blue rays you saw earlier. Climb the ledge to its right and a running jump S to reach the high ledge. Grab the monkeyswing and advance around the room to the crawlspace in the E wall. Go left to a room with uzi clips and trespass the phantom wall with the key sign to discover SECRET #5: The uzis. Return to the crawlspace and drop from the other side. Advance and shoot the padlock to open the next door. In the next room climb down the ladder and continue through the passage till you find a closed door with a keyhole texture to its left. Turn around and shoot some enemies. One of them drops the shotgun and another one a second Safeguard.


The first Gate Key


Now return the way you came to the central control room (there's a monkeyswing to the right to reach the crawlspace) and use the Safeguard in the NW corner to deactivate the blue rays high up in the entrance of the complex. Now it's time to go there; go to the beginning of the water channel to see that some soldiers have appeared; try to kill them from the distance and beware, they shoot grenades. Climb to the high section of the water channel, a running jump N over the swamp bank and to the place where the blue rays were in NW corner. Climb the block and jump W through the broken fence. Shoot the ninjas and pick up the Gate Key one of them leaves. Shoot the soldier who is in the high opening at the top of the ladder S and climb there. Pick up the small medipack and drop from the other side. Now if you want the grenade gun you must go through the NE corridor to trigger another soldier outside, kill him and get the gun.


The crowbar


Either way, climb the sloped ledge right of the ladder and take a running jump W over the broken fence, land over the next slope and jump S and onto a third slope and jump E to grab the W side of the fence. Shimmy all the way to the right and around the corner to reach the other side of this fenced area. Pick up the Crowbar near the E wall. Return to the entrance and jump to the W small ledge; from here a long running jump N to the yellow rocks ahead (losing some health), slide, grab the edge and shimmy right to the corner; climb and jump back with a twist to land on another sloped rock, slide, grab the edge, climb and do another backflip with twist to grab the edge of the next ledge, climb and go through the corridor (shooting the wild pig) and jump into the water at the end to return to the beginning of the channel.


The first Eye Piece and another Gate Key


Now you must take the long way back to the place where you got the second Safeguard, so go down the channel to the central building, use the long monkeyswing again, through the crawlspace, down the ladders and through the corridors to the closed door. Use the key to open it in the "keyhole" to your left. Continue, down the next ladder and use the lever at the end to see a door opening somewhere. This lever opens the nearby door too, so continue, pull a last lever and watch the cutscene. Now the door at your back is closed and you are underwater, so move yourself quickly through the left broken glass and through the opening in the SW corner; time the spikes in this underwater tunnel and in the next room there's a hole in the ceiling where you can take a breath and get the first Eye Piece.


Return to the main underwater area and turn a bit NE and down where those small yellow ledges are at the bottom. Look for the second Gate Key there. From here you must swim N, up and E and near the glass wall at the bottom you'll find a broken grate to return inside the glass structure. If you want a new secret, after taking some air return to the water and go W, S and E surrounding the glass structure; in the far E wall there's an opening with a green plant inside where you can get SECRET #6: just a few miserable uzi clips. Quickly return the way you came inside the glass structure.


Taking off the currents in the main pool


Now you must return the way you came up the first ladder and the second double ladder to the room above, shooting some enemies on your way and picking up 2 x uzi clips and shotgun ammo they drop. Continue to the room with the crawlspace which leads you to the central control building, but this time don't go to the crawlspace. In this small room there's a central pillar with slopes N and S. You can use either slope to jump backwards and jump again to grab the monkeyswing above; turn around and in the side of the pillar drop, grab the edge of its top (it's not easy) and climb. Climb again W and you are in an opening at the top of the main pool room. Do a running jump to the hanging crate NW; from here another running jump to the hanging crate in W wall (without grab). Jump and grab the climbable grated wall and shimmy all the way to your right, to the corner, jump back onto the slope behind, slide and jump to pass through the broken part of the fence. Use the crowbar in the door and shoot the enemies, picking up the uzi clips. Go to the N open door and use the key to open the left door. Use the lever there and watch the cutscene. The main pool is now safe and you can swim there now.


The second Eye Piece


Go out of the room with the grated floor and right, the door opens for you. Jump into the main pool below (beware of the crocs) and dive a bit N. Under the main control building there is a hole in the ceiling where you'll find SECRET #7: a large medipack. Go back to the main pool and in the NW corner look for another Gate Key. Go out of the water and shoot the crocs if you want. Now you must return to the high room with the grated floor where you pull the lever to release the boulder and stop the currents in the main pool. You can do this using the rope hanging from one of the crates over the pool (very difficult) or take again the same route from the main control building, monkeyswing, crawlspace, etc. Anyway, go there and use the key in the "keyhole" near the lever and watch the cutscene of some rotating wheels working deep into the waters in front of the underwater glass structure where you picked up the second Gate Key. Go out of this room, jump into the main pool and dive N, all the way W and down to find the wheels. There is an opening in the ceiling above the wheels; go there and pick up the second Eye Piece in this room.


The Eye of Horus and the Golden Vraeus


Now you must go all the way back to the W most place to the origin of the channel waters, where you placed the first Safeguard a long time ago. There's a door with a padlock there; shoot the padlock to open the door, enter, combine the eye pieces to open the next door, enter and save your game. There are a lot of floating ledges over a deep pit, but not all of them are safe (spikes). Do a long running jump to grab the edge of the central ledge; when you climb up a door opens to your right. Jump there, pull the switch and prepare yourself for a timed run. Quickly go to the entrance and jump to the same ledge where you came from; jump to the S-SW ledge near the S wall, now a long running jump W-NW to the next ledge, another long running jump N-NW to the next ledge in N wall, a single jump to the next W-SW ledge and without stopping a last running jump to the W ledges. Once you are in the grey floor between the items you're safe. Watch the cutscene and pick up the Eye of Horus and the Golden Vraeus.


The escape


Now all the ledges are safe, so jump over them to the entrance of this room, follow the water channel again to the end where the rotating wheel is, advance a bit S and turn right to discover an opened door near the kennel. Advance and shoot a lot of enemies in your way and at last you can see the daylight and the jeep to abandon this dangerous underwater mine.


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