Level by Philip Reinking


Walkthrough by Josť (with thanks to manarch2 for locating the missing third secret)


Slide down the ramp, continue and once you reach the pit go N to the NW corner near the edge of the pit and take a running jump E to the gap in the icy wall to get SECRET #1: a Golden Dragon. Drop down and return to the W side of the pit. Use the S slope and the pole to reach the other side. In the next outside area shoot the leopard and drag the dead soldier to your right to get a knife (crowbar). Find the moveable block in E wall and move it W, N and W under the crack in W wall. Climb onto it and jump to grab the crack. Jump again to grab the upper crack and shimmy right to drop and pull the jumpswitch. Run N and to the right around the corner to find the open door.


Crawl and in the next room use your knife in the crowbar switch in SE corner to open the W doors. Enter in a sort of castle courtyard. Hoist up to the central awnings and take a running jump to grab the N ledge. Open the door and watch the cutscene. The girl says something like this:


Everyone is gone, it was a beautiful village, once, the monsters came...


Pick up the Bible (Load) from the center of the room and go out. Now jump to the S high ledge and go through the opening. Drop down, go SE and climb down the ladder to get SECRET #2. Up again and look for a moveable block in the W wall left of the frozen cascade. Use it to climb the cascade and follow the path, kill a yeti, pick up a small medipack, crawl and pick up the Hand Of Sirius from the pedestal. Return to the outside courtyard.


Use the cross to open the big double doors and in the church place the Bible in the W pedestal to open the left door. Use the crack to climb to the top of the room, pull the switch to see a falling bell, but not in this room. Safety drop to ground floor and the door in the other side of the church is open now.Climb up to the left crack and shimmy right around the corner, then jump up to find SECRET #3 (another Golden Dragon). Go through the S opening behind the bell. In the next room shoot the strange animal and use the pillars and the slopes to finally grab the crack in the SW corner, shimmy right and hoist up. Up the white ramp, jump to grab the crack, shimmy right and go through the crawlspace to another cave. Shoot another of those strange animals and pick up the small medipack in the W crawlspace. Now turn left and grab the crack in the N pillar, jump to grab the next crack, shimmy left to the end and drop to grab the crack below, shimmy again and enter the opening. Continue through the caves to an outside area and shoot all the animals you find.


Use the rope to reach the high S opening and continue to another outside area (shoot the ice bars) where you'll fight with a leopard and a yeti. Go near the S wall to can climb to the top of the building. Pull the lever there, there's not a camera but you are opening a door somewhere. Go E and climb onto one of the small ledges in the border. Take a running jump (no grab) to the far E ledge with SECRET #4 and return to the previous outside area with the rope. Place the N moveable vase on the marked tile to open the doors, shoot the animal and use the horizontal right pole to cross the fire pit. Now you're in a hall with three doors. To your left is the door you opened with the lever. Go in.


N door: Use the poles to cross this new fire pit and in the next room use the pole to your right to reach the high jumpswitch and open another of the grated doors in the main hall. Return using the opposite pole and in the next lava room don't use the poles, but run off the ledge to the right to land on the alcove with the medipack. Do diagonal running jumps to the alcoves to return to the main hall.


S door: slide and grab the rope, swing to the dark room to your right and a running jump over the fire pit to finally pull the switch at the end of the corridor. Return to the main hall jumping again the fire pit and using the rope.


W door: pick up the small medipack on the low ledge to your left, return and walk the horizontal pole. When you are very next to the hammers press "Alt" and Lara will do a somersault to solve this dangerous situation. Time the jump to the crack in S wall and shimmy right to the end. Jump back (down arrow) to grab the edge of the opening behind. Cross the icy bridge, shoot the beast and pick up the small medipack. Continue and in the next room go to the back of the central stone structure to find SECRET #5 in a niche.


Now go to the bottom of the room and shoot the yeti. There is a ledge in the S wall; climb it and use the cracks in the wall to reach the top. Jump to the top of the central stone structure and pick up the large medipack. In the E side wall there are two jumpswitches. Pull both to open the door at the bottom of the room (you'll need to climb again to the top). Go to the open door, drop through the hole in the floor, advance and shoot another beast. When you arrive at the room with the two yetis and the blue gem, jump to the ledge in front of you and the level ends.


April - 20 - 2009