Level by Brazilian Croft


Walkthrough by Josť


Swim left and use the ladders to surpass the slope. Enter the temple and slide down the ramp. Drop to ground floor and go through the S passage. Drop into the next hole and shoot the ninja. In the maze shoot another ninja and go always to the left to find the Eye Of Horus in a small room. Return to the room with the wooden bridge, to the NE and place the gem in the head of the serpent to open the door. In the next room go right to the end and running jump to the other side. Pick up the Ba Cartouche and return to the previous room. Climb to the bridge and use the slopes in E wall to reach the high ledge. Jump to the stone bridge, shoot the ninja and place the gem to open the door.


In the next outside area run to the very end and turn left to enter a dark room with holes in the floor. Pick up a small medipack and drop through any hole. Once down pick up the revolver from the S ledge and go to the N opening first. Jump to the left sloped ledge, slide, grab and shimmy right and around two corners till you can go no more. Hoist up and walk a bit to the end of the ledge (there's a closed door here I couldn't open). Turn right and jump to the crawlspace to get another Ba Cartouche. Grab the edge, drop and grab the crack below, shimmy right to return to the previous room.


Now go through the S corridor. Jump to the first stone ledge and go behind the cascade to pull a switch. Jump back and jump the next stone ledges (there's a closed door here to your left in the third ledge I couldn't open) to the end and go behind another cascade to get the Hand Of Orion. Return to the main room.


Now go to the SW opening to an outside area. Jump into the water and through an hidden opening in SE corner to pick up a key called "Load". Return to the entrance of this area and use the pillars to reach the other side of the lake. Open the door with your key and pull the switch to open another underwater door in the W side of the lake. Go there and pick up the Eye of Horus.


Return to the main room and place the gems in their receptacles to open three doors. Slide down the ramp and kill two ninjas; continue E around the stone wall and jump into the water below. Kill another ninja and continue to a wild river. Go jumping the stones to the very end, picking up a small medipack on your way, to find the Hand of Sirius (sometimes you'll have to grab the river bank and shimmy). Jump back four or five stones and climb the N opening. Use the gem to open the door and continue, shooting a ninja and picking up the flares he drops.


At the end of this passage shoot a ninja in an outside area and go through the pink opening. Shoot another ninja and continue. In the next area use the slopes to reach the other side and pick up another Ba Cartouche. Exit through the SW high opening and return to the previous area. Open the S door with your gem.


In the next room pick up the Hand of Orion from the center of the pool. Make your way to drag the moveable blocks to the N side of the room so you can access to a switch behind the S wall (it's easy). Pulling this switch a door opens behind the E wall. Go there and use the gem to open the next door. Continue and at the end of the passage you can spot the Crystal Amulet and the level ends.


May - 20 - 2009