Levels by Philip Reinking


Walkthrough by Josť




A Pink Gem


Notice that you already have 99 flares in your inventory, but only one large medipack. Run over the breakable tiles and in the next room beware of the falling debris; jump over the blade and once you climb to the next corridor somebody closes the door at the top, so we must look for an alternative route. Go up the ramp, jump over the first pit and drop into the second one. Quickly swim N and go out of the water to escape from the croc. Pull the skeleton to your right to get a small medipack. Go to the NE corner, face W and jump to grab the crack, jump again to reach the top. Follow the path, shooting a bat, and pick up a large medipack at the end. Go to the niche with the serpent head and drop into the water of the room below. Go through the W opening and in the room with the gazebo shoot the scorpions. Advance through the N passage, timing the spikes, and pick up a small medipack at the end; when you return look left and pull the switch near the spikes to open a door somewhere. Now go through the E passage to discover SECRET #1 at the end: a cat statue. Return to the room with the gazebo and go S now to find the door you've opened with the switch. Shoot the croc, jump into the water and pull the underwater switch in N wall. Return up and place the moveable block in front of the horizontal pole (not over the trapdoor). Climb the block and walk over the pole; when you're near the fires press "Alt" and Lara will do a somersault to cross fast. In the other side go into the crawlspace and pick up a pink gem called "Load". Return to the room with the gazebo and exit W.


Lava room


Climb the N ledge and do a standing jump W-SW to grab the next one. Take a running jump to grab the S pole and grab the crack in S wall. Shimmy left and around the corner to the very end; jump back (down arrow) to grab the ledge behind you, hoist up and take a running jump N to grab the edge of the stone bridge; once up turn around and situate Lara in front of the hole in the ceiling; a final running jump with grab to get up. Place the gem in the serpent to open the door and in the next lava room drop and grab the edge, shimmy right and time the first fire to shimmy to the first corner (the fire won't catch Lara if you don't move her); again time the fire, shimmy to the second corner and approach to the third; when the second fire is gone go around the corner and wait (don't move to the end of the crack); time the fire again, a "step" to the right and a jump back with twist (release "Ctrl") with a left curve in midair to land onto the ledge behind. Now grab the left part of the S crack, shimmy to its centre and jump back with roll to grab the rope, swing to the sloped ledges N, slide and jump twice to reach the N ledge. Now a running jump to the S pole, swing and turn left, keeping pressed Ctrl + left arrow, to run over the wall to the next ledge. You can't do this running jump to the pole as usual (approaching to the border and jumping back) because Lara will surpass the pole and she won't grab it. To do this jump you must run from the W side with a right curve at the end and take the jump a bit before from the edge. Once you've gotten it jump to the E opening and save your game.


Pool room


After the cutscene quickly crawl under the blade and jump into the water using all the medipacks you need; look for an underwater switch in E wall and pull it to raise a cage to protect the double of Lara and save your life. Swim to the SE corner, grab the sloped ledge, hoist up and jump back with roll to grab the poles behind and finally grab the sloped ledge in SW corner. Repeat the same manoeuvre to reach a flat ledge in the other side of the room, but quickly jump back to avoid a boulder. Repeat the same tasks to get back to the flat ledge. The wall above the niche is climbable; use it to reach the top and finally kill that nasty vulture. Use the pole in N wall to reach the switch in NW corner and open the underwater door. Jump into the water and dive there.


A way full of traps


In the next area time the fire to take a running jump to the other side, grab the rope and swing to the hole in the ceiling, slide down the ramp, jump over the raised tiles timing the spikes and use the poles and the run over the wall at the end to reach the other side of this new lava room. Time the blades to take a running jump to grab the other side of the pit, another running jump to save the next pit and time the moving spiked columns the best you can. Go to the right to a room with a pool; jump into the water, dive through the W opening and pull the underwater switch at the end to raise a block in the pool. Return there and now you can pull out the block in E wall and move it to the SW corner under the high switch so you can pull it to open the doors in the previous corridor. Go there.


Two Orbs


In this room with palm trees climb the E ledge to the left of the golden statue (N side), climb the green ledge near the statue and the next with the plants. Take a running jump to the N ledges and from here another running jump to the poles and to the W ledges and pick up the Golden Ball. Descend and place it in its receptacle in N wall. Return to the place where the golden ball was and notice the raised cage S near the statue. Jump there and climb the W ledge to the very top of the room. Now go S to the corner and E to the other corner and find the hidden switch behind the pillar to open a door somewhere. Return to the SW corner and spot another ball in a ledge below. Drop there and pick up a bronze ball called "Load". Drop to ground floor and go out of this room where the moving spiked columns are; turn W to discover the door you've opened a moments ago; go there to get SECRET #2: another cat statue. Return to the previous room and place the Bronze Ball in its receptacle in N wall to raise another cage at the other side of the W golden statue. Go there and now you can jump to the central ledge with the gazebo to see that there's nothing in the chest, only sand. Somebody has gotten there ahead of you. Return to the W ledge and walk around the high ledges of the room all the way to the E side and go through the opening there. Follow the path to an outside area.


Outside area


Run E and behind the pyramid there is a small lake with a container nearby. Shoot the box in the S side of this container and pull the switch to destroy a radar somewhere. Pick up the torch in the small lake and return all the way back W where the radar is; climb to the top of the container from its back W side (there's a slope there) and light your torch there. Return all the way back to the E side of this huge area and light the extreme of the powder fuse near the SE container to finish the level.





Over the roofs


Go outside and climb to the top of the building. Climb the red crate and take a running jump to the next S building. Climb another red crate, to the top and another running jump to the next S building. Climb the highest ledge and walk over the red pole to the next S building. Jump to the SW white ledge and from here a long running jump to the next S building; kill the guard here and get his revolver. Jump to the very top of the W building to pick up a small medipack. Now jump to the S building with the red crate; climb to the top and another running jump to the next S building. In the S side of this building there are some red ledges leading you to a small alcove where SECRET #3 is, but I found nothing to pick up there. Go back up and jump to the next W building and to the last W. Climb the ladder to your left to get the lasersight. Go to the W side of the buiding and spot the small grate W under the red poles. Shoot it with combined revolver + sight and jump to the opening above it using the poles; drop, grab, drop and grab again and enter the crawlspace.


Lasers area


Slide down the ramp and jump over the small pit in its middle. At the bottom go left (S) and follow the path (notice the red lasers at your left) until you find a ladder (you can pick up a medipack in a niche jumping over a laser) ; climb it to the top and in this crawlspace hang from the W side; jump back and grab the opposite edge. Continue through the crawlspace, climb down a ladder and open the trapdoor at the end. Drop down and approach the red lasers to watch a camera shot. Now you must return all the way to the corridor near the entrance of this area were the lasers were. Grab the edge of the red box and press jump to grab the edge above. Return through crawlspaces and ladders to that place. Drop down there and use the switch in NW corner to deactivate the lasers in the room where you came from. Return there.


Inside the complex


Kill two guards, shoot the grate in NW corner and go inside the crawlspace. In the other side you'll find a dangerous area with a ramp, a big fan, poles and a burner. Use the look key and when the burner is beginning to start fire slide down the ramp, jump to grab the first pole and swing to the ledge with the burner; if you're lucky the fire will be off. Go W through the corridor, shoot the grate at the end and in this new room press the button in NE corner to open a door somewhere. Shoot the grate in W wall and go inside a new crawlspace. In the new area go N to find the door you've opened and another guard to shoot; pull the switch inside to open the door in front of the red crate. Go there and walk slowly in the room where the man is sleeping and pick up the Eye Of Horus from the cabinet to the left (don't approach too much). Return to the main corridor and place the item in the computer at the end. Enter and see the last cutscene.


June - 29 - 2009