~Lara Croft: I AM LEGEND~




Authorized walkthrough written by Selene


(editorís note: A second walkthrough, kindly written by Araelfi, can be found here)



Somehow immune to an unstoppable, incurable virus, Lara is the last human survivor in Manhattan and maybe the world. Perhaps mankind's last, best hope, Lara is driven by only one remaining mission: to find an antidote. But she is not alone. Mutant plague victims lurk in the shadows...watching Lara's every move...




Legend Title ~made by Clara~

Manhattan- Sunset ~made by Clara~ (4 Secrets)

11. Washington Square- Sunset ~made by Masha~ (No Secrets)

Laboratory ~made by Masha~ (No Secrets)

11. Washington Square- Night ~made by Masha~ (No Secrets)

Manhattan- Night ~made by Clara~ (2 Secrets)

Legend Cut ~made by Clara~



As always, please consult the readme prior to starting the game. It contains information on the process of installation, required settings, potential bugs/issues and much more. If you have any general questions about the nature of the game, the readme can often provide the answer. 





Lara: My name is Lara Croft. Iím a survivor living in New York City. Iím broadcasting on all AM frequencies. Iíll be at the South Street Seaport everyday at mid-day, when the sun is highest in the sky. If you are out thereÖif anybody is out thereÖanybody! Please.


You are not alone.





Pickups: Small medipacks, Platform Code, normal shotgun ammo, DVD, Bunch of Keys, Dilution, Car Key, flares, Garage Key, Fuse, large medipacks, Kiosk Key, crowbar, Cork, shotgun, Station Key, Pocket Watch + 4 Golden Rose Secrets


Enemies: Mutants, rats


Laraís journey begins on the stairs of her Manhattan home, just as the sun is about to set. The door is locked with a padlock, but weíll be back here later on. For now letís have a closer look at the remains of what was once New York City.


The dog following you around the streets is Sam. Sheís your only friend and those are rare around here, so donít shoot at her. She has a way of pushing Lara around, but isnít too hard to outrun.


Starting from your house, go down the stairs and head left along the street. At the corner of the park (this is the greenish area on your right-hand side, surrounded by a fence) you might notice a button on the fence. This opens the black gate next to it, granting you access to the park. Youíll be exploring the park later in the game, but for now thereís nothing to do there. Iím just mentioning it so that youíll remember its location for later.


Keep going until you reach the very end of the street (with the graffiti on the wall), then turn left (W). At the far end of the street where the black van is parked thereís a large blue sign reading Platforms and Scaffolding LTD. Kick the door open and enter the building.


The gate on top of the ramp is closed, so weíll need to find some means of opening it. Left of the ramp thereís a wooden door, open it and enter the small bathroom. Pick up the small medipack next to the toilet, leave and pull up onto the roof of the bathroom.


Turn to face the entrance and look up on the wall, a little to the right of the door. Itís a bit dark here so you might want to use a flare or the binoculars, but you should be able to spot a jump switch high up on the wall. In the dark corner straight ahead there is a platform. A running jump and grab should work nicely here. Now turn left and line Lara up across from the jump switch. In order to grab it you have to position Lara at the approximate centre of the platform, do a running jump and press Action in mid-air.


The gate on top of the ramp opens, so run up there and into the office. On the desk in the left cubicle youíll find the Platform Code written on a small piece of paper. The cupboard in the right cubicle contains some normal shotgun ammo (for Lara to open the door you have to take one step back from the cupboard and press Action). There is nothing else of interest in the office, so head back down the ramp and leave the building the same way you came in.


Back in the streets keep going E past the park. You can break the bags laying on the ground to the left, but they donít contain anything of interest. The crates further down the street are apparently of the unbreakable kind. At the junction look left: thereís a motorbike behind a closed gate and weíre obviously one key short.


Turn the right corner of the park and keep going until you reach the red van that is parked on the left side of the street. Turn left here (E) and go towards the waterfront, youíll see two blocks that have plants growing on them. Climb onto the one furthest away from the street, turn to face the green building and whip out some firepower to get rid of the balcony railing (and the window beyond in the same go).


Standjump with a grab to reach the balcony, pull up and enter the small room. The bookshelf in the far right corner holds a small medipack and you can also pick up a DVD from the small table over in the left corner. Thatís about all you need in this building, so return to the balcony and drop down to the ground.


Return to the main street and climb onto the brick wall by the harbour (opposite of the park). Push the button here to open the gate leading out to the docks (note that there are two buttons here, so you can open and close the gate from both sides). The speedboat looks tempting, but itís also quite useless.  


Just past the docks youíll find an elevator. Note that you can only use it once, so it could be a good idea to save the game before trying. The code that you have to dial on the keypad is written on the note you picked up from Platforms and Scaffolding LTD, so nowís a good time to look at it if you havenít already.


The number youíre looking for is 2012 (a combination that will seem familiar to anyone with a knack for sci-fi, Armageddon and theories revolving around the end of the world). Stand in front of the keypad, press Action and select the following keys: 2-0-1-2 and finally >. If all goes well a message saying ďAccess grantedĒ will show on the screen, youíll see a camera shot of a balcony with some keys on a table and the elevator will take you up to the top of the scaffolding.


The previously seen balcony is located across from the keypad once youíve reached the top. Shatter the railing, jump up there and grab the Bunch of Keys from the table. Hop back down to the elevator and climb onto the scaffolding to the left. Stick to the left wall of the building and at the end youíll have to reach the platform on the other side of the gap. A long running jump with a last-minute-grab is whatís required here.


Now turn left and look across the street to find a white building. This is the Washington Square Metro Station (also known as Station 3). Do a long running jump with yet another last-minute-grab to reach the roof of the station. Walk across the roof and you have just found yourself the Golden Rose Secret # 1


The short way of getting back down is to simply hang from the edge of the roof and drop down. This will cost Lara a little bit of health though. The long, but safe way around it is to go back to the scaffolding and elevator the same way you came. When reaching the elevator, dive into the water and search the wall of the building with the scaffolding for an underwater door. Itís located approximately at the middle of the wall and can be a bit difficult to spot, but itís a bit darker than the rest and looks slightly different too. See this screenshot if youíre having trouble locating it.  


Take a deep breath and start swimming along the passage. Itís a bit long, but eventually you will reach a junction. When you do so, follow the right tunnel first and youíll find Golden Rose Secret # 2. Swim back to the junction, go left this time and lets the strong currents sweep you straight back to the docks.


Back at the docks climb out of the water, return to the street and keep going N past Washington Square. A word of warning: do NOT under any circumstances shoot the oil barrels littered around the square (the barrels that have a tube sticking out of the top). No matter how far away you stand, the explosion will kill Lara instantly.


At the far end turn left and youíll find a small yard with a bench underneath a tree. Left of this there is a green door and a belonging keyhole. Use the keys you found before to unlock the door. Thereís nothing to be done downstairs, so head up to the first floor and use the keys again to open the glass door nearby. Walk around to the left and open the small door, entering a room that has definitely seen better days.


Thereís little to do in here, just head around the corner and pick up the Dilution from the small table near the cobweb (on the left-hand side). That was all you came here for, so now you can go back downstairs and return to Washington Square.


Cross over to the street where your house is (where you started the level) and almost adjacent of the white arch thereís an alley with some parked cars (facing W this alley is located just left of your house). Go to the far end of said alley and look for a button to push near the left corner. It opens a nearby gate, letting you through to a new and slightly more sinister part of the city.


First of all look at the building on your left. Through the windows you can see a video store. Follow the building all the way around to the left until you arrive at the front of said store. A male mannequin is standing in front of the entrance, which is locked. Youíll also find a button on the fence ahead, opening a gate which will take you back to the part of the city where your house is.


Place the DVD you found before on the pedestal near the store entrance to open the front door. Enter and say hello to the rest of the family of mannequins, before grabbing the Car Key from the desk in the back S/E corner.


NOTE: Some people report having seen a cut of a mutant leaving a bathroom somewhere else in the city. As far as I know, this cutscene is only triggered if you enter the building that said mutant comes from BEFORE entering the video store. The order of doing things isnít set in stone here, so donít fret if you donít see the cutscene with the mutant. Iíve played this level a couple of times already and have yet to see it myself. So donít worry: you havenít done anything wrong and you will still be able to finish the game even if you donít see the mutant. 


POSSIBLE BUG NOTE: Be careful with re-entering the video store once youíve left it the first time around. I did that once and found that the front door had closed, leaving Lara trapped in the store. At least make sure you have an extra savegame at hand if you insist on trying.


After leaving the store head S/W towards the alley you came from when entering this part of the city and pass the broken bridge W. When you reach the second set of Christmas decorations hung up across the street to the right, turn to face it and walk towards the building that has Union Square written on it (this is the second metro station, by the way). At this point a cutscene starts, showing a stag running across the street. The poor animal disappears into the darkness of a building at the far end of the street and Sam, the silly mutt, decides to go chasing after it. Lara desperately attempts to call him back, but to no avail.


Ok, first things first. We need to find Sam, although entering that dark and creepy building is all but tempting. Keep going down the street and at the end of the Union Square Metro Station turn right and blast away a couple of crates to find a box of flares. Now go back a little and turn to face the building where Sam and the stag disappeared (itís the building with the long chain hanging in front of it).


NOTE: If you save the game and then reload anywhere near this building before entering it, you will see a second stag running past you and into the building, just like the first one did.   


Itís extremely dark in there, so youíll probably want to light a flare (or a dozen). When entering start by going to the right down the hallway. Youíll pass an opening on your left side, itís a dead end so just ignore it. At the far end you will find an open gate (note that if you enter this building before having been to the video store and finding the car key, this gate will be closed). Go through and left to a small bathroom (this is the one you would have seen the mutant coming out of if you had entered this building before going to the video store- of course the door to the bathroom wouldnít have been open then, so youíd have to enter this building, then go to the video store and finally come back here again afterwards. Much ado about nothing, huh?).


In the bathroom youíll find that someone has kindly dropped a Garage Key. Bring it with you and return to the entrance. You canít leave now though, we havenít even found Sam yet. Go past the entrance and down to the far end of the hallway. A gruesome sight awaits you down there: the floor is soaked in blood and someone (or something) has ripped that poor stagís head straight off. Yikes!


Of course we donít know any better, so weíll keep exploring the premises. Notice the bunch of crates to the right: you need to move these out of the way. Both because you need to reach a hidden passage behind them and because you most definitely will be in need of a free passage when leaving this dreaded place. The goal is to move all the crates up against the N wall, at least so much that you will have a free and unblocked path going from the open doorway in the S/W corner (said passage will be hidden behind the blocks when theyíre located in their original positions).


It doesnít really matter how you move the crates or how many times you move each one, but one solution could be to finally have them positioned in a somewhat similar fashion as in this screenshot. They donít have to be placed exactly like that; the most important thing is that theyíre not in your way now and that they wonít be later on either.


Light another flare if you need to and enter the newly revealed passage. On your way through the dark passage you will pass by a room on the left-hand side. Oh dear: that room seems to be home to an army of mutants. They seem to be asleep or something and so theyíll leave you aloneÖ..for now! Just keep going and at the end turn left to find a ladder. Climb up until you see a ledge behind Lara, then backflip. Pick up Golden Rose Secret # 3 from the floor of the alcove and go back down the same way.    


Itís now time for you to bravely enter the room with the mutants. Thereís a box of much needed flares immediately to the right and in the far right corner from where you enter youíll find a hole in the floor. Drop down into that hole and grab Golden Rose Secret # 4.


Light a new flare if need and climb out of the hole. In the S/E corner you will to your great surprise find a sleeping Sam. The next part can be a bit of an adrenaline rush, so make sure to prepare properly. First of all be sure that you have a flare lit and that it wonít go out straight away. Secondly youíll see a yellow item on the floor. Do NOT pick it up yet. Just stand right by it, facing the room with the mutants. Now, save your game and grab the Fuse. Several things will happen at the same time. Sam will wake up from her slumber and more notably: so will the mutants- all of them at the exact same time and theyíre obviously not too happy to have someone snivelling human stealing their belongings.


Time for a hasty retreat. Flare still lit, veer left and left again at the corner. Youíre out of the mutantsí lair, but not their domain so immediately rush right and make it a left past the crates from before. Dash down the dark hallway and out through the entrance on the right-hand side. At this point all the mutants will have retreated into the shadows again. Phew!


NOTE: When doing this, try not to fret too much about your angry pursuers. While they are fully capable of killing Lara, all you need to do is to get away from them. Sprinting, running or jumping doesnít matter; just make sure you donít stop anywhere until youíre out of the building. Thatís why we moved the crates earlier, to prevent them from getting in your way during the escape.


How wonderful it is to see Sam back out there with you. Donít go too far away from the building yet though, we still have some business here. Thereís a chain right outside that you can climb. Backflip onto the balcony and walk right onto a pillar with a plant growing on it. Directly across the street, right where the hanging decorations are stuck to the opposite pillar, thereís a well-hidden jump switch. You might want to use the binoculars or something in order to see it better. Do a running jump from the pillar with the plant and press Action in mid-air (perhaps steering Lara a bit left as well so that she comes straight onto the switch).


Pulling it down opens a gate somewhere not too far away. Head down the street N and just as you reach the corner turn right to find the open gate. Thereís a keyhole on the wall to the right, use the key you found in the bathroom to gain access to the Garage.


Inside the Garage there are two cars suspended upon hydraulic ramps. Thereís a fuse missing from the fuse box on the far wall and you just happen to have found one of those recently. Youíll also find a switch on the wall next to each car.


The one next to the jeep doesnít seem to have any particular function as far as I could tell, but the switch on the right wall lowers the hydraulic ramp with the swanky, pink car. Open the cabinet in the corner next to the entrance, it contains a large medipack. Now you can get into the fancy, pink car and leave the Garage.


BUG NOTE AS MENTIONED IN THE README: Once you have used the switch to lower the hydraulic ramp in the Garage, you must NOT save the game until Lara is sitting safely in the car. By reloading the game at this point you run the risk that the hydraulic ramp will be gone, but the pink car will be floating in mid-air. Of course itís of no use to you in that state and the only solution would be to go back a savegame or two.     


By the time you drive out of the Garage, Sam will be gone again and a whole flock of stags is running lose in the streets. Drive down along the street towards the mutantsí lair, turn right and locate the entrance to the Union Square Metro Station. The gate at the bottom of the stairs is closed, but naturally this is no problem to a heroine with a car. Drive down the stairs and Lara will be crashing into the gate at the bottom, forcing it open.


Unfortunately the crash also causes huge chunks of rocks to fall from the ceiling, blocking the entrance to the station. If you like you can drive the car back up the stairs so that it wonít get in your way. Stand facing the centre of the fallen debris and look up for a crevice. Pull up into the crevice and slide down to the bottom. Entering was easy enough, getting out is another story. Jump over the turnstiles and run down the stairs to Station 2.


Search the platform for a large medipack and some breakable bags containing a box of flares. While running around down here you have to be very careful not to drop down onto the train tracks: as you can tell from the crackling sound and the bluish currents surging through them, the power is still switched on and the tracks are just as lethal as they appear.


First of all walk over to the tracks E. Push the button on the wall to the left and a gate opens across the tracks, leaving you with access to an alcove that has steam leaking out of the wall.


The steam can harm Lara, but thankfully not too much (not if youíre quick about your business, anyways). Runjump over to the left-hand side of the alcove, immediately turn around and jump up to grab the monkey swing above. Shimmy ahead and right to get away from the steam. Keep going towards the yellow gleam on the left wall, right before that thereís an opening on the same side.


Shimmy in there and drop down onto the safe ground. Follow the passage around to a wooden door. Push it open and enter the Power Generator Room. Draw guns and shoot off the panel covering a high-voltage switch on the wall, pulling this switch you might notice that the crackling sounds stop. Make sure to shoot away the wooden railing left of the switch too, and gather the remains: flares and a large medipack.


Leave the room and upon returning to the tracks you will find that theyíre now perfectly safe to walk upon. Climb onto the platform and head over to the W tracks. To the left thereís a train, to the right an alcove in which youíll find the following written on the wall: Track Control Sector E.


Thereís also a wooden railing in front of the alcove, but since the tracks are currently safe you can hop down and blast away the railing with your trusty pistols. Pull the lever here and the train moves away, revealing a key that was hidden underneath it. With that you can safely retrieve the Kiosk Key from the tracks where the train was formerly located.


After claiming the key keep following the tracks N. Draw guns as you round the corner to get rid of a rat and continue ahead. Down at the far end you'll find a lonely train and somewhere along the left wall you should find a ground-level crawlspace. A grate is preventing you from going through that way.


My recommendation would be for you to save the game before attempting to break through the grate, as the next part has been said to cause problems for some players. Position Lara directly in front of the grate (as close as you can possible get), crouch and draw guns. Shoot the grate, immediately put the guns away and crawl through at full speed before she's run over by the aforementioned train.


Pick up the flares and follow the crawlspace to the end, shoot another grate and (being careful with the swinging chains) drop down into the partially flooded room below. A crate is floating in the water underneath the entrance; you'll have to find a way of reaching it. Facing into the room turn left and swim/wade over to the sloping part of the floor. Look up to spot a sloping walkway near the wall, stand directly underneath the lower part of it and jump up to grab the edge.


Pull up onto the walkway, turn right and shatter the crates on the E platform. Runjump + grab to reach it, pick up a large medipack and push the nearby button. This causes a gate high up on the opposite wall to open. Turn right, walk to the edge, look across the water and into the right corner to spot the gate you just opened.


Now turn your focus towards the electrical cable hanging above the water. Don't worry about the electrical currents surging through the top of the cable, it's harmless and works as well as any average swinging rope. You need to use it in order to reach the metal walkway across the water (close to the open gate). The procedure is fairly simple: runjump-grab-swing and jump off the rope as Lara reaches the highest peak of the swing.


There's a rat running loose in the room beyond the open gate, with some luck you can shoot it from the safety of the walkway. The ceiling is too low for you to jump into the doorway, so here you'll have to stand at the left corner of the walkway and simply run forwards through the opening (yes, this is indeed possible). Push the button to open a hatch behind the fence to your left, leading down into a flooded room. Walk around the corner, pick up the crowbar lying on the floor and dive through the open hatch.


Swim down into the flooded room, on the counter to the right you'll find a Cork. There are a few more things to do down here, but in its current state the room is relatively useless. Swim back up instead and climb out of the water. Put the cork you just found to good use by stuffing it into the small hole in the pipe to the right (where the water is gushing out). This stops the water from running, but the lower room is still flooded.


Turn around to find that a gate nearby has opened. Turn the valve wheel in the alcove and two things happen: the water is drained from the lower room and the main room is flooded even further. Climb the ladder down into the room below, pull up onto the counter ahead and pick up the normal shotgun ammo. Climb back down and open the cabinet (kind of neat how the water pours out of it when you open the door), adding the shotgun to your arsenal of weapons.


It's time to leave this room now, so head back out to the flooded main room and dive into the water. Before heading for the exit swim left and climb onto the small platform to obtain some more normal shotgun ammo. Now swim across the room, climb onto the walkway from before and, standing at the highest point, do a running jump + grab to the floating crate. Stick to the right side of the crate and standjump with a grab towards the crawlspace on the wall just as the chains swing left.


Pull up and return to the train tracks. Now that the train is gone you are free to continue E, straight to Washington Square's Station 3 (this being directly below the area where your house is located). Use the hard-earned key you found on the tracks to gain entrance to the kiosk and pick up another key- the Station Key- from the counter to the right.


There's nothing else of interest in the kiosk, so leave and run up the stairs E. Jump over the turnstiles and use the recently found key in the nearby keyhole to open the gate on top of the next flight of stairs. You're now free to leave the station, but first of all scour the floor to find a Pocket Watch among some litter.


[NOTE: According to Clara the pocket watch doesn't actually have a purpose other than being a referral to the movie adaption from 2007 which this level is based upon. Neville (the main character in the movie, played by Will Smith) keeps a watch with him to remind him of the approaching hours of night. In other words your pocket watch serves as nothing but a visual parallel to the movie].


Head up the stairs and you're back out at Washington Square. It's now time to withdraw to your humble abode, so go left and up the stairs of the first house on the corner right. Use the crowbar you found in the station to pry the padlock off the door and enter your home as the first level comes to an end.





Pickups: Bowl, small medipacks, Yellow Key (No Secrets)


Enemies: None


You start the level just where the last one ended: in the entryway of your own home and soon enough youíll notice that Sam has followed you inside. Thereís a staircase leading up to the first floor, but before going that way letís have a look around the ground floor.


The first door to the left can be opened and leads to a small living room. Look to the left as you enter to see a button next to the window and a detonator on the window sill. Both the button and the detonator are for later. If you push the button now youíll find that it causes the blinds in front of the window to close, but they will roll back up again straight away. There are buttons like it next to every window in the house; each button has the purpose of closing the blinds of the window closest by. Weíll get back to what all this means in due time, so just take a mental note of it for now.


Directly opposite of the door you came through thereís a double door with glass panes and a wooden frame. Stand in front of the door and press Action, Lara will push it open. This is the bathroom. To the left is a bathtub, a window with a tape player standing on the sill and another button. To the right youíll find the shower, complete with a button you canít access due to the glass case covering it. For now thereís nothing more to see in here, I just wanted you to see where the bathroom is as you have some business to attend to in there at a later stage.


Return to the living room and go left. Through the open doorway youíll find the kitchen. Go to the far end and take notice of another window and a button on the right wall. Pick up the Bowl from the floor near the right corner (presumably belonging to Sam) and leave the kitchen through the open doorway in the S wall.


Youíll come out into a hallway. Thereís a door that can be opened by pushing the button next to it. This door leads down into the basement, the location of your laboratory. Note that as far as you have some business to attend to in the apartment youíll be capable of going back and forth between the apartment and the lab, but later in the level the access to the lab will be temporarily closed. Youíll see what I mean by this when that time comes though. For now itís good to know that if you enter the lab and realize you have forgotten something in the apartment, you can come back up and retrieve it.


Just leave it at that for now though and turn your focus towards the end of the hallway left. At the far end thereís a closed gate with a red-framed keyhole behind it. This is for way later, after the first visit to the lab, so just keep its location in mind. In the alcove right of the closed gate you can pick up a small medipack from the shelf.


Head E down the hallway and youíll come back to the entrance door where you started. Thatís basically all there is to see at the ground floor, so venture up the stairs to the first floor. The house only consists of those three floors mentioned: the basement (lab), the ground floor (entrance/living room/bathroom/kitchen/closed gate) and the first floor (mainly bedrooms and one living room), so there isnít as much ground to cover as it might seem at first sight.


Start by going left and at the end of the hallway straight ahead youíll see a closed door. It will remain closed, but thereís another way of accessing the same room that is located behind that door. Turn left, keep going down the hallway past the wooden railing and turn right at the end to enter a miniature gym.


Take a quick glance to the left to see two windows and button, then go on over to the glass case in the right corner and pull it away, retrieving a small medipack from underneath it. To the right is the master bedroom. There are two windows here as well, one on each side of the bed, and one button for each window. The door to the right is the closed one I mentioned seeing from the other side.


Return to the staircase and this time go around to the right. At the far end youíll find an open doorway on the left-hand side. It leads to the childrenís bedroom, currently abandoned. At the first glance there seems to be nothing here but two windows and a button over by the bed. Go over to the top left corner and the shelf that has clothes hanging along the bottom. Crouch and crawl underneath the clothes, but donít go too far ahead. In this well-hidden alcove youíll find a small medipack, but youíll also end up inside the fireplace and the flames burning cheerily away at the wooden logs could be a little too much heat to handle.    


Retreat into the previous bedroom and go back to the hallway and staircase. Time to see whatís behind that final door to the right of the stairs. This would be the study. Apparently Lara is certainly keen on studying that glass panel on the wall ahead. In the right corner is the fireplace connecting this room with the childrenís bedroom through the secret passage.


At the bookshelves W thereís a button on the left side. For once there are no windows with blinds nearby, so letís push it and see what happens. Part of the bookshelf turns out to be a well-hidden door, revealing a secret passage through the wall. Climb up there and at the corner turn to face the final wall tile on the right-hand side (just in the back corner). Stand in front of it and press Action, youíll find Lara indicating that this is indeed a moveable block. Push it in once, which is as far as it goes, then turn to your immediate left and push a second moveable block all the way until it comes to a halt (this requires a total of four pushes).  


By now Lara should be standing in a small room with flame emitters embedded into the floor in all four corners. You will also find two closed gates in the W and S wall and an equally closed door to the E. There is also a switch high up on the wall in each corner, directly above the flame emitters. Your task at hand is to find a way of reaching the switches and at the same time avoid the flame emitters. What to do?


Cross over to the middle of the floor by timing a run past the first flame emitter. Turn to face the leftmost moveable block by the N wall and pull it out twice. Now go around it to the right (being careful with the flames) and face the flame emitter in the N/W corner. Right behind it thereís another moveable block (located next to the one you just moved).


Timing a run past the flame emitter, stand as close to the moveable block as possible and when the flame ceases pull the block out once. This deactivates the flame emitter, opens the gate next to you (leaving you access to another moveable block) and makes it possible for you to climb up onto the block and pull the switch. 


Return to the first block you moved and push it up against the E wall. Carefully wriggle her around the right corner of the block (try to avoid being toasted) and time a push into the corner opposite. Vault up onto the block and pull the switch. Drop down and go back to the second block you moved. Push it back into the corner alcove where you found it (the flame emitter will remain deactivated)


Now face the block in the W wall alcove and pull it out once. Go around it to the left and push it once onto the flame emitter in the corner. The gate in the N wall opens, revealing a final moveable block. Climb onto the block you just moved and pull the third switch.


Itís time to focus all your attention on that final block. Pull it out three times, time a run past the flame emitter to the right and go around to the opposite side of the block. Now finally push it into the last corner. Climb up, pull the switch and the door in the E wall opens.


Drop down to the floor and follow the dark passage through the open door. At the end youíll find Lara looking out through the glass panel that she looked up at when first entering the study. Grab the Yellow Key and return to the fire room. From there follow the passage back to the study the same way you came before.


Thereís nothing more to be done up here for now, so return downstairs and enter the living room. Go straight through to the bathroom and go right over to the shower. If you look down on the floor of the shower youíll see what looks like a dogís paw prints. Stand on top of the paw prints and place the dogís bowl that you found before on the floor (either by pressing Ctrl twice or pressing ESC>selecting the bowl>Enter/Ctrl). The glass case to the right rises, so youíre now free to push the button. The shower is turned on and water fills the bowl. Pick it up and return to the entryway.


Go left and press the button on the right-hand side to open the wooden door (Sam might be running around your feet, but sheíll disappear once you start the next level). Run down the stairs to enter theÖÖ






Pickups: Large medipack, small medipacks, Blood Test, Powder (former dilution)/Distilled Water/Serum 391/Inactive Vaccine, Tape, Red Key (No Secrets)


Enemies: None


Keep going down the stairs and enter the laboratory. Turn to your immediate right at the entrance and climb the counter for a large medipack. Going to the left thereís also a small medipack on the counter near the fire extinguisher in the corner.


Head over to the far left corner of the room and youíll find a wooden door leading to the test lab. There are eight cages in here, each housing a rat (some more active than others). On the floor you have a large square made up by four smaller squares, each with a number inside. The cages are also numbered (youíll see the number at the back wall of each cage) and so are the switches and platforms along the left and right walls. Finally in the left corner we have a moveable crate.  


What the floor tiles, cages and platforms/switches all have in common, is that theyíre all carrying the same numbers. Moving the wooden crate onto any of the four numbers on the floor will raise the platform with the corresponding number. The switch that you will gain access to by raising the platform underneath it opens the door of the cage with the corresponding number. Get it?


For example: moving the crate onto the numbered tile 393 raises the right wall platform with the number 393 written above it. When you pull the switch the door of the cage numbered 393 opens. This is what you need to do, but with the correct number.


The rats in two of the cages separate themselves from the lot. The cage with the number I used as an example (393) holds a rat which seems to be stone cold and dead. This one wonít be any good for you at all. However, one other rat appears to be a lot calmer than the rest. This one is in the cage numbered 391.


Move the wooden crate onto the floor tile that has the number 391 on it. The corresponding platform on the left wall will rise. Climb up there and pull the switch, opening the door of cage # 391. Hop back down to the floor and climb up into the open cage (note that you canít vault up into the cage, you have to jump up). Crouch down next to the tranquilized rat and grab the Blood Test.  


A panel opens on the wall out in the lab and since thereís nothing else you need in the test lab, you can return to the main room.


A blackboard with some formulas scrawled across the surface has been uncovered as the panel opened, go over and read what it says.



             = powder


powder + distilled water

             = serum 391


heat up serum 391 + ice

             = vaccine???



Ok, now we know what to do next. Or do we? At least we got some help along the way. First of all we need to find the centrifuge so that we can make a bit of powder out of that dilution found earlier. The centrifuge is the machine located just right of the blackboard. Place the dilution into the machine and it will seem to disappear, but it will show up in your inventory as Powder.


And now for the distilled water. Use the key you found in the secret room up in the apartment to unlock the door in the S wall. Enter the distillery, go right and pick up a small medipack next to the tanks near the wall. Now go to the far end and place the bowl of water in the empty spot underneath the large tank of the distillation machine.


Stomp on the bellows (standing next to them pressing Action) to set the fire blazing. The water in the bowl starts heating up and distilled water drips into the container at the end. Go over there and pick up your Distilled Water. Combine it with the powder and you have got yourself a glass of Serum 391.    


Leave the distillery and return to the lab. Place the serum 391 over the candle flame left of the sink (N). You get back a dose of Inactive Vaccine and the gate previously keeping you out of the alcove in the opposite wall opens. Enter and pick up the Tape AND the Red Key. Make sure you grab both items (you have to press Action twice to get them both).


If you miss out on one of them and leave the lab, youíll not be able to come back down for the second item. The door to the lab will be locked and you will be stuck without any ways of advancing further, so reloading a previous savegame is your only option. When picking up these items you hear Sam barking ferociously upstairs. Run back up the stairs and check whatís going on.    






Pickups: None (No Secrets)


Enemies: None


Press the button to open the door and go back to the apartment. Night time is approaching fast and we have a few things we need to do. Return to the entryway and go through the living room to the bathroom. Youíll find Sam out in the bathroom, growling and barking at the top of her lungs. Itís finally time to see what all those blinds and buttons are all about.


Before doing anything else you need to remember where all those buttons are located, because youíll not have a lot of time for finding them again. There are three buttons on the ground floor and four upstairs. They are found in the following locations:


Ground floor:

Bathroom- 1 button

Living room- 1button

Kitchen- 1 button



Childrenís bedroom- 1 button

Gym- 1 button

Master bedroom- 2 buttons


Now position Lara in front of the tape player and SAVE THE GAME. The moment she inserts the tape found in the lab into the player a cutscene starts. Soothing music fills the room, in stark contrast to what is soon about to happen. Do watch the cutscene closely, as it will fill you out on the locations of the buttons near the windows.





Pickups: Small medipacks, shotgun (No Secrets)


Enemies: (Mutants)


Lara: Oh no, itís late. I have to close the blinds.


Time sure flies. Youíll hear the angry buzzing of an alarm clock and youíre tossed head-first into one heck of a race against time. You now have exactly two minutes sharp to run around the house and press every button mentioned before (and seen in the previous cutscene). That done the blinds will close. If you succeed in closing all the blinds before the time has run out, the timer stops and you see the gate near the red keyhole open.


If, however, you fail in pressing all the buttons before the two minutes have gone by youíll just about now be set for taking care of some very unwelcome company. A pretty large flock of mutants will barge through the backdoor and come looking for you. Youíll have to kill them all. Using the shotgun is by far the best alternative here, it only takes about three cartridges to get rid of one of them. If you run out of cartridges, you can find another shotgun on the shelf next to the now open gate (by the red keyhole, this is where you found the medipack earlier).


Once youíre done you can go around the house picking up some more stash that can come in handy. Thereís another small medipack in the alcove next to the fire place (accessed by crawling under the shelves in the childrenís bedroom) and in the gym youíll find that the glass case in the corner is back in place. By moving it away you can pick up one more small medipack from underneath it.


Now go back downstairs and approach the open gate with the red keyhole at the end of the hallway. Pick up the shotgun from the shelves to the right if you havenít already. You can now use the key you found in the lab to open the door at the bottom of the stairs left of the keyhole (see now why I told you not to forget this key down in the lab?). Head down the stairs through the open door and the next level loads.





Pickups: Flares, large medipacks, revolver, Old Key, small medipacks, normal shotgun ammo, revolver ammo, Golden Key, Dynamite, torch, Glass Door Key, lasersight + 2 Golden Rose Secrets


Enemies: Mutants, mutant dogs


Looks dark and gloomy out there, doesnít it? Go forwards past the yellow cab and at the end of this alley look to the right for some flares and left for a large medipack. Out in the streets turn left and go to the end- back to some familiar grounds. Head N/E towards the Washington Square Metro Station, go past it and continue over to the house where you found the dilution in the first level. For those who do not remember it, thatís in the far N/E corner of the streets.


Right by the house there are some red girders nearby, look up there to find a hanging ladder. Stand in front of the ladder facing the streets and start jumping straight up and down while pressing Action. Itís not as easy as it looks, but eventually Lara should grab hold of the ladder and pull it down. Climb up to the top, turn left and look for a crevice running along the nearby house to the N.


Do a running jump towards said crevice and shimmy left until sheís able to pull up. Go left, pick up the large medipack and turn left again. Look across the courtyard to spot a balcony. Draw guns and clear off the wooden railings before runjumping over to the white slope at the end.


Shimmy left, pull up at the end and backflip/roll/grab in order to reach the aforementioned balcony. Here youíll find a table holding the revolver and when you pick it up youíre treated to a camera shot of a van suspended high up in the air by some wire somewhere in another area.


Getting back down youíll lose health no matter what, runjumping back to the white slope and safety-dropping from there will cost you marginally less health than dropping down directly from the balcony. Your call.


Back on the ground make your way to the park (in case youíve forgotten itís the rectangular area with all the trees surrounded by a fence- just opposite of your house). At the far S/W corner youíll find the entrance gate (and the button to open it).


Inside the park thereís a mutant running around with a whole pack of mutant dogs. Just to have said it: the dogs are immortal and can not be killed. However, they are fully capable of hurting and killing Lara. They wonít leave the park though. Your best bet is to just try to avoid them in every way possible and keep the damage to a minimum.


As for the mutant, you have to kill it. This can easily be done by simply using the pistols, but remember to keep moving around a bit to avoid the dogs at the same time. Once the mutant falls it drops the Old Key, grab it quickly and get out of the park as fast as Laraís legs can carry her. Just beware that if the mutant drops dead on top of a slope or something similar, this can make it difficult at best (and in worst-case scenario: impossible) to get a hold of the key. Keep that at the back of your head and remember to save the game before entering the park, just to make sure. 


Once you have the key head E down the street and right before the end turn left towards the alley with the locked gate, you are now able to open the gate thanks to the key left behind by the mutant. Start up the stairs ahead, but turn left and just past the first block with the plant growing on top thereís a small medipack for you to pick up. Go up to the top of the stairs and jump over the fence on the right-hand side. Inside this small garden youíll find some normal shotgun ammo.  


Now return to the motorbike and hop on. There are two ways for you to go from here. I will list both options and you can have your pick. The first one is the path intended by the level builders, but the other way works just as well. When youíve finished either, simply skip down to the paragraph marked with ** to proceed with the journey. 



Ride the bike out onto the streets, past the park and the house where you live. Keep going past the metro station to the far end, you should be seeing some yellow and white barriers at the end. Ram through them and the ground collapses, sending Lara plummeting down into a dark tunnel (she will probably lose some health in the process).


Get off the bike and look for a large medipack hidden among the bushes near the red supporting beam on the left-hand side. Return to the bike and ride through the cobweb-covered opening, keeping an eye out for a ladder on the right-hand wall. Park the bike there, light a flare and run W down the tunnel. Just past the red supporter beams look for a switch on the right-hand side. Pulling it opens a trapdoor right above the ladder where you parked the bike.


Go back there and climb the ladder to the top. Head left, pick up the revolver ammo from the floor, shoot the bags for some normal shotgun ammo, grab the Golden Key from the nearby shelf and finally look left to find a large medipack underneath the sink. Thatís all you need from here, so climb down and get back on that bike.


Keep going down the tunnel, gun it up the ramp at the end and smash through the barriers on top. Youíre back at a very familiar part of the city and this time around the mutants have come out to play. Luckily you have the bike. Ride around the area, making sure you do not stop until youíre the only living, breathing organism left.    



Drive out on the street, past the park and your house and into the first alley to the right. Leave the bike for a swift moment in order to push the button that will open the gate. Get back on that bike and weíre in for some massive fun.


Mutants are running wild in this part of the city and weíre just about to put a stop to that. Drive around while killing them off one by one. There are quite a few of them out there, so make sure you get rid of all. When the motorcycle massacre is over drive towards the N side harbour and look for some white and yellow barriers blocking your way to a dark tunnel in the ground.


Drive your bike down there and stop at the base of the hill. Light a flare if needed and search for a switch on the left-hand wall, this opens a hatch somewhere nearby. Keep hugging the left wall until you find a ladder to climb, pull up through the hatch you just opened.


Scour the room for revolver ammo (lying in plain sight on the floor), normal shotgun ammo (hidden inside one of the sacks), a Golden Key (on one of the shelves) and a large medipack (on the floor by the sink, past the shelf).


Climb back down and this time keep going down the tunnel until you get just past the cobweb-covered opening. Near the red supporting beam on the right-hand side thereís a large medipack nestled among the bushes. Return to the bike and weíre ready to go back up to the city. More mutants have appeared by now, so make sure you deal with all of them before continuing.


** Once the mutants are history drive past the metro station and over to the closed gate near the S/E corner. Get off the bike, use the key you found before to unlock the gate and drive into the small courtyard. Thereís a wooden door to the right, carefully run into it with your bike in order to smash it (do NOT drive into the building though). Park the bike outside and enter the Mine Factory (yes, thatís the building you just gained access to).


There are mines on the floor: some are active, others are not. You would be wise to stay far away from the active mines, the ones with a gilded mechanism (or whatever it is) in the centre. First of all turn left and hop over the active mine to reach the shelves on the left-hand side. Pick up Golden Rose Secret # 5, then sideflip once to the right. The camera pans out to a birdís eye view. Hop backwards onto the deactivated mine nearby, turn left, stand at the approximate centre and jump diagonally to the left to reach another safe mine.


Make your way back to the entrance and climb onto the crate on the right-hand side (facing into the factory). Hop over to the metal grate held up by the forklift and face the suspended crate. As you might notice thereís a mine on top of the crate, so thatís a no go. What you need to do here is to perform a standing jump from the edge of the grate while pressing Action to grab onto the chain suspending the crate. Climb up, turn right and backflip onto a safe ledge.


Do a running jump (or a standing jump and last-minute-grab) from the ledge to the second suspended crate (sticking to the left-hand side works best and be careful to avoid the moving crane). Now you have to jump and grab the black grating where the steam is hissing out.


I found that the best way to avoid the steam as much as possible is by standing on the rightmost corner and take one step to the left, then doing a standing jump and grab to the black grating. Quickly climb up to the top and keep moving right and around the corner. Climb down and press the button in the alcove.


Walk to the edge of the alcove and look diagonally right across the room. Youíll notice that a glass door has opened over by the ledge where you were earlier. The best way of getting back there is to do a running jump out into thin air, aiming for the grate on top of the forklift. You might lose a touch of health in the process, but as long as you avoid the steam (which I would highly recommend that you do) the loss should be kept to an absolute minimum.


Use the chain to climb back up to the ledge with the open door. Out on the balcony youíll find some Dynamite on top of the wooden boxes. Bring it with you into the factory, drop down onto the forklift grate and make your way to the entrance via the safe crate next to the doorway.


To the right thereís a mannequin guarding a closed door on top of the stairs. Place the dynamite inside the rope trap next to him and youíll see the black gate from before open up (itís up underneath the ceiling of the factory, between the two leaking steam pipes).


Return up there the same way you did before, but instead of jumping from the crate to grab the black grating simply do a running jump straight through the open gate. Pick up a torch (there are some spares as well in case you should lose the first one before youíre done using it) and go back down to the floor.   


Leave the factory and head out through the open gate back to the city. Go straight ahead and at the end turn left. Near the building where the mutantsí lair is located thereís a burning barrel. Use it to light the torch, but be careful not to get so close that Lara catches fire. Return to the Mine Factory, stand in front of the dynamite facing the entrance gate and save your game.


Press Action and Lara will stoop down to light the fuse of the dynamite with her torch. Now you have to get out of there FAST, so jump forwards and run into the Mine Factory before sheís blown to pieces. This is in fact the only place where sheís safe from the explosion. When silence once again falls over the city itís safe to go back outside. The mannequin is long gone and the entry door to the Museum has been blown apart, meaning that youíre free to enter.


First of all go past the stairs on the right-hand side and over to the wardrobe at the far end. Pick up a small medipack from underneath the clothes hangers on the left side, then bring the torch with you up the stairs and through to the next room. Go left past the pillars with the hieroglyphs on them and between two pillars at the far back youíll find a wooden hatch on the floor to the right.


Stand next in front of it and press Action. Lara stoops down and sets the wooden hatch on fire. Drop the torch and hop down into the hole. Pick up Golden Rose Secret # 6, which is the final one in this game.


NOTE: Iíve heard some people saying that by saving the game while down there in the hole they were unable to climb back out. If you insist on saving Iíd recommend you to wait until youíve climbed back up onto the floor, just in case.


The torch is no longer of use to you, so just leave it here. Return to the main hall and dive into the pool, picking up the Glass Door Key from the S/W corner. Climb out of the pool and head over to the far right corner (S/E). Never mind the dogs howling out in the garden, thereís no way for them to get into the building. Climb up the ladder to the left and runjump over to the suspended ledge left to pick up some revolver ammo, then return to the main platform with the five blocks.


The block in the middle is not moveable, but the four surrounding it are. Look closely at the hieroglyphic inscriptions on each of these four blocks. Now: go and have a look at the floor tile in each of the four corners of the platform. You do see a pattern, donít you? Four corner tiles, four moveable blocks, matching inscriptions. Piece of pie. Move each block onto the corner tile with a matching inscription.


For each correct move youíre treated to a camera shot of the closed glass door in the W wall alcove. Once the fourth block is positioned where itís supposed to be said glass door opens. Do a running jump over to the alcove and use the key you found in the pool to open another glass door at the far side of the main hall.


Runjump back to the platform with the blocks, climb the corner block to the right and look up at the ceiling. Itís a very cleverly concealed monkeyswing, so do a running jump and grab to the part of the ceiling that is slanting down to the right. Swing straight across the hall and drop down onto a small platform on the right-hand side. This is the glass door you saw opening earlier.


Walk through the door, draw guns and shoot the window covering the alcove across the hallway. Runjump while pressing Action to land inside the alcove and pick up the lasersight. Once again youíre shown a camera shot of the suspended jeep. Runjump back to the glass door alcove and dive into the pool. Climb out and youíre ready to leave the Museum the way you came in.  


Head straight back towards the burning barrel near the mutantsí lair. On the right-hand side you will find a rope trap. Look up above it and thereís the suspended jeep for you. Combine the revolver and lasersight first. Walk over to the rope trap and place the Blood Test in the centre, then hop backwards once or twice.


A cutscene starts and we see a mutant girl stagger out of the lair. She stoops down inside the rope trap and grabs the Blood Test. When the cutscene ends draw the revolver and aim for the chain sticking out from underneath the suspended jeep. Shoot it and the car will drop. The mutant girl is trapped and hordes of mutants come charging down the alley to your left.





Pickups: Detonator Key, Empty Ice Maker (No Secrets)


Enemies: None


Apparently Lara has managed to escape with the mutant girl. We find them back in the laboratory: the girl tied down and Lara needing to figure out what to do with her. Use the button to the left to open the nearby gate. Enter and pick up the Detonator Key. A cutscene shows the only detonator we have available: on the sill of the living room window, just behind the closed blinds.


Oh dear. Mutants are running rampant in the streets outside your house, probably looking for their missing member. A gate opened in the S wall, go in there and pick up the Empty Ice Maker. That done leave the Laboratory through the now open door and head back up the stairs to the apartment.


BUG NOTE: Do not draw guns when heading up the stairs to the apartment. If you enter the next level with weapons drawn you will find Lara pulling out her guns as the new level starts and sheíll be aiming for some invisible target. This is followed by the game crashing to the desktop. Keep an extra savegame just in case.





Pickups: Ice Cubes (No Secrets)


Enemies: Mutant


Leave the basement by pushing the button on top of the stairs and keep your guns ready (personally I prefer the shotgun here). Youíll probably encounter a mutant running around the house, so just dispose of it as it appears. Run into the kitchen straight ahead, left into the living room and right into the bathroom.


Use the ice maker the same way you did with Samís water bowl earlier. Place it on the floor of the shower, press the button as the panel opens and pick it up. Return to the kitchen and in the far left corner youíll find the freezer. Place the ice maker filled with water inside and wait for a bit. You now have Ice Cubes at your disposal.


Return to the living room and open the blinds. Use the detonator key to blow up some mutant butt. Unfortunately itís not nearly enough, as there are heaps more of them out there and they do not look happy about what youíve just done. Leave the living room quickly- mutants are now pouring into your house through the back door. The door to the basement is open again, dash down there and enter the laboratory for the final showdown.





Pickups: Active Vaccine (Ice Cubes + Inactive Vaccine), grenade gun (No Secrets)


Enemies: Mutants



Run right through the door to the mutant girl. The door closes automatically, but with the army of mutants outside clawing and pounding at the door and windows thatís a meagre comfort. Especially considering that all the ammo you had stashed away (minus that of the pistols of course) has mysteriously vanished. Quickly combine the ice cubes with the inactive vaccine to make (well, duh) the Active Vaccine.


Inject the vaccine into the mutant girl through the plastic bag hanging next to her. Turn around immediately and in the far right corner of the room a gate has opened. Enter the alcove, stoop down and grab the grenade gun (it has the shape of a hand grenade).


This is the only gun you have available so draw it and position Lara with her back to the small, half-circle grate/door opposite of the main door where the mutants are going crazy. Launch a grenade at the mutants, immediately roll and put the grenade gun away.


Now you should be able to crawl through the grate/door that was blown open. Note that she canít crawl through unless you holster the gun. I couldnít get it to work at first, but eventually I got through it. Just keep trying until you finally succeed. Follow the long duct and crawl towards Sam waiting for you at the far end. With this a long journey comes to an end and safety awaits for you in the light of the rising sun, beyond the borders of New York City.