Cain on the Bus

Level by Cain

Walkthrough by DJ Full

WARNING! This is the most boring level I've ever played. But this is only my humble opinion.
General tips are:
- save grenades for eels and mummies
- save shotgun shells for dinos
- to kill an eel with pistols, you need to hit him in the head. Notice Lara ducks a bit in certain point of backflip animation. In this moment she's more likely to hit eel's head. So backflip while shooting whenever you can. If your trigger finger is fast enough to take advantage from switching targeting to manual, it may be advisable. Also, you can make some space by letting an eel come closer to you, then jumping over it, rolling and backflipping as many times as necessary to get to the other side of the place. Then you can duck to hit the opponent in the head more efficiently.

Kill 2 SASes. Pick up a large medi from the left of the exit. Press the switch and fall into the pit. Slide down. At the end of the slope, jump and grab the ledge.

Pull up and murder 2 SASes. Now look S and notice a ladder. Look around and plan your way to it. You don't need a detailed description here. I'm just gonna tell you grabbing the ledge of the third platform isn't required and it's better to get onto it before the enemy shoots you from there. And not to jump on the high platform in the SW corner. And not to forget 2 large medikits from under it. After you finish platforming and murdering, use the mentioned ladder to descend to the lower floor. Here, it's also about jumping and killing. When you get onto the fire platform, you can choose three routes.

Jump from here directly onto the lower platform in front of you. Kill a SAS on the other side of the gap and jump over it.

Jump from here directly onto the SAS place mentioned above.

Avoid an eel by jumping on the next pillar, and get out of SAS range by escaping to another platform. Watch out for the next SAS behind baboon platform. Shoot this thug carefully from here, hiding behind the wall everytime he targets you. When he's dead, kill the previous SAS from the distance. Now get back onto the previous platform and shoot the remaining eel. Return to the platform you killed both SASes from and shoot the baboon 8-10 times from here but DON'T kill it (it respawns automatically if you do so). Drop down to the baboon platform and finish the monkey from there with 2-3 precise shots to prevent it from pushing you off the ledge. Now jump over the gap, grab a small medikit left by the last SAS and switch targeting to manual.

There's no possibility to miss any of the opponents waiting for you in the luggage compartment (if we're really on the bus, its lowest part should be a luggage compartment). SAVE THE GAME. Get psyched and slide down to face them - a horde of giant chicken, guardians of the Talion. They activate one by one. Fire shots rapidly to kill the first one and keep to the right wall to find a lever. Just step on its square and kill one more chicken and an eel. Pull the switch. Follow the right wall to find the Jeep keys. Picking'em up activates next chicken. Get rid of it. Again, stick close to the right wall to locate another switch. Stand on a tile in front of it to spawn another chicken. After you kill it, pull the lever. Find the next alcove with a switch. Getting inside triggers another enemy. Finish the bird, pull the lever and find the last alcove using the same method as always. After you kill the last enemy and pull the last switch, find a door in the only one unexplored part of the place. Get to the jeep, drive out of the "garage" and massacre some eels and SASes on your way to the base of the ramp you slided down into this place. Drive up.

On the top, kill 3 more SASes, enter the door and start massacring people. You can find many of them in this maze, but if you wanna get out of here, on the following junctions go N, N, N, E, N, and E.

Up there, get outta vehicle and collect: 24 normal shells, 1 big medi, 1 grenade gun, 2 small medis, 20 explosive arrows and 2 packs of super grenades. Climb the ladder. It's time for probably the toughest battle in this game. Watch out for the grenades and you should have enough of them. Blow up an eel horde and a SAS squad. Find and collect 2 packs of super grenades in the NW and NE corners. Climb the central polerope and backflip to land on the upper floor. See the stairs? This is, IMO, the most "tomb raider" place Cain has ever built. Reminds me of final levels of TR2. Advance upstairs, blowing up the largest group of eels you've ever seen and stand on the grate. You can look through it to see what awaits you there. These T-Rexes can be killed by single shot while they attack you. You need a shotgun for it. There it is, lying on the floor in the middle of the grate. Pick it up. The door opens. Go through it and slide down to face and kill the dinos. There are 2 packs of super grenades in the SE corner of the room, and a lever switch in the NE one. Pull it and get out of here. Perform another asSASeelation and find 2 more packs of super grenades and 12 normal shells in the NW corner. Climb the ladder to get to the top. Pull up into the corridor.

If you know other Cain's levels, you probably treat this as a kind of personal tradition. Proceed through the corridors, killing lots of baboons (if you go back, the monkeys respawn), picking up a grenade gun from under the ramp and blowing up some obligatory mummies on your way to the jeep at the other end of the location. Enter the vehicle and drive up the ramp you passed by a while ago. On the top, get out of the jeep and jump over the gap. Do another running jump to grab a crack in the wall. Shimmy left, pull up and pick up another grenade gun. Safety drop to the corridor on the other side of wafer-thin wall. Kill some more SASes, monkeys and mummies on your way through the passages. At the end, the path splits in two. In that place, kill some giant chicken. Choose the left passage. Actually, it's a long alcove. You can find a crossbow and some more normal shells in there. Enter the second passage and proceed to the very end of it to find a ladder. Before you climb it, prepare a shotgun to draw.

On the upper floor, find and kill another T-Rex. Get to the next room. To get to the top of the central container, go around it, climb the next ladder, jump out of it, roll in midair, grab the ledge of the cage and pull up. Through the grate, you can see the last jeep waiting for you to enter it. Notice a hole in the wall. Find The Hand Of Orion inside and use it on the receptacle on the N wall of the container room. Now you can enter the jeep.

Get out of the room through the portal that led you here. Pass by the wall and drive up the ramp next to it, into the open space. Go down the slope to hit finish trigger and leave this navy blue rampage.