Lara vs. Cain

Level by Cain

Walkthrough by DJ Full

- If you wanna kill an eel when you've run out of grenades, you need to hit him in the head. Notice Lara ducks a bit in certain point of backflip animation. In this moment she's more likely to hit eel's head. So backflip while shooting whenever you can. If your trigger finger is fast enough to take advantage from switching targeting to manual, it may be advisable. Also, you can make some space by letting the eel come closer to you, then rolling and backflipping as many times as necessary to get to the other side of the place. Then you can duck to hit the opponent in the head more efficiently.
- To kill a T-Rex, draw the shotgun and run towards the dino. Then, send it to the eternal archeological museum by firing one shot only.
- Killing sheeps requires pistols, patience and distance only.
- Aliens are modified horsemen. Shoot them in the chest.
- Floating sharks are the most distractive things. They can bite and push you off ledges. When appearing among the other enemies, kill them first.
- Mummies are harmless and bullet-resistant.
- Cain is the easiest boss ever. I can't imagine any useful tips for killing him. Just do it.

The walkthru includes the silent speech of this level, written by Cain.

Start of Level:
Goon 1 - Lara, you go on ahead, we'll guard this path.
Goon 2 - If Cain tries to run down here, we'll kill him.

Pick up the shotgun and follow the passage, killing a T-Rex. Kill 3 sheeps and pick up 12 normal shells they dropped. Advance, kill 2 more sheep and an alien. Get into the open space and shoot next 2 dinos. Jump into the pool and find a hole at the bottom in the SE corner. Enter it and swim: Left, Right, R, R, R, Left. Resurface and get out of the water. Kill 3 more sheep and an alien waiting for you among the snowdrifts. Proceed through to the next location and find yourself behind the gate you've already seen. You can't kill the giant mummy, but you don't need to mind it - as it was discovered a long time ago, "they are sooooo big that they can't attack you" (fragment of rtger's review of "Castle Cain"). Crawl into something what is, according to Cain's notes, a rabbit hole. Find some more normal shells in there and make it to the end of the crawlspace. As soon as you hop out of the pit, enemies of several kinds appear: aliens, a whole herd of sheep and three floating sharks. Get rid of the sharks and stand on the top of the snowdrift surrounded by slopes (aliens and sheep can't go up them). Kill the rest of the opponents from here. Dying sheeps drop a large medi and 12 normal shells. Notice a lever switch under the waterfall in the NW part of the place. Pull it and IMMEDIATELY jump backwards with rolling in midair. Sprint away from the dinos chasing you. Draw the shotgun, roll and run towards the T-Rexes to kill them with two precise shots. SAVE THE GAME. Now the central pit is filled with water deep enough for Lara to survive the jump in, but keep in mind sometimes Lara gets killed by the height anyway, so you may need several attempts to jump into the pool and live. When you succeed, find a hole in the wall and pull up into another icy passage. 3 more sheeps await you at its end - you can waste some shells for them. Get out of the corridor, advance two more red squares ahead and backflip to avoid a rolling spikeball. Proceeding through the room, watch out for the next sets of spikeballs. In the next part of the factory (?), face and kill some giant Bartoli's thugs. After Marco's death, they obviously found a new boss and you gonna murder him as well in the end of this game. Pick up 2 large medikits and jump over the gap. Advance, killing 2 more aliens. One of them drops some normal shells. Draw the shotgun. Jump over the next gap and finish 4 T-Rexes. Proceed to the next room, kill another sheep herd, climb the central polerope and backflip to land on the upper floor. There's another group of sheep to kill. After doing so, climb the ice blocks in the next room. Up there, you can see a snowmobile and your ally next to it.

By Snowmobile:
Goon - I Smashed up Cain's snowmobile.
Lara - I just wish it was his head.

Enter the maze. Keep to the left wall and, after 6 minutes of running, you will find a hole in the ceiling. Switch targeting to manual, pull up and notice 2 floating sharks unable to move. Destroy them by firing shots rapidly. Pick up uzi clips, 12 x shotgun normal ammo and a large medi. Draw your pistols. Using the same way you killed the sharks, get rid of lots of Cain's thugs in the following narrow corridors. Pick up uzi ammo one of them drops and find 18 more normal shells among the pillars. Switch to automatic targeting. Now proceed to the next room, kill 2 T-Rexes and find next 18 normal shells in the NE corner. Go across the room, climb up the wall and collect a large medi and a pack of super grenades from the top of it. Descend, kill another T-rex and pick up 2 more large medis from the SE corner of the dino room. Pull up into the hole next to you. On the other side, find a crossbow, 10 explosive arrows for it, uzis and 12 normal shells. Get back to the last dino room and go W into the unexplored area. You can see a locked gate on your right and an icy passage in front of you, leading to the outside. Get there and kill 3 more dinos. Now choose the explosive arrows and draw your crossbow. Follow the large corridor to find a place full of eels. Wipe'em out and climb the ladder to find a switch opening the gate. You've unlocked the quadbike. Remember it has no reverse. Get on it and drive to the place when the giant mummy walks around. Now you can blow it up, but it's not necessary. Jump over two gaps and proceed through the floating icy ramp, watching out not to fall from it. At the end, jump over the last gap and land in the next valley. Park in front of the door, get over the icy wall and notice Lara's thug waiting for her. Avoiding the pit, approach him. Here, another silent line is spoken.

Goon - Cain tried to hide down this rabbit hole but I chased him away,
if he comes back, I'll kill him.

Pick up the Fuse and some normal shells and get to the next corridor to find a switch at the end of it. Press it to open the door for the bike and watch out for the T-Rex on your way back to the vehicle. After killing the dino, get on the bike and jump over the gap on the left of the switch. After following the next corridor, the gate leading back into the factory opens automatically so you can drive inside, get out of the bike and return to the place you found the bike in. Then, get to the second gate, which now can be opened by the Fuse you have. Go through the gate and kill 3 sharks in the next location. See your allies on the other side of the valley and get closer to them.

End of the Path:
Goon - Cain was here, he headed down that rabbit hole, we've got him
cornered. Go on Lara, show that bastard a world of pain.

Do what the goon advises. On the other side of the hole, you have two options.
1. With the shotgun drawn. Kill 3 T-Rexes behind the corner and shoot some Cain's goons. Next, switch to uzis to shoot the aliens. Then get rid of the eels, the least harmful. Now get to the passage on the E, behind the place where Cain's goons attacked you.
2. RUN!!! Through the whole location, to the E passage behind Cain's goons.

Now you can jump on the block and slide down to face Cain himself.

Cain's Hut:
Lara - Hand over the money and I will break your kneecaps but spare
your life.
Cain - You won't get any money out of me you slimy little women. I'll
kill you for threatening me!

Kill Cain. Pick up the Cain's Hut Key and use it in the keyhole to get inside. Jump over the boxes full of money which now belongs to Lara again and get outta here with your reward.